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Description from extension meta HTML/CSS/JavaScript editing and JavaScript debugging using JetBrains IDEs.
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Description from store Use the JetBrains IDE Support extension for Google Chrome to debug client-side apps in WebStorm 2017.2 or earlier (or in other IDEs from JetBrains) or to use the Live Edit feature in WebStorm 2018.2 or earlier.
Latest reviews (2019-10-24) Emil Suleymanov: Everything was fine until you requested access to the browser history. (2019-09-24) yelin liu: It may be a wonderful feature, however, there are always some bugs (2019-09-06) XIAOXUN HUANG: 一直not connect, 直到重新安装.... (2019-08-20) Владимир Темченко: То работает то не работает, это факт. хоть прям видео записать готов. После того как отвалится, прокатывает только удаление и заново установка плагина - устраните проблему, пожалуйста * WebStorm 2019 1.2 * Chrome 76.0.3809.100 (2019-08-08) Jordy van Domselaar: Makes debugging easier but somehow keeps getting removed from context menu. (2019-08-07) 심소영: it doesn't work (2019-07-14) Mohammad Meraat: Why jetBrains live edit extension doesn't work properly on my chrome while I make a change in styles it wont display it until I make a change in my html codes. Something like writing a text in html and then it displays the changes in style. Like changing the color. And without writing a text in html or making some changes in it, it doesn't display the changes that i did in style. Unless I refresh the page manually which is more like a joke and doesn't mean live edit. If there is any solution, please help me fix it. (2019-06-12) Дмитрий Лиштван: Can this extension correct work with vuejs? (2019-06-07) James Blackmer: The extension is really flaky, some days it works, other days it will have you swearing as you attempt to get it to connect to the browser. It will often say waiting for connection regardless of the ports you set up. (2019-05-31) pc kan: 我想问问为什么即使我安装了扩展程序,之前也实时更新成功过,但最近每次打开时只能打开浏览器却出不来调试页面,是哪里冲突了吗 (2019-05-20) Андрей Маджидов: У кого перестает работать (как и у меня) в альтернативу переустановке расширения предлагаю такой вариант: 1. Закрываем браузер. 2. Запускаем дебаг, открывается браузер и ничего не работает. 3. Не закрывая вкладку, которую открыло это расширение, закрываем весь браузер. 4. Снова открываем браузер - всё работает и IDE успешно коннектится к вкладке. (2019-05-16) Nikolay: Very unstable. After 2 days of stable work on the third day when I try to run debug extension can't connect to chrome. then reinstall helps for me. (2019-04-15) Jay Miao: 是不是现在不用这个也行了,只要勾选那个javascript debugger? (2019-04-02) Lifesaver <3 (2019-03-23) JrPig: Не работает ни на одном из портов!!! В иде за 200 баксов - это ШЛАК!!!! В саблайме ливерелоад работает как часы, вVSCode ливесервер работает как надо, А ЗДЕСЬ ....удаляю и джет брайнсом пахнуть даже не будет ТЧК (2019-03-05) 我就问一下,能调试angular项目吗?谁能教一下?我没搞出来。 (2019-02-19) Burak Çolakoğlu: I use 3 programs of jetbrains but this plugin can read and change my data. Why? (2019-02-10) Hi, good extension. Please add this plugin to Firefox, also. Thank you (2019-02-08) Liviu Ursachi: really useful tool (2019-01-25) Shiji Guo: 之前调试都是好好的,升级webstorm到Build #WS-183.5153.33, built on January 9, 2019就无法调试了,没有inspect in webstorm选项了 (2019-01-16) Ümit Şener: şuan itibari ile çöktü çalışmıyor pattern ekliyorum ama siliniyor (2019-01-02) SSH Ok: Думал, что не работает.) Но надо было просто посмотреть видео в шапке по настройке. Всё запускается по нажатию доп меню кнопки debugg из самой ide на редактируемом файле (ctrl+shift D на mac os) Хром Версия 71.0.3578.98 (Официальная сборка), (64 бит) PhpStorm 2018.3.2 Build #PS-183.4886.46, built on December 19, 2018 Subscription is active until May 5, 2019 JRE: 1.8.0_152-release-1343-b26 x86_64 JVM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o macOS 10.14.2 (2018-12-13) 张无敌: 还好吧,只能进行静态资源调试,即使是本地资源外链也不行的 (2018-12-06) awmleer H: 真的可以吹爆了 (2018-11-01) Joshua Ford: It works fine if I'm just writing html/css in my html template, but when updating an external javascript file with a <script> tag in the same html file, it does not reload the .js file properly. I have to often times refresh the browser and even then it won't properly reload the .js file. I know that this is true, because I will do something such as adding a constructor to my .js file and it won't appear when I console.log it in the browser, so I will have to close the browser window and reload it, which defeats the purpose of using the plugin in the first place. Seriously considering switching to VS Code, because this functionality is really annoying when trying to debug JavaScript while having to constantly reload the browser window to see the changes.

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