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Visual Inspector(前端重构+视觉走查辅助工具)

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A helper tool for fast front-end development and visual inspection.

Image from store Visual Inspector(前端重构+视觉走查辅助工具)
Description from store ## Visual Inspector > This is a chrome plugin to help front-end engineers and designers to quickly locate differences between design mockups and web pages. as well as front-end engineers UI self-examination, reducing the cost of communication with designers. > You can modify the `size`, `position`, `transparency`, `mix mode` of the design manuscript at will, to facilitate UI comparison of various design styles. > If you are doing page refactoring, the real-time function can be easily restored to the state before the page is refreshed after the page is refreshed (such as the size, position, transparency, etc. of the design draft). > At the same time, if you do not need to move the stretch design, it is recommended to open the freeze function, so that the design will no longer respond to mouse events, can not stretch and drag, and will not affect the interactive function of the page itself. > Preset shortcuts for frequently used commands for easier operation and comparison ### New version(1.3.9+) removed ruler. for those who need this functionality, please install a ruler such as [better ruler](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/better-ruler/ilcnadaaninblgbekoaihdhoiecaflie), which supports snapping elements. ### shortcut keys: - h: show or hide mockup - f: show or hide the bottom toolbar - d: freeze or unfreeze mockup - Number keys (0-9): Quickly set the mockup transparency. For example, if you press 5 twice in 1 second, the transparency of the mockup will be set at 55%. If only the number key is pressed once in 1 second, such as 5, it will automatically fill 0 after one second, that is, set the mockup transparency to 50%. - Arrow keys: Move the mockup and move 1px at a time. If you press the Shift key at the same time, you will move 10px at a time. - Quick adaptation: - alt + 0: Reset - alt + 1: Original image size - alt + 2: Original size *2 - alt + 3: Original size /2 - alt + 4: Window Width - If the shortcut does not work, please check if the current page's focus is inside other form controls (such as input, textarea...)? The easiest way, click on the mockup, or on the blank area in the page and to try again :)

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  • (2020-11-11) com littileji: 很不错 很方便
  • (2020-08-13) 孙振超: 开源嘛朋友?
  • (2020-04-10) 林紫娟: 很方便设计师走查,
  • (2019-09-26) Xueyu Zhao: 隐藏设计稿图片时,我的页面上还是有一个暗色遮罩挡住界面,很影响视觉,只能完全关闭插件
  • (2018-12-09) megan zhang: 不错,ui对比很方便


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