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Description from extension meta Helps in overriding cache policy
Image from store Super-Cache
Description from store Control caching behavior on the client side! UPDATE: Bugs fixed as reported by M-Ubaid Raza, thanks for informing. Features 1. Override caching policy that has been set on the server. Select a host on which the caching is required and all requests from a page with that host will be cached. 2. Caching of static content which are on a different host will also be cahed (read Note for further explanation) Note: say you have a site example.com on which you have set a caching policy thru the extension. Now if the any page on example.com links to external scripts and sites which are on a different domain such as static.example.com or ajax.googleapis.com, the extension will automatically apply the same caching behavior as that of example.com Source Code https://github.com/tusharmath/Super-Cache
Latest reviews (2019-01-23) Александр Максимов: отлично исправляет баги хрома, а то стили не обновлялись (2018-09-25) TYM GG: Need update for new chrome browser. (2018-07-23) Justin Cram: plz update doesn't work in 2018 chrome (2018-05-28) onkar ruikar: Very useful tool!! Websites with heavy javascript and images loads very fast after first loading... Thanks Tushar! (2016-09-29) K Mason Schecter: Allows me to SHUT OFF caching for my wordpress website, so I can make edits and see them real time, without having to shut off caching completely for chromium. A great solution for website developers who struggle with using chrome/chromium because it is such a PITA to turn off caching. Unfortunately, it seems to slow down everything else somewhat, so I turn it on when making edits to my website, and leave it off otherwise. (2016-03-10) jaume tarradas: Nice stuff! It would be awesome if it had more options like cache ajax calls or for other kind of resources. That would be really good for testing porposes. (2015-09-12) Ivan Minazuki: Excellent, i love it (2015-08-27) Aditia Septianto: ok (2015-08-13) Remy van Tour: Y'know, the idea is nice. The big downside is that this plugin keeps crashing my google searches. Any search made will result in an "Aw Snap!" exception. Took me a long time to figure out this "Super" plugin was the one causing it. (2015-01-22) Chris CSS: dari dulu ini yg saya cari akhirnya dapat juga (2014-11-22) Steve Riala: Excellent! :)) (2014-05-23) 前悟記: power~~ (2014-05-01) Alison: Muito bom, aumentou a velocidade e poupou minha internet (limitada). Mas poderia ter funções mais complexas, como habilitar para todas as páginas. (2013-08-28) boy rahman: its works, more faster now ...cool ...save n cache my website (2013-06-11) Muhammad Ubaid Raza: Icon in address bar is not shown, hence not able to modify the settings. :( Chrome 27 Very nice and helpfull extension, please update it to fix the issue. (2013-05-18) Farda hast: just try that. its really powerful. its really speedup (2013-03-21) Nguyễn Duy Hiếu: when click cache with some options in the menu,does it cache for domain, url or set as default for browser? (2013-02-19) Aster Henty: Some negative issues: * NOT working popup under Linux (Mac OS, etc.) due to case-sensitive filesystem ["src/PopUp/Ext.PopUp.html" specified in manifest while really filename is "src/PopUp/Ext.PopUp.Html"]. Obvious fixup needed. * NOT intuitive interface [No simple setting (while list/black list), no indicators on the button about current page status. * Using jQuery while application really may be very small. Conclusion: not bad, but require intensive development for everyday usage. (2013-01-18) Pratima Mathur: performance of the site increases! (2013-01-16) Aiswarya Prakasan: Simply loved it! There is a remarkable improvement in performance.

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Extpose is a service for Chrome extension publishers.
It helps tracking and optimizing browser extension performance in Chrome Web Store.

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