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Description from extension meta Quick way to enable/disable Javascript
Image from store Quick Javascript Switcher
Description from store Support the next release on Kickstarter! (until January 24, 2019) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/376707762/337761327 Quick Javascript Switcher is a Chrome extension that enable / disable JavaScript on the fly by hostname, and subdomain. (unlike to Chris Pederick's "Web Developer" extension who globally disables javascript) For example, disable javascript on www.google.fr not disable js on translate.google.fr To disable javascript permanently, open the right click contextual menu, and there is a shortcut to open the Chrome JavaScript Panel. To edit the shortcut : Tools > Extensions > Keyboard shortcuts (in the bottom right), and go to the "Toggle JavaScript" input. Works with Chrome 16+ [FR] Quick Javascript Switcher est une extension permettant d'activer / désactiver JavaScript à la volée et par nom de domaine, et sous domaine. (A la différence de l'extension de Chris Pederick "Web Developer", qui désactive globalement JavaScript) Par exemple, désactiver javascript sur www.google.fr ne désactivera pas le js sur translate.google.fr Pour désactiver JavaScript de façon permanente, faites un clic droit, il y'a un raccourci vers les options JavaScript de Chrome ("Open JavaScript Panel). Pour modifier le raccourci : Outils > Extensions > Raccourcis clavier (en bas à droite), et sélectionnez le champ "Toggle JavaScript" Fonctionne à partir de Chrome 16+ __________________________________ /* Log info */ 1.4.4 ===== Small fixes and promotion for the next release! (Kickstarter crowdfunding) 1.4.1 ==== Implement a hack to fix this chrome issue in incognito mode: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=494501 1.4.0 ==== Add synchronized options fix some bugs 1.3.2 ==== Custom Shortcut added (you need to edit manualy in tools > extensions > keyboard shortcuts (in the bottom right)) 1.3.0 ==== - Donation added (in Options) 1.2.0 ==== - Many Fixes - Way to import / export rules - Fix incognito mode 1.1.0 ==== Auto-refresh added & options page improved (auto-refresh can be disabled trough the options page) 1.0.8 ==== Fix background_page error in manifest v2 1.0.7 ==== Update to manifest version 2 1.0.6 ==== Icon modification for accessibility of red/green color deficients
Latest reviews (2019-09-15) buck hunter: Breaks the back arrow on Chrome OS so you can't go back to the previous page. (2019-08-21) Mathias Saalwächter: I know, this add nn isn't intended, to be an ad blocker, but it's the best ad blocker ever! This add on kills all the annoying ad blocker detecting popups, which are asking for disabling my ad blocker add on. I love it! Thanks for developing and keeping this add on updated! (2019-06-07) Party Pat: The green, red color area in the icon is so small to be seen. (2019-05-31) Vishnu Chand Gupta: This is best at its simplest form. (2019-05-05) Boyd: It does the job but it adds itself to the right click context menu automatically with no way to disable that. I now use a different switcher (2019-02-19) Smartq kvr: This extension awesome. before knowing this extension i was starting typing website around 30 pages for me it will take half day. But while I use this extension it took 5 minutes for copy and paste. This made my day..... (2019-02-14) Mike Turco: There are a lot of sites with annoying popups and so forth, almost all of which come from javascript. All I have to do is click on the icon for this extension and all that junk is gone. Sometimes there's a trade-off because menus or images that you want to see on a website also use javascript. However, this add-on "fixes" 95% of the pop-up problem (for me). (2019-02-14) ZULFAT AZAMATOV: 10\10 (2019-01-29) Filip Oščádal: I love this extension :) the whole KS campaign was a bit unfortunate, but anyway - keep heads up mlb! (2019-01-24) Keita Komuro: Now we can disable blinking icon (2019-01-23) Charles Zimmerman: Annoyed people are less likely to support something, especially the thing that's annoying them. In the future I suggest doing something like Adblock does, opening a tab just once asking for donations. Or try having your extension