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The Query & Answer System for the Coder Community

Image from store Grepper
Description from store Grepper is the ultimate RAM upgrade for the software developers brain. Easily snag code examples from around the web, then access your code examples without having to think. See Usage Docs Here: https://www.grepper.com/documentation.php See Privacy Policy Here: https://www.grepper.com/privacy-policy.php

Latest reviews

  • (2023-09-11) Iftekhar Bin Aziz: An absolute helping hand, love it.
  • (2023-09-03) Yaasiin Ahmed: Loved it
  • (2023-08-18) Ehans Tube: Love the joke in the description but extension is shet
  • (2023-07-06) Brice Vandeputte: So sad that github login works in the popin but dont refresh main page anymore : unable to commit my greeper add form so I still stay not logged :'(
  • (2023-05-29) Taha Zouhair: I don't need to pay to see my own answers when searching on Google. I don't even need to pay if I'm providing the answers other people use. You're taxing contributions, not rewarding them. GREPCC, apart from not being transferred all the time (only lately the settlements went through and didn't error out) is pretty much a worthless currency as of now. The shop is full of useless demon-like bull NTFs. Bring back the old model and look at other ways to monetize this that doesn't involve taxing the people that made it great. The contributors.
  • (2023-05-28) Dileesha Mudalige: Does is work with Bing
  • (2023-05-23) Brian Pham: Requires a subscription now and ad placements on your search results. Absolute trash
  • (2023-05-15) Azzam: ِAbsolutely trash after adding subscription.
  • (2023-05-12) TM Dev: Insert an icon to cover the entire content of the page
  • (2023-04-21) William Valverde Villegas: Great Extension. Please develop Grepper for Bing
  • (2023-04-19) Cohen M: This extension used to be really good, but it seems that now you are limited to how many results you can see a day unless you pay for premium. This is pretty much pointless now as a free user and is not something I think is worth paying for.
  • (2023-04-10) نضرة: Grepper Professional is Shet , really developers ? booo to you , what a Shet monetize strategy
  • (2023-04-09) Infui: This extension used to be one of my favorite chrome extensions. I have had this extension for over three years now and it has saved me some time as it provides seamless code snippets when searching for an answer to your question. However, over the past year, the developers have continued to disappoint with weird add-ons and advertisements. There has been a variety of bugs on their websites as well, for example, my Coding Expertise Wheel shows that C# is my best language. (I have never touched C#), or how the stats page just does not work sometimes. Finally, when searching for an answer using Grepper, you may find various answers, but for some reason, the newer answers have a different UI then older answers, making the page look clumsy and unorganized... this has persisted for months. Though, these are minor issues, the main reason why I am now giving this extension a one-star review is because the developers decided to monetize this service, even when the code snippets that users have created are not even theirs. Now you have to pay 5$ for a Pro subscription for what should be completely free which is really annoying. The Pro subscription makes the extension useless, and although I have used this for years, I think I may have to uninstall it now, which is a real shame since this extension used to be helpful once.
  • (2023-04-01) Talha Sengul: you didn't add the "answers", go ahead and charge people for others solution. if you are a developer to help others use stackoverflow, and please delete your answers here. because these intelligent owner(s) doesn't deserve the data.
  • (2023-03-30) Александр Бородич: subscriptions
  • (2023-03-27) Andrew Bierman: Grepper used to be one of my favorite browser extensions, as it saved me a lot of clicks as developers could include code snippets that would appear right in your google search results. Unfortunately, grepper has tried to monetize this and now no results appear unless you pay. I understand hosting is not free, but casual users should be able to filter which searches use one of their very limited free searches at the very least. Hopefully someone makes an open source alternative to this. Since other developers added the code snippets, not grepper.
  • (2023-03-27) Om mapari: Why are charging us for premium subscriptions. It's not like you had written the soluation for the problems. it's written by developers for developers to access free and fast. I used to like this extension. But now I hate it because of ads and locked answers. It's better to use stack overflow or Bing Chat instead of paying you guys. Good Bye uninstalling it...
  • (2023-03-25) Shop Socio: You have to pay them to see the results that are written by developers for you for free!They take money to view answeer but donot pay the dev that answered the questions. Such a shame
  • (2023-03-23) John Miller: Uninstalling because it takes over command+G and I don't want to deal with re-mapping a default keyboard shortcut.
