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HTTP Request Blocker

Description from extension meta This extension blocks HTTP Request based on configurable URL patterns.
Image from store HTTP Request Blocker
Description from store Blocks HTTP requests based on URL patterns. The patterns must conform to this specification: https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/match_patterns. Source code is available at: https://github.com/wolfascu/ChromeHttpRequestBlocker
Latest reviews (2019-04-05) Eru Magus: 2019/04/05 No funciona (2017-09-15) Fabrice Denis: Unfortunately it doesn't match when using the "omnibar" autocomplete, (ie. type a few letters in address abr and then enter to pick a site you've visited before). For example if I block reddit.com/r/videos I start typing in address bar "reddit" and the videos sub will appear as a suggestion from history. Then I press enter and it isn't blocked, because the pattern matching seems to take place before the "omnibar" search is replaced with the complete url appearing in the dropdown. (2017-06-29) Walid Aqleh: just what I needed to test payment gateway if the thankyou page was not accessible. (2017-06-28) G L: Hello, thanks for your work but this extension does not block ALL http/https requests according to the users' correct expression given/saved. It only blocks requests from the addr bar/field. If a page is making http requests for example to display an image, those requests are NOT blocked. Example: I tried to block the youtube logo, it gets blocked if I enter the logo's full url in the addr bar, but the logo shows up on the youtube home page (after doing everything CORRECTLY, i.e. clearing the browser cache, restarting, etc.) (2016-09-01) gal773: It works but you need to be very careful with what you enter. The program does not have any feedback on what you enter. If your URL expression is not correct it just stops blocking all URLs. When it works - it works! (2016-01-28) Nuno Faria: Worked on 1st try. Good! (2015-10-28) Davel Liu: Love this. If only it can block request based on domain. (2015-07-28) Carlos Sanchez: It blocks page requests and doesn't have an intrusive interface. Make sure you read the example page linked in the description. (2014-12-14) Awesome! Exactly what I needed!

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