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SignalHire is a great way to find contact information in a couple of clicks.

Image from store SignalHire - find email or phone number
Description from store SignalHire allows you to easily find the most up to date business contact information and create accessible contact profiles so your sales team can see everything in one place. EMAIL FINDER Let’s you find verified up to date email addresses for LinkedIN profiles PHONE NUMBER FINDER Matches phone numbers to the created profile compiled from multiple sources. All phone numbers are verified so your sales team doesn’t need to do any cleanup. BULK FINDER Find contact details for up to 1,000 profiles at a time. SignalHire Free EXTENSION: - 10 free monthly contact credits for business accounts! - One credit allows to find email and phone numbers for one contact person - Supports direct export of contacts to major ATS and CRM providers SignalHire Premium - learn more at at: https://www.signalhire.com/pricing WHY SignalHire: - All the details are searched and verified in real-time. - Team accounts with no limit on seats - Trusted by leaders from Amazon, IHS Markit, WellCare Health Plans, MongoDB and many more - Hit rate on par with industry leaders such as Lusha, Hiretual and Rocketreach WHO IS IT FOR? - Recruitment professionals - Sales & business development - Marketing Website: www.signalhire.com Twitter: @SignalHire Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/signalhire/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/signalhire/ Questions? Drop us a line at [email protected]

Latest reviews

  • (2023-11-09) Sahil Dudhat: Excellent tool, It helps me alot
  • (2023-10-26) Mike Doyle: Really useful when finding contact info for getting in touch with business's. I'm a sales director and this tool has made research and cold calls a LOT easier and quicker.
  • (2023-10-18) Eric Williams: I use this service everyday after trying 4or5 other contact lookup services. They deliver both corporate AND personal contact details. Here's the best part, their customer service is exceptional and the Chrome plug-in makes it easy to use with LinkedIn. Ultimately I love SignalHire, Dont forget the price point either! it's easy to use and its integration with LinkedIn is so smooth
  • (2023-10-15) Rohit Kumar: we cannot even sign up what's the point of extension. you should be glad that they do not have zero stars for rating
  • (2023-10-08) ks activities: very bad experience i cant even do signup pl guys they are making you fool pl dont use this extension
  • (2023-08-17) Franco Alfonso: SignalHire is excellent, very helpful, I am very happy to use SignalHire.
  • (2023-08-16) Chen Helen: It's very useful, awesome.
  • (2023-08-10) Jen Selverian: We've tried 4-5 contact lookup services and SH consistently delivers the most accurate and up-to-date phone numbers & emails. They are good at delivering both corporate AND personal contact details. We've found that their competitors fall short on the personal side. Their customer service is also exceptional and the Chrome plug-in makes it easy to use with LinkedIn and our ATS. I have recommended to many in the recruiting industry.
  • (2023-07-25) Liu carrie: well
  • (2023-07-19) Sweetemilyb: Works well
  • (2023-07-18) Iuliia Velikaya: I love SignalHire, and it's extension! Easy to use, always fast and reliable!
  • (2023-07-18) Michelle Roman Espinoza: It's a perfect tool
  • (2023-07-18) Gabriela Escobar Barrera: this is an excellent tool, as a recruiter it has helped me a lot
  • (2023-07-17) Amanda Rashleigh: This is a fantastic extension that integrates so well with LinkedIn. Very seldom do I have any issues using the product and when I do the support team is very helpful and quick to respond. Every TA professional should be using!
  • (2023-07-17) Manzar Shaikh: A good product for gaining access to contact information. I have used a few of these types of apps and found Signal Hire to provide the accurate information and more importantly great support from their team.
  • (2023-07-17) Wasim Shaikh: For sure, one of the best tool for sourcing/recruiting and getting correct contact details on the same page. I prefer using Signal Hire from all other tools I have. Awesome product !
  • (2023-07-17) Tajammul Shaikh: Great extension to search contacts, shortlist/longlist the candidates and bulk upload them to the ATS. Saves a lot of manual work and time.