  • (2023-03-21) Sarthak Agarwal: Atleast give more clear details on the freemium version over the limits of daily searches etc?
  • (2023-03-21) Amelia Magee: The content is not written by Grepper, it is written by developers, for developers. And now they want to monetize this? Unable to access without a paid subscription anymore.
  • (2023-03-20) Umarjon Razzaqov: The worst news of this morning was that now I'm unable to see all grepper results without unlocking the premium. The grepper results made literally by the developers, it is community driven extention. I have no idea why they added the premium subscriptions
  • (2023-03-16) Eren Kaya: it used to be ok, but now I don't have access to the site and extension, why can't I access it?
  • (2023-03-14) Emmanuel William: Grepper is absolutely amazing. It has really simplified my everyday coding life by saving hours of time I would have spent endlessly scrolling.
  • (2023-02-18) Matt Boston: An amazing extension! It has helped me out so much in my coding journey and has saved me some much time when trying to find a solution to an issue.
  • (2023-02-13) CHIRAG SINGHAL: Grepper is a useful extension for software developers who want to find and store code examples from the web. It helps you boost your productivity and creativity by giving you instant access to your code snippets. However, it is only compatible with Chrome, so if you use Edge or another browser, you might not need it. Edge has a built-in feature that lets you use Bing AI to search and generate code examples.
  • (2023-02-12) Rounak Sen: Amazing life changing must use for everyone tool.
  • (2023-02-11) Haqi Ramadhani: Support for bing please
  • (2023-02-08) Вадим Струтовський: cool extension that can save my time
  • (2023-02-07) glaz1e4: Best program for the fast search and if the site is blocked in ur country !
  • (2023-02-04) tanka karu: الإضافة مفيدة جدا وتختصر عليك الكثير من الوقت والجهد
  • (2023-02-02) Kanishq Sharma: Once it was a life saver app. Then they made it premium and added add and now it is also not working on my chrome. Why you do this.
  • (2023-01-26) Dorian Hardy: Nice to have
  • (2023-01-02) Engin Karataş: amazing app. time saver. but please sometimes in critical times, ext not working
  • (2022-03-19) Guillermo: He ganado mucho tiempo desde que lo uso para programar. Tanto para encontrar mis códigos y fragmentos como encontrando los de otras personas. simplemente genial! buscar en google y listo!
  • (2022-03-13) Michael Olson: After using his extension for the better part of 2 years am now inclined to uninstall it. I was also proudly reccomending this app to all the beginning programmers out there, I make it a point to help them out whenever I can. In the beginning it was kind of empty, and as it went along there were more an more answers, I contributed a few myself . . . but, lately . . . it is becoming another vehicle for trolls. I can point out a few examples, but will just point out 1. "Download Google Chrome". Take a look at the replies. I have seen insults in some of the search results and it has simply gotten out of hand, which is sad, because the concept of this is promising . . . but it definitely isn't worth it at this point. You need a way to report and remove irrelivent entries. Frusterated former user . . . Mike
  • (2022-03-06) Thomas Patenaude-Poulin: The best chrome's plugin if you are developper !
  • (2022-02-28) N V: Just such a time saver! good quality answers copying useful snippets is also easy <3 A big thanks to grepper for making life easier!
  • (2022-02-11) Md.Abrar Fahim: Awesome
  • (2022-02-10) Edward Black: Really amazing, I actually wanted something like this.
  • (2022-02-01) Tiago França Fernandes: Amazing!!! TOP DEMAIS!!!
  • (2022-02-01) Tbone Does Stuff: Very Good, I used spend alot of time scrolling through lots of documentation and watching lots of videos to find code to use in my games to do things, but this extension is sooooooo helpful, i search for what I need and its right there! Very Good
  • (2022-01-31) Ege Bob: great extension saves alot of time
  • (2022-01-25) somuSan: great extension
  • (2022-01-20) Mahmudul Hasan: Grepper Is an awesome tool for developer. I really love it!
  • (2022-01-16) Rishabh Jha: Talk about developer productivity resources, and grepper tops the list at the moment, due to time saved on google searches. Could not recommend it more. Thanks for this.
  • (2022-01-04) A. A.: Super useful
  • (2021-12-27) numesimai scurt: I can't recall for how many times this amazing tool helped me! Thank you for creating it!
