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Salesforce Enhanced Code Searcher

Description from extension meta Enhanced it for custom settings's field search and tooltip in the searched results by Shubham Bhatt. All thanks to Sameer N Miraj.
Image from store Salesforce Enhanced Code Searcher
Description from store By using the advanced quick find you can get your code few clicks shorter. Also, you can search any string your code Using this extension you can search your code components your salesforce instance: 1) apex Classes 2) Apex Triggers 3) visualforce Pages 4) Visualforce Components 5) Custom settings and its fields search 6) User search by Name 7) Profile search by Profile name 8) Permission Set 9) Queue 10)Custom Labels In addition to the above you can use this extension to jump to classes / pages / triggers from the advanced quick find section on the left hand side. On hover for more information we have given tooltip. A similar plugin is available on firefox which can be downloaded here : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/salesforce-quick-search/ How to use it: Both the below section get added in the set-up pages, so this is only useful for developers and Admins, this tool will not make any sense for salesforce users. 1) Advanced Quick Find section:This part gets added in side navigation bar on all set-up pages. Select the code component that you want to go to, then start typing the name of the code,an autocomplete suggestion pops up, select the one that you want to go to. 2) Developer Utilities: 2.1) This component get added in force.com home page only. Let's say you want to know where you have hard-coded a profile name in your code, like if(profile.name =='sys Admin'){//you're doing something}. Right now to find this out you have to either go thru all the code individually or create a force.com project in eclipse and then search there. There's no way we can do this directly in salesforce. This string search will help you do that. You have to check the code components in which you want to search the code, enter a string in the input text field and hit enter. You will be presented with a list of code components where the string is used. 2.2 ) Code Coverage Extract: You can View and download the code coverage in your org. Update 1.1.1 Expanded the quick search scope to Email Templates, Validation Rule, Workflow Rule, Custom Object Added edition checks. Update 1.2 Update the UI to be more in sync with Lightning Update 1.3 Added Code coverage Extract section allowing user to view and download the code coverage. Update 1.3.3: UPdated the cookie issue. NOTE: 1) Salesforce's REST API is used to accomplish the above functionalities Update 1.3.5 1) Added support to delete all the Debug logs 2) Added a button on traceflag to renew the startDate / expiration date. Update 2.0.0 1) Added support of tooltip 2) Added a custom settings and its field search Update 2.1 1) fixed the bug of custom settings limit of tooling query Update 2.2 1) Added user and profile search Update 2.3 1) fixed the bug of custom settings limit of tooling query Update 2.3 1) Added Search for Permission set, queues and custom labels
Latest reviews (2019-10-24) Carolina Véliz: This is the MUST-HAVE extension to make your life easier! Thank you so much! (2018-08-23) Vivek Warrier: Great work, Shubham, building on top of Sameer's legendary extension. But I must say that it sometimes takes too much time to load to be of use, and I have many a times ended up going to the Objects tab while the ext is still loading. The instance was pretty object-heavy as well, but still. Thanks! (2017-11-02) Alexander Savkin: please add custom metadata types :) (2017-10-30) Ashish Arya: Excellent tool. Very useful. (2017-07-20) Kruti Shah: Perfect extension for all the Salesforce Platform Users. (2017-06-13) Milan Chovatiya: Really helpful!!! (2017-05-30) Kushal Bhalodiya: Enhanced version fills the gap from previous version. Excellent work Shubham! (2017-05-09) Meet Desai: Great enhanced tool to search Custom Settings, Users and Profiles. (2017-05-08) Sudhakar Jukanti: Great tool.

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