  • (2023-07-17) Sarika Shetty: Best and one of the easy tool which helped me a lot while sourcing.
  • (2023-07-14) Alishaa Chhabra: This is one of the BEST extentions out there to use on LinkedIn, We have NEVER had an issue using Signal Hire & their team is very supportive. Highly recommend this tool for every sourcer and recruiter in their tool box
  • (2023-07-14) Sumit Chhabra: We have used SH for over 4 years and yet to find a better product than this. They have even integrated their chrome extension with our ATS system on our request. Great product and great support
  • (2023-07-05) Ankush Khatkar: This is one of the best tool for recruitment!!
  • (2023-07-05) Sundeep Kumar: Its one of my favourite tool as a Talent hunter
  • (2023-06-20) Marketing Analyst: They are frauds and the chat support, email support and calls are of no help. We had subscribed for 1 month and continuing with new subscription should be our choice instead they auto-debited the amount with no prior notice to auto-debit, no intimation on same. No-where they mentioned about auto-debit and they did even assist about cancellation since their chat support is so robotic keeps saying we will get back and no response until 24 hours. Mary from Sales team has been unresponsive to our mails. We need the refund of our subscription we have not used the 1000 credits, process the refund on immediate basis.
  • (2023-06-15) Naqshab Jehangir: Excellent for lead generation
  • (2023-05-28) Aditya Bissessur: Excellent.
  • (2023-05-25) Siam Gangte: Loved it, absolutely!
  • (2023-05-23) selman dericioglu: I worked with Tony Leks from signal hire and he was very professional, effective, clear and concise in answering my questions. Initially the platform had a high learning curve but thanks to the awesome support I was able to get onboarded very quickly and effectively. Signal hire is an essential tool for marketers and outreach business development people. it allowed me to facilitate mass campaigns and made my life SO much easier with its streamlined processes. I cannot suggest it enough.
  • (2023-05-05) Subhajit Sen: Its good for finding number and mail ids but as soon as I open linkedin with this extension enabled, it just continuously reloading the pages, non stop... lol.unable to use it.
  • (2023-04-24) Alex Marty: Probably it’s the best time-honored and workable tool
  • (2023-04-24) Pachpa Sh.2.1: Convenient and useful
  • (2023-04-24) Александр Процько: A great tool, I have been using it for a long time, I can recommend it as it is very convenient.
  • (2023-04-24) protsko nastya: Best tool! Very convenient Tool!
  • (2023-04-24) Anastasia Protsko: recommended,Good tool!
  • (2023-04-20) Svitlana Liuta: The best searching tool ever compared to other products in this niche.
  • (2023-04-20) yuliya poremchuk: Незаменимый инструмент!
  • (2023-04-20) Nastya Kolomiets: SH is a convenient tool for optimizing candidate search. I recommend using it!
  • (2023-04-20) Аня Цалик: Signal Hire is a great tool! It is helpful for recruiters, for finding out contacts. Very efficient.
  • (2023-04-19) Tom Cohen: This extension is so annoying, it always pops up in the most inconvenient place on your screen. Most of the contact data is bunk and it doesn't let you preview information so you end up wasting credits on a random gmail address.
  • (2023-04-10) Nat Price: SH is a fantastic tool for offering my services. The information collected is very useful. I used up my 100 credits for contact numbers and emails in 15 days. SH seems to be much better for my goals than the many other research tools available. I will likely upgrade in a week or so. Cheers!
  • (2023-04-05) Kali Bug: every contact is not showing please give every clint
  • (2023-03-06) I had a great experience with this tool! I was mindlessly combing through websites looking for contact information and then i found this gem that gave me back so much time!! Highly Recommend!!
  • (2023-02-20) Pat Brinson: Thank you, working fine! Wish If I had this service 10 -15 years ago, I would have been able to double or triple my business. Those of you who are giving negative reviews, maybe you should invest some time with the team (Anastacia Brown) and discover the application fit to your needs! FYI…I am too late in my career to have the stamina to work 24/7 again! 100 / month is all I can handle, but wish I could afford more! Good Luck!