icon have a little exclamation point over it that does not flash and goes away once the user clicks it to check what's going on. The information panel would then link to your funding page or something similar. Really, just anything that doesn't flash and isn't animated but still gives a visual one-time indication of a notice you want to get across to the user works far better than what you've got going now. Despite what some might say no one's really upset you're asking for money, they're upset that your icon is animated, flashing, and draws attention to itself constantly. (2019-01-23) Daniel Pentecost: I understand the dev needs to run a Kickstarter but the random blinking and scrolling info on the extension icon led me to uninstall it. I did not install the extension to have red things blinking at me randomly. Next time, consider a persistent dot or something less obtrusive. Very few users take kindly to blinking and attention grabbing. (2019-01-23) Serkan Sakar: Annoying kickstarter promotions! (2019-01-23) Bill Stanton: Removed due to money spamming animated blinking reminder. Not okay. Super annoying. (2019-01-21) Thomas Klambauer: Works, but shows RUNNING and blinking animations begging for money. (2019-01-16) Brett Profitt: The scrolling ads in the button for the dev's kickstarter campaigns are extremely annoying and intrusive, not to mention unnecessary. Removed. (2018-11-29) thanks! (2018-10-16) 陳柏銓: 想知道,為什麼需要麥克風、攝影機、地利位置的權限? (2018-10-13) Анисимов Дмитрий: It reloads page when user toggles it, so it's useless for me. I'd not submit 1-star review if it honestly said it does. (2018-09-08) Maris Kori: Отличное расширение. JS по умолчанию выключен везде. Только для избранных сайтов включаю. (2018-09-07) Victor Arroyo: No me ha servido de ninguna y otra forma, una pérdida de tiempo (2018-08-31) 検索エンジンのページでJavaを切って検索結果へ飛んでも、初回訪問時はJavaが有効になる。 遷移先でJavaを切ると、次の訪問時には、Javaが無効化される。 必ず1回はJavaが有効になるので、ちょっと微妙。なので★4。 (2018-08-28) Nhựt Bảo Nguyễn Trần: tốt (2018-08-27) Stejoker Ad: great to avoid potentially dangerous sites and applications, but the most useful feature is turning it off to bypass the "anti ad-blocker" screens (2018-08-26) John Blakey: Very helpful when needing that text - NOW
Latest issues (2016-07-13, v:1.4.1) D Baldwin: Scope
What is it, what does it do, what are other valid values that can be put in it and what do they do? Also, AWESOME plugin!
(2016-06-01, v:1.4.1) Chan Ngai: it is blocked
when google chome always blocks it by itself
(2016-05-26, v:1.4.1) Bernd Ott: Rules
What kind of syntax is used for specify wildcards? It does not look like RegEx? When are the rules saved, because when i modify the Json and i close the window, my changes are lost.
(2016-05-01, v:1.4.1) Игорь Кипелов: Auto Block JS?
How do it?
(2016-02-29, v:1.4.1) Erlend Sogge Heggen: Cannot toggle back
Since the latest version of the plugin/Chrome, I am unable to toggle a site back to allow javascript. Tried via the plugin quick switcher as well as the full list of enabled/disabled sites.
(2016-02-01, v:1.4.1) Adrian Sándor: Permissions
Why does this extension require reading the browsing history?
(2015-12-15, v:1.3.2) Gonzalo Salinas: Blocking specific javascripts?
Is there any way to tell the switcher to block specifically one type of script and leave the rest untouched? To be precise, I'm looking to block skrollr.js, as it more often than not makes scrolling through some sites laggy and unresponsive due to terrible design. Thanks in advance.
(2015-11-19, v:1.3.2) Mathias Brodala: Cannot toggle in incognito mode
Hi, I am unable to toggle JS for a page within Chrome's incognito mode. The button switches states but JS stays always enabled. If do the toggle in regular mode, JS can be disabled in incognito mode. Please have a look at this. Regards, Mathias
(2015-10-14, v:1.3.2) Zhang Mike: THANKS A LOT :)
(2015-08-27, v:1.3.2) Gabor Fekete: Re: moving Adverisement
Insert this code at the end of your page! <script> document.write("<NO"+"SC"+"RI"+"PT>"); </script> <script> document.write("3333333333333"); </script> <p align=center>&nbsp;8888 <p align=center>&nbsp;8888 </body> </html> This blocks the working of the script which is inserted by your web hosting provider.

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