  • (2021-12-22) 06_Alex CSE_A: Actually a very productive extension for everyday programmer we can reduce a lot of time by using "Grepper" it will show you almost correct code snippet or hints for the query you searched.
  • (2021-12-18) S B: This is a time saver, you can gain a lot of time when you googling for coding

Latest issues

  • (2023-03-24, v: Marco Avila (Tony): Microsoft Edge
    Hello, I have been using Grepper on the Chrome browser for several months now. I recently switched to Microsoft Edge browser and do not see suggestions when I search for anything code related. I know that edge browser runs on Chromium, so I was curious if the Grepper extension is supported in Edge. If it is available, how do I enable it for Edge, if not, are there any plans to implement compatibility with this browser in the future?
  • (2023-02-27, v: Aldrich Escudero: Grepper suddenly not showing on Chrome
    Suddenly, I think Grepper is not working on my Chrome anymore. I did not add or remove any extensions.
  • (2023-02-19, v: Sachin Syam: Grepper showing <div class="open_grepper_editor" title="Edit & Save To Grepper"></div>
    Grepper is showing <div class="open_grepper_editor" title="Edit & Save To Grepper"></div> with embedded code in websites Example:https://codebun.com/create-a-login-form-using-thymleaf-in-spring-boot/
  • (2023-02-13, v: Ashok Mazumdar: rtert985770
  • (2023-01-12, v: Masud Al imran: code block not showing while searching in bing search engine
    I am using grepper extention for a while now. For me it worked fine with google search engine. It showed a nice little code block while searching in google with a query such as "link css to html code". Recently I have started using bing search engine and code block not showing while searching in bing search engine
  • (2023-01-11, v: Merwan BIREM: extension no longer showing suggestions on google chrome
    I am no longer getting suggestions on google chrome
  • (2022-09-14, v: Mārtiņš Ošmucnieks: cant turn off alt+g
    In your extension iit is not possible to turn off the alt+g extension. please fix this
  • (2022-09-11, v: Barel Elbaz: RTL support
    Please fix RTL issues on RTL browser like chrome setted up to Hebrew
  • (2022-09-07, v: ג'ניה קריקלובסקי: Forcing the suggested Grepper snippet to appear in LTR all the time
    Howdy, my main Google language is set to Hebrew, which, as you know, is one of the few languages that are written from right to left (other languages that also included in this category are: Arabic, Kurdish, Syriac etc...) As a result of the Google language being Hebrew, Google search results are displayed in RTL, which causes the suggested Grepper code snippet to appear in a werid and non-understandable way, making it completely useless for me and (I suppose) many other people. Could you please force the Grepper snippet result to appear in the LTR direction? Thanks a lot in advance!
  • (2022-09-02, v: Utkarsh Prajapati: Doesn't work on a website
    See the code blocks:- https://pyimagesearch.com/2021/04/28/opencv-thresholding-cv2-threshold/
  • (2022-03-17, v: Lingesh Kumar: Project : File Operation
    Requirment:1 1) Upload file (1. User can select single file or multiple file ) 2) dropdown--->(File Type--> word format, .pdf, .pptx,excel,jpeg,png,gif,svg) round away 3) download as zip file
  • (2022-02-10, v: BG: Black Bat
    I logged in via my Google account... why is my profile automatically named "Black Bat"?
  • (2022-02-09, v: Marwen Labidi: [ERROR] [SUGGESTION]
    [ERROR] : the website is not responsive . [suggestion] : a card we can add it to the GitHub profile : { like daily DevCard : https://daily.dev/blog/adding-the-daily-devcard-to-your-github-profile but instead of article read #people-helped }
  • (2022-02-08, v: GG S: Privacy concerns
    Seems like an interesting extension, but you'll have difficulty catching on given the permissions the plugin requires. Can I get an explanation of why it needs each of these permissions? Does grepper plan on becoming open source?
  • (2022-02-08, v: Martin De Jonge: Unable to access my account or grepper snippets
    Hi. I noticed yesterday I don't see grepper results anymore and thought nothing about it and this morning when I wanted to add a code snippet I couldn't access my account. When I visit https://www.codegrepper.com I get - This site can’t be reached I made sure grepper was not blocked by my anti virus or browser, I did try different browsers. Any suggestion?
