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Just click automation

Image from store Auto Clicker
Description from store This is a simple auto repeat clicker. This can be used if you need to click a lot. Control with shortcuts easily. Start: Ctrl + ,(Comma) Stop: Ctrl + .(Period) Start with interval: Ctrl + Alt(Option) + ,(Comma) That's all.😎 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This extension is designed to be used in typical web surfing situations. It may not work in Flash or SVG based games.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-05-09) البروفيسور أندرو لينكولن: لا يعمل
  • (2021-05-08) Hardley Nenon: Don't USE THIS ONE! PLEASE READ FIRST For some people, this feature might work, i do not know. BUT this one chose to steer me to at least one page that gave me up to 4 viruses, and therefore the amount was increasing every ten minutes. (Make bound to remove this feature immediately if you do not trust it enough). If you continue to want to undertake this AutoClicker, please confirm have an honest removal software just just in case , such as: *SpyHunter and *FinalUninstaller AND If you do not have them, I highly recommend you to download them! they're an excellent help for other viruses. • SpyHunter: Searches through malware, reliable • FinalUninstaller: If you already uninstalled a malware, they could haven't been uninstalled properly. (In short, uninstall a malware for final!) Again, don't use this 'command' unless you've got good removal softwares prepared! These viruses took me almost an hour to get rid of (on a Windows 8, because my Laptop is old) I don't recommend any of you to use it either way, because it takes a short time to uninstall the viruses which may show up. Malicious malwares to avoid (that might show up), (make sure that they are not installed): • Great Discover INFORMATION: "The Great Discover may be a malware program that leeches system resources off of the infected computer to mine BitCoin, Monero, Dask, or other cryptocurrencies for its creators. If the good Discover virus has infected your PC, there'll likely be slow-downs and other performance issues." Also, this type of malicious content and Layout sorta looks sketchy, let's all agree about that? Source: https://howtoremove.guide/great-discover-virus/ • Taskbar System INFORMATION: "Taskbar System may be a computer virus that targets Windows computers and is capable of taking up the infected system and running different harmful processes in it. Taskbar System belongs to the widespread computer virus virus category and may cause differing types of harm to the attacked computer." Source: https://howtoremove.guide/taskbar-system/ • Opera INFORMATION: Opera might sound to be a quite reliable browser, i assumed so too. But once I checked through the map, it had been proven to possess Taskbar System included (it also might carry other viruses), which may be a malicious software. Source: My perspective. Doesn't got to be true though, it's just from what I experienced. • ByteFence INFORMATION: "ByteFence Anti-Malware is an Antivirus program which will 'protect' your computer from malicious programs. This program is proven to not be malicious, however, it's commonly installed with adware or unwanted programs, we don't recommend any of you to use it." Source: https://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-bytefence/ If these are showed up, remember to undertake to delete them as quick as possible! If you're unsure if you ought to uninstall the software or not, please search up more information about them. My review is rated 1/5 stars. Actually, if I could, i might choose 0/5. This page is simply to request people to not trust this one to the fullest. many thanks for reading and stay safe! Please don't still the side that tells you to end downloading it, please don't!
  • (2021-05-07) Tanner Lawrence: For anyone saying it doesnt work, 1. it only works on chrome 2. refresh the page if it doesnt work or if you switch to a new website.
  • (2021-05-05) Jyncarecat: Works fine
  • (2021-05-04) fire ballyt: the interval changing thing does not change the speed the interval only works at 1 speed
  • (2021-05-04) Wet Paint: it simply doesn't work
  • (2021-05-02) Sato: it doesnot work
  • (2021-04-30) Axol Leinad: Worked GREAT!!! does not work for games that you need to lock your mouse for, but regardless, is WILL get you arround 100 cps! worked great. couple bugs, buuut, it serves its purpouse
  • (2021-04-28) Gabriel Mendoza: Did not work, probably because I'm on chrome.
