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Description from extension meta Displays a list of all Google Chrome cookies. Allows searching, viewing, editing, saving, restoring, and deleting cookies.
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Description from store The Awesome Cookie Manager lets the user manage cookies in Google Chrome. Supported Functionality: (1) Search for cookies. (2) View cookie properties. (3) Edit cookie properties (value and expiration date). (4) Delete cookies. (5) Save cookies, restore them later. (6) Various settings are optional. Version Notes Thanks to Procyon-b for the following fixes: * incognito mode cookies * cookie with no name now editable * support for range selection * domain name max-length css only * cookie name max-length css only * save/restore list sorting fixed * filters input fields: only letters are taken into account * background page settings were not updated (restart was needed) * hide error message when a specific cookie restore is refused ("non-secure" cookie * * restored over a "secure" cookie) Also fixed: * issue where cookie expiration date was NaNs
Latest reviews (2019-09-20) Felipe Santtiago: the save/restore is not working in the new chrome version. (2019-09-04) RickFromPhila - II: PLEASE...provide a way to SEPARATE saved/not delete, cookies...from the list of current cookies....OR...MARK them with a little padlock icon...etc...better yet...place SAVED/NOT DELETE cookies in it's own section or tab (within the current interface). For example: next to the [Delete] tab at the top...you can add a [Locked Cookies], etc..etc..button...to filter the saved cookies from "daily" cookies. (Don't forget different font color, highlight saved cookies) Thanks.... Best manager I've tried so far....and it took quite a few tryouts to find this one! :) (2019-09-02) D F: Does what it should and does it well, unlike other much more popular cookie managers (2019-08-17) Bob t: contains half a million 'themes'...and absolutely no way to sort cookies by name/url/date created/date expired...which is nice. (2019-06-27) Robert Hallsey: Wow, so far, this cookie manager is better than the three most popular ones in the webstore! It does exactly what I want. It lets me search for cookies and delete them without much fuss. Fantastic. (2019-03-18) Matúš Koprda: Good stuff. Can be used to move cookies between computers. Chrome normally "protects" you from doing so. (2019-01-28) Lukáš Vobruba: The only Chrome cookie manager I found to delete individual/batch cookies by filter. Not the most beautiful interface, but it does the job efficiently and remembers the filter from a previous session. Light on resources. Highly recommended. (2018-12-14) Marc Galmes: Great, but I'm missing the option to import cookies from a file. (2018-11-02) Phú Huỳnh Trọng: Đang bị lỗi (2018-09-21) Life Form: It recently stopped working in incognito mode - it doesn't show any cookies at all. Please fix. (2018-08-22) YViniBR_: bom (2018-08-16) WDG Dingguo: Fantastic for me to remove the "ScrollPos" cookies from Google domains. This fixes the "Google Map not displaying" issue. Ref: https://productforums.google.com/forum/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=footer#!msg/maps/S3RKuY1rCIE/ciiCcv1OAgAJ (2018-07-28) Justin Cram: More in-depth then other options! (2018-07-26) Hansen W: Very good. I use this to solve the bug in Great Suspender where it holds cookies forever and never deletes them. (2018-07-08) Dan Valentine: Has option to Save And Restore cookies, but I can't figure out how to save them on one computer/profile and restore them on another. (2018-06-28) Tun Lin Thu: Nice, works with localhost (2018-06-21) easy facility to delete all those unwanted cookies in one click. ilike it (2018-06-02) Jeff K: Needs shift selecting, some sites put 15 or 20 cookies and if you want to keep or remove that site you have to select 20 times. I have over 5,000 cookies I'm trying to clean up so no having shift select makes it too hard to use. (2018-05-15) 王凤伟: Hope the default view could be only cookies of current page's domain. couse it will be lag to display all cookies of chrome. (2018-05-09) Hugh Hemington: Little mouse support, and what there is is off target. What you NEED is the date the cookie got there and what website(s) you were on when it got dropped. What you get is none of that. This is a "quick n' dirty" and it shows. (2018-04-20) Linda Ruiz: It lets you selectively delete domains/matched URLs - a simple search/type ahead makes it easy to zero in on the offending site. That approach is far more useful than whitelisting cookies, since I might need to clear misbehaving sites that I would have whitelisted. I used this extension to try to fix a problem with a specific website, whose standard solution is to "clear your cookies". When you have hundreds if not more sites that actively use cookies that you don't want to clear, the clear cookies 'solution' is a nuclear strike solution, not the surgical solution you need. This allows me to surgically clear them and not nuke all the cookies. (2018-03-25) John Robie: POS. Does little right and lots wrong. Can't select properly. Font too big to fit in window. Crummy programmer does crummy program. Deleted. (2018-03-23) Ronald Jensen: Allowed me to search and delete specific cookies. -1 star because it was too difficult to select ranges of cookies. The checkbox target was too small and shift selecting didn't work. (2018-03-22) Rupesh Maharjan: Awesome. This is exactly what we need!!! (2018-03-20) Bill Hoag: The delete function is not working (maybe it used to?). The other features seem OK.

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