  • (2022-01-17, v: javohir hasanov: hello my name is javohir
    there are problem in react file.I am gonna open new react file so i did npx create-react-app but in cmd please update node.what am i do
  • (2021-12-18, v: Abubakar Yasir: How to use it on other search engines besides Google
    Hi, I have a problem that I am not getting Grepper suggestions when I use search.brave.com as my search engine. Is this something you can fix?
  • (2021-12-07, v: Bucketof Java: Monetization
    Hi there, I remember in the original ads for this extension, there was something about getting paid for answers, is that still a feature?
  • (2021-11-05, v: maryam khan: work on CRM codeigniter 4
    problem is that when i select web development department employee field show all department ....my wish is that when is choose any one department employee firld show only any who i choose...
  • (2021-10-29, v: marouf sultanzada: looks scry
    i got scird ...why mony stolen.... so i am deleting bye
  • (2021-10-23, v: ayal ganem: It's now workin
    Hi, adding the extension to the chrome then I get 502 bad gateway when tying to login or join with email
  • (2021-10-20, v: John S N: Card details was stolen
    after installing this software my card informations was stolen and 50USD was debited from my account.
  • (2021-10-09, v: CodeBird Insta: 502 Bad Gateway
    502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.15.5 (Ubuntu) Happened just seconds ago. I was adding an ans...doesn't get uploaded.....I reloaded the page.....no grepper icon visible....going on grepper extension shows this error. Grepper extension not working. ctrl + G not working. Closed the google chrome and restarted => still same error Don't want to uninstall and then reinstall the extension as I don't remember my grepper account password(not even saved anywhere).
  • (2021-09-29, v: moneer ahmed: problem in unix
    how to use NAWK and gsub for processing files exp: {"999999999999999000000"|33}{"999999999999999000000"|57}{"999999999999999000000"|66}{"999999999999999000000"|57}{"99999999999999907000 {"999999999999999000000"|33}{"999999999999999000000"|57}{"999999999999999000000"|66}{"999999999999999000000"|57}{"999999999999999070000" {"999999999999999000000"|33}{"999999999999999000000"|57}{"999999999999999000000"|66}{"999999999999999000000"|57}{"999999999999999070000"
  • (2021-09-13, v: Md Shariful Islam: i couldn't understand
    let count = 1; function counterup() { if (count < item.dataset.count) { item.innerHTML = count; count++; } else if (count >= item.dataset.count) { item.innerHTML = item.dataset.count; clearInterval(stop); } }
  • (2021-09-04, v: t myint: 1
    how do i chage game money
  • (2021-08-21, v: sun gad: coding help
    in python how do i select the top 10 values from the column ? or top 5 highest ?
  • (2021-07-29, v: Gemeel Morehead: Hover white
    I have a dropdown menu i dont want one text highlighted in red on hover?
  • (2021-07-15, v: M Bak: Your website clogs up Google searches
    Your code grepper website clogs up google searches with stolen code from stack overflow. You don't even steal it properly, just grab random bits of code from each question/answer. Why do you do this?
  • (2021-07-02, v: shariararfin drubo: Apache/2.4.48 (Win64) OpenSSL/1.1.1k PHP/8.0.7 Server at localhost Port 80
    Apache/2.4.48 (Win64) OpenSSL/1.1.1k PHP/8.0.7 Server at localhost Port 80
  • (2021-06-22, v: Colin Gregurich: Grepper hotkey triggered when switching keyboard language and hitting G
    When I switch typing languages on windows (by hitting win + space) and hitting G right after, some Grepper hotkey is triggered. Very frustrating and makes me want to remove Grepper even though I love it.
  • (2021-06-10, v: zaki salim: Extension
    i hope you add this extension on opera store
  • (2021-03-14, v: Nirvan Jain: Flexibility to update/edit search text
    Sometime, we browse links inside links. Our primary google search is not our readings that we want to add to our grapper. Hence, not having ability to edit search text in grapper is downside.
  • (2021-03-10, v: Vince Emigh: Donate Button visible to all
    Hello. I thought your plugin had potential, and I would like to contribute. However, the Donate button is only visible to those logged into the service. Is it possible for you to make the Donate button visible to anyone who has the plugin?
  • (2021-02-24, v: SH: Create new user
    Hey guys I want to add new registration (with an email), I was using old email which I would like to change so it is more credible for me. However, when I register as new user It gives err: email/pw combination error So when I say 'forget 'pass', it says no such user... I deleted the addon folder, and uninstalled and reinstalled the addon several times, once also with changing email on chrome addon page also deleted the local storage data on grepper(I think) Suggestions?
