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Copy, save and share information in a convenient format.

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Description from store Rich URL is an extension, which will help you to copy, share or save information from viewed pages in one or two clicks. Why use the extension for copying if there is a standard shortcut of Ctrl+C/Cmd+C for this purpose, ask you? With the extension, it will be a little faster and more comfortable. Find out more on the website https://richurl.madewithlove.in.ua/en/ * * * Available options: ● Copying (formatted and plain) ▸ The current tab ▸ All tabs of the current window ▸ Tabs of all open windows ● Sending by e-mail (Gmail, Outlook.com, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail) ● Share to ▸ Facebook ▸ Twitter ● Making service API requests for, for example ▸ turning the URL of the current page into a QR code ▸ search on DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon, ... For coping and sharing such elements are available: ● Page URL ▸ convert Unicode characters ▸ clearing marketing and other service marks ▸ add to URL your own parameters (affiliate programs) ▸ URL shortening (bit.ly, is.gd, clck.ru, cutt.ly, t.ly, goo.su) ● Page title ● Selected text on the page ● All page text

Latest reviews

  • (2021-03-30) Константин Шнейдман: Шаблоны супер! Получаются информативные удобные ссылки. Жаль иногда в гугл-таблицах не копируется название, а только ссылка. ## Использую шаблон RICH URL для всех сайтов: 🔗 «{{ selected }}»: {{ url | clear }}
  • (2021-03-20) SONY CHEN: Love this!! want to buy a beer to you!
  • (2021-01-17) Mahesh Mohan: Totally love this! It's much more smarter than Create Link and Copy URL To Clipboard (my previous favorites).
  • (2021-01-04) ·: 04/01/2021 • 09:18:56 <portuguese> UAU! Eu usava uma extensão há muitos anos e infelizmente foi descontinuada. Mas não sentirei falta pois "Rich URL" tem mais recursos ainda que a antiga extensão. Descobri que o criador desta extensão é Ucraniano. Muito obrigado PAVEL. Admiro muito o povo livre da Ucrânia! Abraços do Brasil! ============= 04/01/2021 • 09:18:56 <english> WOW! I had been using an extension for many years and unfortunately it was discontinued. But I won't miss it because "Rich URL" has more features than the old extension. I found out that the creator of this extension is Ukrainian. Thanks a lot PAVEL. I admire very much the free people of Ukraine! Hugs from Brazil!
  • (2020-09-23) Ben Havens: So much power in this little extension - I would call it essential!
  • (2020-09-15) Артемий Туриков: Отличное расширение, немного доработать и можно отказаться от нескольких расширений по аналогичным функциям.
  • (2020-02-29) Alexey Gusev: То, что надо!
  • (2020-02-16) Paul B.: Amazing piece of work. I used to use CopyURL years ago, now defunct, but this is better. Thank you, you are an excellent programmer.
  • (2020-01-14) Vitaly Maltsev: It would be great if the extension could support the ability to copy title/url from the link which a user selects on the webpage.
  • (2019-12-21) Alexis oʼMegas: Спасибо большое! Наконец-то нашёл нужное расширение, позволяющее копировать кириллические ссылки из Вкладки (привет Википедии и сайтам с доменами «.рф»). Плюс есть удобная настройка, позволяющая копировать КАК хочешь и ЧТО хочешь))
  • (2019-11-29) Hao Zhou: 好用,但是,还有些没搞懂。
  • (2019-08-21) Stefane Guevremont: Best in the West!!!
  • (2019-08-10) Sergey M: На данный момент - лучшее расширение в этой тематике.
  • (2019-03-17) Luke Hamburg: Very nice looking extension. Only thing that would be great is if you could perform the action on Multiple (selected) tabs. See TabCopy for example of this: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tabcopy/micdllihgoppmejpecmkilggmaagfdmb
  • (2019-02-21) Yinka Adeyeye: Love it.
  • (2019-02-11) Дмитрий Ляляля: Супер приложение !
  • (2019-01-23) Pretty good, but it really needs a keyboard shortcut and it would be super helpful to have in the right click menu on a page. Moving the cursor to the extension icon every time is a pain. Right click can be done anywhere on the page. I would love it if I could right click and call the default copy method like that.
  • (2019-01-16) Marco Patrignani: This extension is very customizable, probably the best in the whole store! I LOVE IT <3
  • (2018-12-19) Jason Shanker: Not only is this extension incredibly useful but the author is amazingly responsive and caring. I emailed him a suggestion and he not only responded within a few hours but he'd already IMPLEMENTED IT! And when the implementation appeared not to work on my machine (my fault) he responded back with super-helpful suggestions and a great friendly attitude! WOW!! Thank so much Pavel!!
  • (2018-12-14) kouldb anyone: Fantastic. Possibly the best one out there. Highly customisable even for users who have no coding skills. Brilliant job. Thank you!
  • (2018-05-04) Maksim Yudichev: збс! есть настройки, можно настроить под быстрое копирование как угодно.
  • (2017-11-04) Rogerio M. Souza: Fantastíco! Toalmente parametrizável, aceitando inclusive tags HTML. Obrigado @Pavel Ukhan. NOTA: Funcionou em mobile (Yandex).
  • (2017-02-06) 志乃睦月: 下記2つがあれば星5。 * フォーマットに改行を入れたい。 * キーボードショートカット欲しい。
  • (2015-09-29) David R: It's worth a try but it doesn't work for me. Hasn't worked properly for a long time. It insists on taking the info from the open tab in the first Chrome window rather than the current tab of the current window. Given that this tool adds an icon to the location bar, you expect to click it and get the current URLs info, not some other tab in another window that you have in the background. Maybe I have an extension that conflicts.
  • (2015-02-04) Thalles Felipe: Excellent, the extension that I was looking for... THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Latest issues