  • (2021-04-27) Clown: it works but you have to push ctrl+alt+, you have to refresh the page for it to go away tho
  • (2021-04-22) kingfirer2_0 boii: It was kinda cap, but at least it works on cookie clicker
  • (2021-04-21) leo desjarlais: don't press ctrl + and , you press ctrl and , to stop ctrl and .
  • (2021-04-20) epic gamer: It does not work
  • (2021-04-20) Zachary harris: Rubbish Auto clicker DO NOT DOWNLOAD
  • (2021-04-18) Henrys Slater: worked perfectly on some sites but not on other still its free so stfu as long as it doesnt give you a virus
  • (2021-04-16) Shannon Constance A: it doesnt work, i tried to press the reset button on the extension but it still doesnt work, and yes im doing ctrl + comma but that doesnt activate it. can someone tell me how to activate the auto clicker so i can use it?
  • (2021-04-15) NightMare: I like it but at the same time on some websites it doesn't work but on other websites it is PHENOMENAL.
  • (2021-04-14) Jakub Wielopolski: not working
  • (2021-04-14) Piotr Tomaszewski: why is it not working
  • (2021-04-10) Doge Rogers: didn't work at all never getting ever again
  • (2021-04-09) andrew mehalko: it did not work :(
  • (2021-04-05) Matthew Johnson: IT DOESN'T WORK. I press Ctrl and ,(comma) but it didn't work. It doesn't have settings where you can choose how many many times you want it to click.
  • (2021-04-04) kaylynne Mallory: it do not work
  • (2021-04-01) DEATH PLASMA: When your board and you just wanna scam some poor kids XD
  • (2021-03-31) Shannon Robertson: its not working do i put ctrl + or ctrl plus the , to get it to start?
  • (2021-03-31) God: It's garbage. Doesn't even work on chrome.
  • (2021-03-30) Dell ϟ Trees: Literally doesn't work. Not even on websites.
  • (2021-03-29) Master: dosent work
  • (2021-03-28) Eric Lu: You first have to click on the extension an then press ctrl comma. At first it didn't work for me but then after I did that it worked:)
  • (2021-03-27) fumblingcow 9577: when i do ctrl + , it does nothing it dosnt work at all
  • (2021-03-26) Maria Rivera: It works but the matter you need to reset to open in diferent website.
  • (2021-03-25) seabeg: JUST GET OP AUTI CLICKER IT WORKS ON EVEYTHING BROWSER AND OTHER THINGS https://sourceforge.net/projects/orphamielautoclicker/
  • (2021-03-24) landon yorke: i cant change the speed it clicks
  • (2021-03-23) Jace Lene: Extension did not work. 1/10 would not recommend.
  • (2021-03-23) Arctic Legend: Very odd extension, only works on certain sites
  • (2021-03-21) overdose 3000: It does not work on chrome i feel like its an scam so do waste your time IT DONT WORK.
  • (2021-03-20) Dr. Lucas: https://sourceforge.net/projects/orphamielautoclicker/ < this auto clicker is much easer to use and you can change hotkey setting only take 5 seconds to download and you can change how fast it clicks
  • (2021-03-17) Justin Kennedy: Ok so I downloaded it before seeing it had 2 stars, but so far it works fine for me? Specifically, I'm using it on Pokeclicker and it seems to work perfectly fine. Probably goes without saying, but if you're having issues make sure you're refreshing the page you want to use the extension on so that way it loads the page with the extension. It didn't work before I refreshed it
  • (2021-03-16) Awesome Gamer: I already tried all the reviews and i done all the steps correctly but NOTHING WORKED WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE THIS IT SUCKS IT DOES NOTHING AND ITS COMPLETELY A WAST OF TIME DO NOT GET THIS IF YOU DONT WANT TO WAST TIME
  • (2021-03-16) Akuseriu Son: i clicked Ctrl + , and nothing happen fail
  • (2021-03-11) PlebMaster Verse: I don't understand why people say it doesn't work it does it's pretty fast at clicking its easy controls too just hold ctrl and press , to start or hold ctrl and press . to stop.