  • (2021-02-19, v: PolarDroid: I want to report a user
    https://www.codegrepper.com/app/profile.php?id=211716 This user has not been posting anything useful but instead has been posting only rubbish and sexual comments on grepper.
  • (2021-02-15, v: Alexander Apostolidis: permanent redirects
    Could not login, permanent redirects when try to login, put some not valid javascripts in browser what are mess other pages. Good luck in fixing bugs!
  • (2021-02-15, v: Mykola Khimich: Can't register
    When i enter email and password im getting "This account is already registered. If this is your account login here." But if i try to reset password i'm getting "This email is not registered with Grepper". Help?
  • (2021-01-29, v: Sankalp Jain: Please add Ruby in language option
    Please add Ruby in language option.
  • (2021-01-29, v: Saya Jujur: limitation?
    is there limiation of usage? i used code grepper few times, after that I can not add desired code pieces (it's icon did not show up upper left corner of code)
  • (2021-01-15, v: Jordan Garrison: Unable to use the keyboard shortcut and not seeing the icon
    I was really excited seeing this extension, however, I actually can't use it. I tried it first in the Brave browser which support Chrome extensions, when that didn't work I swapped to Chrome and still wasn't able to gain functionality. I think the CMD-G (CTL-G) option probably works, however, Chrome has that mapped to find-next in the search and I can't seem to override the setting (I'm sure it's somewhere in the extended settings) or remap it for the extension. The icon also doesn't show up for me. I do see the search dropdown, but no results are available in it, only the option to write my own result. Would love to know if there is a workaround for this behavior, the tool seems very useful.
  • (2021-01-08, v: Homam OB: make stored procedure
    I need to make proc that add a value in table just the same one in another related table
  • (2020-12-21, v: Mich Achi: Cannot register.
    Hello, I have been trying to register my account but it keeps saying I already have an account made with this email, I switched between 4 different emails and they all get the same issue, I haven't registered an account here before.
  • (2020-11-28, v: Jan Verner: Results missing if search alias is used
    Hi, I'm using newest chrome and when I search for stuff I do 'g search_subject'. In my Search Engine config, the Keyword is 'g' and the Search String is 'https://www.google.cz/search?q=%s&oq=%s'. But when I search through 'g ...' it doesn't show Grepper at all. Can you update the extension to add this? Or it's not doable. I've got my reasons I'm searching by Keyword, not by automatically write in my url bar.
  • (2020-11-25, v: Mobile Star: Chat feature
    I've been using Grepper since Grepper launched and I can see that so many great features are added since then. One feature I'd like Grepper to add is Chat feature which I think will make Grepper more feature rich, social, etc This way developers will have ability to connect and chat each other. Thanks.
  • (2020-11-24, v: Jaisal Shah: Add a direct Copy to Clipboard button!
    Add a direct Copy to Clipboard button, which makes efficient and quick for developers take the snippet. PS: Grepper is the best
  • (2020-11-22, v: just see 1413: localhost error
    <?php //make connection mysql_connect('localhost','root',''); //select db mysql_select_db('test'); $sql="select * from project"; $records=mysql_query($sql); ?> <html> <head> <title></title> </head> <body> <table width="600" border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1"> <tr> <th>rank</th> <th>efficiency</th> <th>line</th> <th>responsible</th> <th>unit</th> </tr> <?php while($project=mysql_fetch_assoc($records)){ echo "<tr>"; echo "<td>".$project['rank']."</td>"; echo "<td>".$project['efficiency']."</td>"; echo "<td>".$project['line']."</td>"; echo "<td>".$project['responsible']."</td>"; echo "<td>".$project['unit']."</td>"; echo "</tr>"; } //end while ?> </table> </body> </html>
  • (2020-11-05, v: sarath jasrin: Grepper is not working
    Ctrl+G opening search option in chrome.
  • (2020-11-02, v: László Nagy: Searches on ecosia.org
    Hi, I use ecosia.org instead of google and I wonder how I can reach your service from there as I don't see any link or your logo anywhere.
  • (2020-10-31, v: LogToua Lee: CSCI 20
    player1.RollDice undefined (type Player has no field or method RollDice)


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