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A tool that will enhance your experience in the Course Offering page.

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Description from store Plan your schedules with this free utility for KFUPM students. (warning: This project is currently unmaintained) What's New in v0.2? + Auto-register is now out of closed beta 🎉. + Finally added support for late section 🌙. + Added Export/Import feature for tables. + Change section with an interactive tool. + Copy, cut and paste tables - by right-clicking on them. Change Log --------- v0.2.12: - Now the auto-register will keep trying to continue even when the registration is closed. - It will also show you if the registration page is controlled by the extension or not. - Added some minor features (not worth telling) - Fixed "Prevent Logout" v0.2.11: - minor fixes and changes. v0.2.10: - Added Copy/Paste functionality for courses. v0.2.9: - Added Export/Import feature for tables. - Fixed scrolling position when a department is changed. v0.2.8: - Finally added support for late section 🌙. - Filters can show you results for multiple values e.g. if you entered in CRN filter "12345;22446" it will show you both 12345 and 22446 sections. v0.2.7: - auto-register is now out of closed beta 🎉. - You can import your existing timetable to Course Offering by clicking on the import button located in the "Print/View your schedule" page on Banner 9. v0.2.6: - minor fixes and changes. v0.2.5: - now you can disable auto-submit for auto-register by clicking on the ⚡️icon. ** You should disable auto submit if you wish to replace a section by another so you can drop the other section manually before submitting (it'll act as an auto-filler). v0.2.4: - Added a refresh button inside the app. - You can now monitor section by clicking on the "closed" word. - You can also monitor and auto register sections by alt-clicking on the word "closed". ** make sure you enable auto-refresh (right-click on the refresh button and choose "refresh every 2s). v0.2.3: - New Icon that better represent the extension. v0.2.2: - Change section with an interactive tool using "Change section" feature located in the context menu of a course (just right-click on any course). - You can now copy CRNs by simply clicking on them. - You can also auto register CRNs by alt+clicking on them (or option+clicking for mac). - Added "Register" button to auto register the whole schedule. v0.2.1: - Started public beta program. v0.2.0: - Copy, cut and paste tables - by right-clicking on them. - Rules (filters) will no longer be lost if you refresh the page. - You can now save or print your timetable - by right-clicking on them. - Switched to Webpack (means it's now more scalable!). - Minor fixes (and created new bugs). v0.1.4: - Light theme is now back. v0.1.3: - Added support for google Analytics. v0.1.2: - Added the ability of creating timetables for each term. - Added a new notification system and alerts if new update available. --------- Things to add: - Cloning tables. (DONE) - Save timetable as image. (DONE) - Figure out a way to copy sections from a table to another. (DONE) - Timetable sharing. (NEXT) - Add a tutorial and simplify user experience. (NEXT) - Highlight recently opened sections. - Mobile compatibility. - Show and highlight pre-requisites and show warning for missing co-requisites. - Tools; - Schedule generator. - Find final exams. - GPA calculator. - Find new tool ideas. - Find new things to add. Disclaimer: This extension is still in beta, please let us know if you find any issues, we will try to resolve them.

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  • (2021-04-17) عبد المجيد الوقداني: البرنامج ممتاز في كل شي بس لو يكون الشكل حق حالة قائمة الانتظار نفس شكل حالة السكشن يكون افضل يعني يشوف بالاحمر اذا مقفل او بالاخضر اذا فاتح.
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  • (2021-01-20, v:BETA ( hani khayat: مايشتغل معي
    لمن اضغط على الاضافة ماتشتغل معي تجي صفحة تحمل ويعلق عندها جهازي ماك بوك برو
  • (2020-08-26, v:BETA ( Abdulraheem Albasri: السكاشن المقفلة
    اذا السكشن مقفل وفتح الميزات ما تشتغل لان الصفحة ما تحدث نفسها اصلا واذا ركبت اضافة لتحديث الصفحة احتاج اضغط enter كل مرة. بالمختصر الميزات ذي مو شغالة صح
  • (2019-11-18, v:BETA (0.2.12)) Omar Nabeel: how to use
    hello. I wanna know how to use it


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