  • (2021-03-09) Super Paper Kirby: It says to press ctrl + , and it's not working, can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  • (2021-03-04) Zac Filipoff: it works on most websites but not all
  • (2021-03-04) awy mckay: its not working for chrome
  • (2021-03-04) Yee yee haircut: Weebs are degenerates
  • (2021-03-02) TAUNTAUN LUKE: i works! sure it does not work on some websites but it works on cookie clicker. overall good.
  • (2021-02-28) Ashot Shaxbazyan: add adobe flash player permission please
  • (2021-02-26) amaizene womack: If you can add chrome extensions to edge now.. maybe it works with edge.(I doubt it)

Latest issues

  • (2021-04-14, v:1.3.0) Carter Dula: hey
    how to u use the auto clicker?
  • (2021-03-08, v:1.3.0) lxr: auto clicker
    dear creator of auto clicker, I really love your auto clicker but the problem is it works when i cut it on but it doest not work when i cut it off i cant cut it of and i am a youtuber my yt is icedGamez and i need a auto clicker and non of them work but yours but it does not cut off.
  • (2021-02-11, v:1.3.0) Norseman Jr: controls
    so I've been trying to use this for a bit but I remember it working on my old laptop so idk what's going wrong. I've tried both controls and the comma key I also did both ctrls with both alts and pressed the comma key it still didn't work. if you have any suggestions please tell me! thx.
  • (2021-02-10, v:1.3.0) jayden sailer: it doesnt work please try to fix it and if u cant i dont think anyone will want it
    just fix it please its really annoing
  • (2021-02-10, v:1.3.0) :D: doesnt work
    doesnt activate
  • (2021-02-07, v:1.3.0) luke Reid: wont work
    i tried to use it on a clicker game and all it did was show a circle in the middle of my screen and didnt do its job
  • (2021-01-28, v:1.3.0) nolan martin: its not working at all
    its not working at all ive done all the suggestions i have a chromebook hp but it still doesn't work
  • (2021-01-26, v:1.3.0) 10k subs without any vids: i cant start it
    im pressing ctrl+alt then ctrl+, and its not starting
  • (2021-01-06, v:1.3.0) Link Minecraft: this is ass
    this is ass
  • (2020-12-10, v:1.3.0) lucas: software
    Is the software really compatible with chromebook? ,If it is please change the keybinds or test the keybinds
  • (2020-12-08, v:1.3.0) Jasim Tollman: how dose it work?
  • (2020-12-08, v:1.3.0) Gece Mavi Polat: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Virüs varmı?
  • (2020-12-08, v:1.3.0) Gece Mavi Polat: viruss
  • (2020-11-30, v:1.3.0) hakan songün: nasıl aktif edecem
    ss ,
  • (2020-11-24, v:1.3.0) quackes: not working for mac
  • (2020-11-24, v:1.3.0) quackes: not working for mac
  • (2020-11-21, v:1.3.0) Galaxy wolf: Auto click
    i dont get how to activate this auto clicker
  • (2020-11-08, v:1.3.0) Chance Legon: auto clicker extension from chrome web store
    I am unable to start the auto clicker on my Acer Chromebook 314. It is described as being chromebook compatible, but the majority of reviews and comments are from chromebook users unable to use this extension. The few comments from chromebook users saying it works for them don't give any info on how they got it to work. Could you (the developer of the extension) please explain how this extension works for chromebook and if it is not compatible please change the description of this extension to "not" compatible for chromebook users. thanks
  • (2020-11-03, v:1.2.0) LeeLee444: why is this not working? I'm using Chromebook and doing what it says but it doesn't work
    No mater what it does not work.
  • (2020-10-19, v:1.2.0) Doggie on YT: New suggestion
    I think you should be able to customize how many clicks it can go by, this would be helpful to make it even FASTER or slower depending on the situation....
  • (2020-10-19, v:1.2.0) Doggie on YT: chromebook problem
    i cant turn it on, no matter what i do
  • (2020-10-15, v:1.2.0) bryan schultz: how do you turn on the auto clicker
    Idk how to turn on the auto cicker pls tell me how my email is [email protected] pls contact me a.s.a.p
  • (2020-10-12, v:1.2.0) RR.Tropical YT: Auto-clicking
    i cannot activate the autoclicker
  • (2020-10-06, v:1.2.0) Parker Dunham: MacBook clicker
    How to I start this on my MacBook?