  • (2023-02-09) atmiya patel: immense customer support team & UI was amazing.
  • (2023-02-04) Matt Mosafer: I installed to find a phone number as in the ads I saw; but it does not have that capability at all
  • (2023-02-02) Ron Milman: Anastacia Brown was excellent!
  • (2023-01-31) Md Jobayed Hossain: It's ok
  • (2023-01-24) Chew Wei Quek: Deleting the account takes 10 times longer than registering for an account. I dont have "profile URL to remove" but I can only remove the account when I provide "profile URL to remove". This extension serves no purpose to at least any layman and the engineers/designers clearly has no regard for user-friendliness and simplicity. WHAT ARE THE CREDITS FOR AGAIN? I wonder why I have to have credit in the first place.
  • (2022-12-13) Bob King: Liar and cheater. You say I have 5 free time. Where are they? The first time I use it, it's ZERO. The new month I use it, it's ZERO again.
  • (2022-12-05) Rebecca Wang: It's very useful, awesome.
  • (2022-12-01) Liz R: SH has been more helpful to me than Lusha or Zoom. Especially the LinkedIn extension.

Latest issues

  • (2023-10-30, v:4.1.14) OV Lattanzi: What could I be doing-
    Why does the attachment with LinkedIn fall off so much?????????????????????????????
  • (2023-10-24, v:4.1.14) Robert Soto: removing a claim on our company
    We have a paid off invoice from 3-30-2021 with First source Advisors LLC ac # 210020756 Our company name is Universal Builders Inc. phone # 760 473 1660 email [email protected]. We would deeply appreciate any help or direction in getting this compliant removed from our company name and credit . Robert Soto
  • (2023-10-08, v:4.1.13) Vrinda Rastogi: How do operate the singalHire?
    how to find people or employee so that we can reach out to them ? i mean how could we approach them even we kind the email of the employee.?
  • (2023-09-26, v:4.1.12) Subham Rout: not able to sign in
    showing code is incorrect received on email.
  • (2023-09-20, v:4.1.12) Yaswanth Chilamakuri: Extension is broken
    When i click on add to chrome it don't work it showing error pop up
  • (2023-09-20, v:4.1.12) Anurag Aman: showing error
    whenever i type same otp that comes in my mail then it shows wrong otp please look in this matter
  • (2023-09-16, v:4.1.12) YASH PRATAP SINGH: Sign up issue
    I'm signing up with email but when I'm entering the code it is saying to contact the support team. I mailed support team but they have not replied from last 2 days. I tried login using linkedin , but i'm facing the same issue. Can you please help me with this?
  • (2023-09-03, v:4.1.12) Mrunali Chopade: signup error
    i have an sign up error it asking email but its giving sign up erroe
  • (2023-07-24, v:4.1.11) The Bridge India: Unable to find mobile number
    Unable to find mobile number
  • (2023-06-14, v:4.1.8) Keith Carr: on the analyzer tech list
    Looking at the list of analyzer technicians, find that I am not on that list. Is there any way to get on it?
