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Eagle - Save images faster than ever

Description from extension meta This extension makes it easy to save images and save screenshots to Eagle App.
Image from store Eagle - Save images faster than ever
Description from store Save images from websites faster than ever. #1. Drag & Drop: To collect pictures, just drag & drop it to your Eagle. #2. Alt + Right-click: Pressing alt key and right-click on any image to keep it! #3. Batch-saving: Get the pass to easily save images within seconds. #4. Screen Capture: The most simple way to take a screenshot of your current browser window. ---------------------------------------------------- Your privacy is very important to us, this extension don't collect any personal information while browsing on the internet. For more detailed privacy terms, please check: https://en.eagle.cool/privacy
Latest reviews (2019-11-30) 李易儒: 有一個問題,為何本擴充外掛,單次點擊出現打開收藏圖片及截圖功能的文字僅有英文而沒有中文標示呢?但我看相關分享文章有中文說明,如何更換? (2019-11-27) yu he: 「好像不能批量下载图片了」 —————————————————————— 刚才试了下,可以了 (2019-11-13) Rui Wang: 很好用的一款采集与管理收藏资源的工具,你想到的文件它基本上都能搞定 (2019-11-09) ray tomy: NOT Work. Shortcut key, ex, ALT+1 = Windows10 display menu. When I click Eagle icon, the dialogbox is appeared "You are not open Eagle yet". (2019-10-29) Ernst: Works like a charm, perfect (2019-10-26) Hao CS: 插件还是很好用的 (2019-10-24) Mingliang M: 会考虑开发 iPad版本吗? 手机端的就算了,不靠谱 (2019-10-23) nyan-toko: 画像がどこに保存されるかわからない。設定開いても数秒で閉じてしまう。 (2019-10-22) 纸巾: 提一个操作反馈: 左下角边栏,全部文件夹显示的时候,如果文件夹显示能像花瓣pro画板一样固定图片显示,或者有个文件内图片缩略图就好了,或者像普通win10的超大图标显示部分图片也行,脑子找带图片的文件夹比找字来的快,而且顺手; 就是希望有个”全部文件夹”的图标,并且点进去能显示各个文件夹的缩略图或者自定义文件夹封面缩略图就更好了! 例如: 寻找现代人物设计,和古代人物设计,和中世纪人物设计,三个文件夹里找到古代的,如果在全部文件夹找字找就会颇慢,如果在全部文件夹找固定图片就会很快!!小小意见!!希望能帮助你~~~ (2019-10-18) Changyang一郎: 新版本,有生之年 (2019-10-14) 呆季节: 今天刚刚安装,感觉很好用,本地版图库,可以按标签、大小、形状、时间、颜色等方式搜索图片 (2019-10-12) 张昆: 好评,好评。好用好用。希望软件流畅度和稳定性再加强一些。 (2019-10-09) Michał Niemyjski: It's a great tool, but no mobile app is very limiting. I use it as a photo reference library and it is dissapointing that I cannot view it on my phone. I keep the library in the icloud, and even basic image browser with search would be awesome. (2019-10-08) DRKLight DJ-Producer: Eagle is probably going to grow and become a fantastic piece of organizer if the developers keeps up the updates. However, there are currently two major issues with Eagle: First, The Lightroom copy effect! Yes, your entire collection has to be copied over. So, if you have a 3TB HD full of PSD's, MP4's, EPS, Ai and so on... You'll need to give Eagle a whole new 3TB to copy the files to its own Library. That's stink! Second and worst, any new tags written to JPG and PSD's IPTC files within Eagle are proprietary. So, those tags will not be able to be seen through any other programs, i.g. Bridge or ACDsee or any other image organizer in your tool bag. Those 2 issues currently makes the program so uncool! (2019-10-08) 王煜: 很喜欢的一款管理软件。 (2019-10-08) Guns Kin: 非常实用便捷的管理软件,而且开发者一直在更新进步~必须5星 (2019-10-08) Ad yun: 方便 专业 (2019-10-08) daxigua caimei: 真香~~~ (2019-10-07) Enzooy POP: 超喜欢这个软件,简直是设计师必备。看着它不断更新功能,我还安利给我的同事了,就期待着以后能“同时开启多个资源库,实现多个资源库之间的素材拖移编辑”了嘿嘿嘿 (2019-10-06) chenwujian chen: 希望能增加视频的格式 (2019-10-06) Yeung Chiang: 超级好用! (2019-10-06) time kaiak: awesome app, very handy! will clear all the mess in your floders. (2019-10-06) 肖悦心: 血书求出ipados版本 没有eagle是我ipados唯一的缺憾 (2019-10-05) 施暴: 最强图片分类软件管理软件 用来当本地相册都很不错 (2019-10-05) ani Pan: 非常便利好用的軟體
Latest issues (2018-06-19, v: please disable testing code about console.log
please disable testing code about console.log ``` window.jQuery('body').on('mouseup', 'img, a', function(event) { console.log('mouseup'); $dropArea.css({ top: "-999999px", transform: 'scale(1)', opacity: 0 }); }); ```
(2018-06-06, v: Kylin Chen: Please Turn Off Gesture By Default
Or giving the options to. Otherwise I might need to disable this extension. Otherwise great app.
(2018-05-23, v: Alan Zhao: 1
(2018-05-09, v: 希望出一个标签编组功能!
希望出一个标签编组功能! 有时候需要细分标签的时候,会使标签过于混乱,不方便检索。
(2018-03-21, v: gu gu: 截图不是Retina
(2018-02-08, v: 截图
(2017-12-27, v: 丁吾迪: 为什么没有批次网页截图
(2017-12-01, v:1.2.3) liang xu: 插件截图为毛出不来了啊?
(2017-09-11, v:1.1.16) SIJING HE: 右键保存没反应
右键选择Save image to eagle,屏幕无响应,图片也没有保存到Eagle中。
(2017-09-08, v:1.1.16) HOTO CHANG: 「整页截图」和「整页截图(BETA)」?
为什么 Chrome 扩展菜单中有一个「整页截图」和「整页截图(BETA)」?而且 Beta 的那个才能用。「网页截图」点了,网页会滚动下,但是并没有保存图片。

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