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Discussions button for Google Search™

Description from extension meta Adds filter buttons to Google™ search results.
Image from store Discussions button for Google Search™
Description from store Adds back the discussions button to Google search results, which enables you to search forums and message boards. Update: Google has since outright disabled the discussion search functionality. As a workaround, the discussions link will now modify your search query and add some relevant filters. Help translate the extension to your native language - https://os9nr0r.oneskyapp.com/collaboration/project?id=41637 New in 1.4: • Fixed extension to work with latest version of Google. • Removed additional filters which Google no longer supports. New in • Bug-fixes New in 1.3.5: • Bug-fixes New in 1.3.4: • Refined discussions search query, to produce more relevant results. New in 1.3.2: • Replaced discussions URL with custom search query. New in 1.3: • Added buttons for Blogs, Patents, and Recipes. • Added options page for toggling buttons on/off. New in 1.2: • Added support for all Google domains.
Latest reviews (2019-09-18) Fenna van Lint: I use it almost daily. Very usefull! (2019-01-23) Elena F: Excellent! Immediately found what I needed (while I couldn't do so with just Google). (2017-11-02) OstepopSalat: good (2017-10-30) Laurence Gough: Thanks. No idea why Google removed the Discussion feature... I can't think of one good reason to! (2017-04-09) Bobby Thom: One of the best extensions. Google used to have this feature built into their Google search engine and it was great but one day they decided to start wiping out popular features and Discussion searching got the boot.. way to go google (2017-03-11) Carlos Notar: Incredible useful ! (2017-01-27) Nick C: Thanks so MUCH!!! I used this daily until it broke. Now that its working again its amazing. (2017-01-06) ВЕЛИКАЯ РОТЕНБЕРГИЯ: Снова вернул себе поиск по обсуждениям! Всё работает. 15.04.2015. Всё, отработалось - не показывает поиск по обсуждениям :( Посоветуйте альтернативу, плиз. 17.04.2015.-снова начал отлично работать. Теперь снова имею фильтр для поиска "только по обсуждениям". 02.12.2016. Ну ё моё - опять не работает. Даже удаление и новая установка расширения не помогает. Люди! Есть альтернатива? Очень нужен фильтр поиска именно по обсуждениям! :-) 06.01.2017 И снова расширение работает, теперь у меня даже отдельной "кнопкой" "дискуссии" появились. Спасибо разработчикам! (2017-01-06) Patrick O'Neal: Thanks for the recent fix to work with the new version of google. I use this extension daily, and I was missing it. (2016-12-31) Thad Reeser: Missing this extension! Hope this can be fixed. (2016-12-30) Lionel Pacheco: Was an awesome extension, but needs to be updated since it doesn't work with Googles newest update. (2016-12-29) Benjamin Teglbjaerg: Plz fix it. I really miss it. (2016-12-20) Jeremy Bretel: This used to be an amazing extension - but since google took steps to kill this as well - there is no point in using google to search for meaning ful threads on forums -they only want to generate money and useful information doesn't do that - only online shops and paid for service - the original Google prerogative of providing the best search engine algorithms for ALL data searching is now gone forever - they are ONLY interested in generating money :-( But that leaves a hole in the market - c'mon you crazy coders - provide a mass exodus from Google by alolowing searching for meaningful content rather than just what google spoon-feeds us :-) (2016-12-14) Barnaby Malins: It's an ongoing battle against the great evil that is google, this extension was hugely useful but unfortunately needs updating as google have bricked it again with their last update (2016-12-13) Elinor Bray-Collins: I added the discussion button but now it has disappeared - it is no longer under the "more" tab - where the heck is it??? (2016-12-09) Karl: Please fix when you can chaps, I love this plugin but google keep breaking it. (2016-12-08) James L: Last google update broke the extension. (2016-12-05) Pete L: This was great until the latest update, cannot see the Discussion option anymore when clicking more. (2016-12-04) M S.: Worked well for a while, now stopped working (2016-12-02) Donna Maukonen: Has been great in the past. Hope they can fix it now that Google has updated their layout. (2016-11-30) Christopher Dobson: Broken since google's layout update (2016-11-11) Varun .G.Pillai: Not working with new Version 54 (2016-08-19) Joshua Dotson: Great feature that Google removed. Helps remove all the commercial crap. (2016-06-01) Omar Awad: Best way to find unbiased information. Thank you (2016-06-01) Lion Kiss: THANK YOU SO MUCH for this extension!

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