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Description from extension meta Help to track & upload work done on a Jira Ticket on timely basis and generate report.
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Description from store Youtube videos with features: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLxDBQLgpBhsDGppYrDqARYULukk7XFJPV&v=HsWq7cT3Qq0 Features Overview: * Easily add worklog with drag & drop, copy features. * Bulk import worklogs and issues * View various reports related to worklog, sprint, estimates and custom generated report. * Integrate with calendar to automatically generate worklog for meetings with single click. * Lots of customization options including custom dashboards,Quick view, personalized skin & other settings. * Integrate with multiple Jira server / account and switch between instances easily. For browsers other than chrome or report any issues / suggestions or for additional details check: https://github.com/shridhar-tl/jira-assistant Dashboard: * Create multiple dashboard of your own * Add gadgets to your dashboards and customize it * Change the layout of the dashboard to personalize the look * Custom Gadgets - Add your reports to dashboard as gadgets * Share reports and gadgets - Share the gadget / reports built by you with others. * Drag and drop to rearrange the order of your gadgets Calendar / Worklog: * Helps to easily log and upload work against a Jira Ticket and display it in calendar format. * Help track missing or pending worklog for individual days. * Copy existing worklog. * Drag and drop worklog to change date & time. Press Alt key while drag and drop to copy the worklog to target. * Integrate with Google / Outlook Calendar to automatically generate worklog for meetings. Bulk Import: * Bulk import worklog / issues by uploading CSV files. Export: Export any reports or grid in CSV, Excel and PDF formats. Menu: * Customize what should be displayed when clicking on JA icon in browser * Show either customized list of menu, directly launch any selected page or show a dashboard in small popover. Skins: * Multiple new skins were available to personalize the look and feel. Groups: * Create multiple groups and add your team members to appropriate groups * Use these groups with other reports * Set different timezone for individual user and group and use that time zone while generating worklog report. Worklog report: * View daywise report for selected group of users and customize for different timezone for a selected date range. * View user project wise summary of all worklogs. * Filter the data to be fetched with custom JQL. Sprint report: * View report based on sprint and export it to excel with multiple tabs. * Display velocity chart using line graph Estimate vs Actual report: * View Estimate vs Actual report based on users work log details. * Estimate can be either story point based or estimated hours based. * Reports can be viewed for individual project(s) or individual ticket(s) or mix of both. Custom report: * Generate reports with custom fields / format, based on custom filters, and filters. Advanced report builder (currently in BETA): * A report builder component which enables the user to develop custom report with multiple options. Other Features: * Show notification and launch meeting url based on configuration (need to be configure in settings page). * Remind you to log work on daily basis using chrome notification (need to be configure in settings page). * Notify you for the new comments added in Jira (only your tickets or comments tagged to you) * Rich and easy user interface. Youtube video to help you setup: https://www.youtube.com/embed/HsWq7cT3Qq0?rel=0&autoplay=1&showinfo=0&cc_load_policy=1 If you like this tool please consider donating us: https://paypal.me/shridhartl
Latest reviews (2019-11-01) Kirill Zinchenko: Very useful for the team worklog monitoring! (2019-10-25) Jarek AMB: Perfect! Excellent Worklogs support in this extension just saved me (2019-10-15) John Tuttle: Very useful tool. Solves all of the challenges with Jira time reporting in one plugin. (2019-09-26) Newegg Lan: I can finally check my work log. (2019-09-25) Rich Werning: Fantastic! This is the dashboard that Jira should have! It's rare I give 5 stars on anything, wish I could give this 6 (2019-09-23) Jeremy Greer: I've been trying to get a report of my logged hours for a week. This showed it in seconds with lots of customization. Very simple. (2019-09-23) Tai Mai: Please update set timezone and Moveable popup (2019-09-16) Rajesh Parejiya: Fantastic tool.. Good then many paid plug-in in Jira (2019-09-09) Gabriel Alcántara: Simple y necesaria. Gran trabajo! (2019-09-03) Esteban Aberasturi: Excelent tool to track Jira Worklog! Thanks! (2019-09-02) Volodymyr Dehtiarov: Awesome addon, really helpful. It may require small UX polishment (for example, adding new user to the worklog may be done in 1 click, not in 3), but overall really nice program. (2019-08-20) Redof Seven One: Perfect for tracking time logged by a user. (2019-07-31) Yaroslav Nakonechnikov: Very usefull!!!! works great! as feature request: would be great to add timer, so everyone can select task press "start" and timer starts. Then press stop - and timelog automatically goes to ticket. and if one timer works, but another task starts - so first one stops and new timers starts. but even without it - this is the most useful thing for chrome! (2019-07-30) Alex U: Great tool when you have to work in clients JIRA that does not have any timesheet add-ons and you dont have the rights to add any. In this case this plugin is priceless! Thank you very much for developing it! (2019-07-09) James Wilkins: I needed a simple view to see all my work logs. Not only did I get that, but in a calendar view!!! I'm in love with this already. ;) (2019-06-17) Michael Seip: Great so far. I have 3 parallel SW projects/sprints and the summary reports alone in this app make it valuable. There are several features I haven't used yet - will update when able. (2019-04-22) Aleksandr Sobolev: Jira assistant becomes one of daily based used application. It will be cool if Jira Assistant allows switching between different accounts. But the tool is great, thanks. (2019-04-19) Alan Tsai: must have for pepole using Jira can easily see log work and show some report (2019-04-11) Johhan Santana: This is awesome. What jira should to be. (2019-03-29) Maarten Van den Bergh: Very nice thank you (2019-03-27) Connor: Does exactly what I need it to and will likely make our service desk streamlined! (2019-03-26) Ihme mies: I really love this tool. Only thing missing is timer so that user could just select the work user is working on. That would just take timestamp and when selecting another task or stop current task it would take second timestamp and check the difference (and maybe have option to round up to for example 30 mins if ticket was worked more than 5 mins). otherwise perfect tool. I would pay for this plugin if donate sign could be changed to "registered" instead of just hiding it. (2019-03-22) Peter Tissen: This is great. Entering worklog data after the fact was such a pain in JIRA. This makes it easy to log work and move worklog entries around. Performant, easy to use and very useful for me. (2019-03-20) Ambati Chandra Sekhar: Very helpful tool (2019-03-07) Kristin Boden: Outstanding tool and provided exactly the views we needed as clients trying to gain insight into our vendors status. THANK YOU!!

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