  • (2023-06-10, v:4.1.8) Kathryn Kathryn: Question about how to reach out to an Actor named Roshan Seth
    Hello Everyone, my name is Kathryn E. Brinkrode. To begin with I would all like you to know that I am a Lovely Lady who is 58 years old and I live in the Town of Secaucus, NJ. I am a very smart and brilliant Lady, however, during my later years, my body is giving out. My point being is that I am only left here with My Brains, My Memory, and My Dreams. Please don't make fun of me but I do still have my Dreams. (Now here comes my request). Years ago, I had admired one of the most loveliest of Actors by the name of Roshan Seth. I understand that this is the proper web-site to get in touch with the Actor. I only wanted to get a Wonder Message to him to say "Thank You" for your Lovely addition to the films that I have watched. For example: Without your character in "Not Without My Daughter", I don't know how I would have felt about that Film. In other words, You (He) gave the Film a Tremendous Balance of Terror & Compasion. I don't know if this message will ever get to Sir Roshan Seth but I sure hope it does. There are so few Great Actors now a days and please let him know that he has a Great Admirer and that he is in fact one of the Great Actors in which I am referring to. Please, please, please get My Message to him. All the Best to You All & So Much Love Thank You Sir Seth and Thank You for your team that made it so. I really do hope to hear back from you. It would mean so much. Thank you again. Namis' Day- Kathryn E. Brinkrode 854 Hudson Avenue Secaucus, NJ 07094. (United States of America) email: [email protected] phone: (201) 960 - 0547
  • (2023-04-07, v:4.1.6) Bonnie McHone: Email address owner search
    Is there a way I can do a reverse email address search and how?
  • (2023-03-03, v:4.1.5) BJM: PROBLEM WITH EXTENSION
    5 fee emails are NOT showing and have the ext. downloaded on chrome???
  • (2023-02-24, v:4.1.5) Idris Adebayo: Free monthly credits
    For so long, I don't receive the free monthly 5 credits to contacts again.
  • (2023-02-08, v:4.1.4) Liam Young: Signal hire makes me log in constantly and refresh my pages
    For the past few months my signal hire keeps making me log into my account and having to refresh the browser several times. This is incredibly annoying an time consuming. Please can you assist in rectifying the problem. Much appreciated.
  • (2023-01-31, v:4.1.4) Paulina Pakos: Extension issue
    My LinkedIn Extension is not working anymore. What should I do?
  • (2023-01-11, v:4.0.32) Wojciech Dobrowolski: kontakt
    jak mogę znaleść dane kontaktowe Agnieszki Litak z credit swiss
  • (2023-01-11, v:4.0.33) Alina Malinovska: Searching profile by email or number doesnt work
    Searching by email or number doesnt work. I tried even with my own email to find my profile in LinkedIn - nothing in result. It started 1-2 weeks ago.
  • (2023-01-11, v:4.0.33) AKANKSHA Kamavisdar: problem
    Unable to use free trial. It shows 0 credits remain even before use.
  • (2022-02-01, v:4.0.31) Jyothi Pandal: Signal hire issue
    Not able to add signal hire to the extension
  • (2022-01-03, v:4.0.29) Husain AlNajjar: The extension is asking me to sign in although I am already signed in
    The extension is asking me to sign in although I am already signed in
  • (2021-10-19, v:4.0.26) Beverly Wilson-Harlacher: SINGER/SONGWRITER GLEN LEWIS
  • (2021-07-30, v:4.0.22) aba maba: 502 Bad Gateway web site
    fixed error 502 Bad Gateway web site
  • (2021-03-23, v:4.0.15) Afshan Atif: Hello
    Very impressive and useful tool i need 500 credits so that i can continue my work to find emails Thank you
  • (2021-03-01, v:4.0.13) Jenni kim: unable to download
    it is showing that it has been downloaded but it is not dowloaded yet. Please help it is urgent
  • (2020-02-20, v:3.0.1) Dominus Ater: loss of credits
    Hi team I seem to have lost around 120+ credits from my add on can you please fix asap.thanks
  • (2020-01-06, v:3.0.0) Not able to Create an account
    Not accepting my details. it is showing like this (Unfortunately, we are unable to process your registration. Please contact us at [email protected] for further instructions.) Please tell me what to do.
  • (2019-12-19, v:3.0.0) Kat Yank: New laptop- can't get the chrome extension
    Hi there- I'm a relatively new user and just got a new laptop. It says I have the Linked In extension installed but there is no "SH" on my LI recruiter webpage. Can you help? Kathryn
  • (2019-03-16, v:2.5.3) Anything To Enjoy: hi, i don't know how to use it
    hi, please i need ur help


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