  • (2020-10-01, v:1.2.0) Donovan Campos: it doesnt work
    it doesnt work no matter what i press
  • (2020-09-28, v:1.2.0) Arianne Padilla: click
    how does this wprk what does mousedown means
  • (2020-09-28, v:1.2.0) Sky Phonez: how to start?
    can you give a video demonstration on how to start this extension?
  • (2020-09-09, v:1.2.0) CoolCube777: Not Working
    I don't get it, how do i get it to work?
  • (2020-08-18, v:1.2.0) Vurtru: not working
    mousedown only works when i do clicks it does nothing.
  • (2020-07-23, v:1.2.0) Brandon Eubanks: Doesnt work
    Soo a little circle thing show up when i follow the directions, but nothing is being clicked. I am using a chromebook, which is compatible. Could anyone help?
  • (2020-07-13, v:1.2.0) Michelle Lowe: auto clicker
    Whats the url for this?
  • (2020-07-13, v:1.2.0) Julie: pRoBlEmS
    how do i start the auto clicker
  • (2020-07-10, v:1.2.0) Latest Ankan: The autoclicker is not working in Windows 10 pro
    The autoclicker is not working in Windows 10 pro
  • (2020-07-03, v:1.2.0) AV LIT NC: it doesnt work
    i pressed ⌃ (control) + ,(comma)
  • (2020-06-24, v:1.2.0) Lily Ann: Hello
    I am pressing Ctrl + , And it aint working
  • (2020-06-22, v:1.2.0) CARSAReXe: Стоп не работает
    Автоклик включается без проблем, но Ctrl + точка не работает. Автоклик не останавливается. Приходится переходить на другую страницу что бы остановить. Это можно как то исправить?
  • (2020-06-19, v:1.2.0) Nobley: Auto Clicker
    Dose this work on mac, if so can you please tell me how.
  • (2020-06-12, v:1.2.0) Kevin Is Nice: stop
    when i try to stop the auto click it doesnt stop
  • (2020-06-10, v:1.2.0) Brayden gorrie: i doesn't work for me
    im on windows 10 and im trying to use this and it wont work i dont know if im doing something wrong please help
  • (2020-05-27, v:1.2.0) Anshul Samarwal: It doesn't work. Please help.
    It is not working for me. Please help.
  • (2020-04-26, v:1.1.0) Redjel Jaurigue: Information needed
    If for example I will use the app on a certain website. does this send a notifcation on that website that I am using an autoclicker app?
  • (2020-04-23, v:1.1.0) Sisko Dye: I CANT USE THIS ON ROBLOX
  • (2020-04-14, v:1.1.0) Talon Kyte: it doesnt let me auto click
    when i try it in roblox it just shows numbers and how fast i click
  • (2020-04-14, v:1.1.0) Talon Kyte: it doesnt let me auto click
    when i try it in roblox it just shows numbers and how fast i click
  • (2020-04-14, v:1.1.0) Talon Kyte: it doesnt let me auto click
    when i try it in roblox it just shows numbers and how fast i click
  • (2020-04-14, v:1.1.0) Talon Kyte: it doesnt let me auto click
    when i try it in roblox it just shows numbers and how fast i click
  • (2020-04-12, v:1.1.0) Jonathan Clark: dell laptop
    can you help me make this work on a dell latitude? I have tried others suggestions but no luck yet>
  • (2020-04-06, v:1.1.0) sprinkler guy yt: i am running chrome OS
    Chrome OS does not support f1 to f12 keys so that means people with Chrome OS can not use the auto clicker
  • (2020-03-12, v:1.1.0) Lincoln Palmer: Auto Clicker
    A admin acount has blocked me can you autimaticly give me the clciker
  • (2020-03-08, v:1.1.0) Patrick Taylor: how to use it on a hp laptop
    i click shift fn f1 and it does not work


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