  • (2020-09-15, v:3.3.0) Артемий Туриков: добавить шортнеры
    Есть ли возможность самому добавить пару шортнеров? https://goo.su https://t.ly
  • (2020-09-15, v:3.3.0) Артемий Туриков: QR COD
    Настроил функцию сформировать QR код из выделенного текста на странице. http://api.qrserver.com/v1/create-qr-code/?data={{ selected ?? text }}&size=200x200 Если вызывать ее через контекстное меню - работает, если через кнопку на панели быстрого запуска, то получаю ошибку "Cannot read property 'id' of indefined"
  • (2019-09-18, v:3.1.1) Anurag K: 3 added option for copying
    Good extension. But need features like copying title of tab, copying link of tab or copying both. Or can also be added to tabs of current window or different windows.
  • (2019-08-21, v:3.1.0) Stefane Guevremont: Icon Color
    This is a very minor bug. When I select light icon, when I restart Chrome, for some reason, it always reverts to the dark icon.
  • (2019-02-21, v:2.0.6) Yinka Adeyeye: Google switching off goo.gl
    Hi As you are aware, Goo.gl will be switched off soon (March 30, 2019), any plan to replace it with another shortner? Thanks, great extension.
  • (2019-01-16, v:2.0.6) Marco Patrignani: Additional feature
    Thank you so much for this extension, you are a genius and you did almost exactly what I was looking for! I'll use your extension to copy formatted text for my Amazon referral program and I'd be glad to donate my first earnings to you if you add the possibility to shorten the url after adding text and not before because it does not work: Example: I want to add the string "?tag=test" to https://www.amazon.it/ %url%?tag=test returns https://www.amazon.it/?tag=test, perfect but long if I use %short_url%?tag=test it returns https://goo.gl/xxxxx?tag=test but when i click it the second part is ignored, so I think the text should be added before the shortening. It would be fantastic to shorten amazon urls with the amzn.to url shortener instead of goo.gl but this isn't so relevant. Thank you again, you already did a great job!
  • (2016-10-27, v:2.0.3) Алексей Миронов: tooltips
    При наведении на пункты меню не плохо бы выводить то что получится
  • (2015-03-17, v:2.0.3) Noah Barr: Hotkey Support
    I would like the ability to trigger copy item by configurable hotkeys, preferably configurable for each item. Thanks.


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