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Marionette Inspector

Description from extension meta A devtool for Marionette
Image from store Marionette Inspector
Description from store # The Marionette Inspector offers powerful tools for exploring applications. ## Understand your App, without understanding all the code + Visualize the view hierarchy with the UI tree + Visualize application activity with a full history of actions + Inspect view ui, events, listeners, properties + Inspect model attributes, listeners, properties + Explore Radio channel events, requests, commands + Explore application with an inspector magnifying glass + Jump between the inspector elements and source panel with intelligent links github: https://github.com/marionettejs/marionette.inspector issues: https://github.com/MarionetteLabs/marionette.inspector/issues gitter: https://gitter.im/marionettejs/backbone.marionette (Say hello)
Latest reviews (2019-04-18) Christopher Tuncap: Works great but the UI tab doesn't work on my site. The UI does work when you go to https://marionette-wires.herokuapp.com/ (2017-10-07) Adrian Florescu: It does not work in the UI tab. First I thought it was my code, but than I tested on http://todomvc.com/examples/backbone_marionette/ and the UI part is not working (2017-04-05) Дилэйм Николсон: Not work with marionette greater than 3 version (2016-10-27) Radu Antonio: Looks nice and empty - doesn't seem to work. Either because of Marionette V3 (although it's promoted there) or because of my version of Chrome (2016-10-26) Ming H.: doesn't work on V3 anymore. Error coz V3 deprecrted ItemView and been replaced by View. (2016-04-29) 0x29a: Doesn't work? Just takes me back to the google store page for the inspector whenever I try to use it. (2016-04-29) Jacob Honore Broberg: I does not work with 64-bit Chrome. Worked fine with 32-bit version. (2016-04-27) Andreas Mikalauskas: Indispensable! (2016-04-25) Kevin Groat: It worked fantastically, but it looks like it has been broken by Chrome version 50. (2015-10-28) Matthew Norrish: Indispensable for any Marionette developer! (2015-08-04) Anand Athavale: If you are using Marionette, this is an indispensable part of your toolkit. (2015-03-08) Kurt Kemple: Excellent tool, really helps speed up development and new developer on-boarding. It makes traversing your view tree a breeze. You can also quickly glance at events across your application. I recommend it to everyone I know who uses Marionette. (2015-03-02) Allan Bazinet: This is a must-have for any Marionette developer. (2015-02-16) Дамир yesworld: Задумка отличная, но у меня она тормозит. =( (2015-02-11) Роман Кузнецов: Очень рекомендую если работаете с marianette app (2015-01-19) Luke Herrington: I'm surprised how well this works for being an early release. You must have this if you're ramping up on a Marionette project! (2015-01-08) James Smith: Even in this early stage of development, this thing is incredibly useful for developing Marionette apps. Highly recommended for all Marionette devs! (2014-12-25) 陌上桑: 很赞的工具 前端开发利器! (2014-12-19) Steve Robillard: So happy to have found this tool. This gives great visibility into what your app is doing (2014-12-19) Paul Falgout: I don't know how I developed in Marionette before this tool. The activity view is a big win (2014-12-17) Alex Pesta: Incredibly useful. (2014-11-19) Rafael: Loving it, thanks a lot! :) (2014-11-10) Gregory Guida: I bet a really handsome guy made this extension! (2014-11-07) 0.1.0 works and looks amazing! a lot of bugs were squashed. install away... (2014-10-21) Matt Roberts: Unfortunately it didn't work with my basic require.js/marionette app.

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