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Download videos and images from twitter or TweetDeck with only one click.

Image from store Media Harvest : twitter Media Downloader
Description from store With this add-on, you can download videos and images from twitter or TweetDeck with only one click without any third-party service. ** It will cause race condition if you installed other download management extension. ** This extension provides, + Custom filename + Auto reveal sensitive content + Keyboard shortcut + Download video thumbnail This extension is not a web crawler. This extension doesn't provides, + Tweet crawling + Batch download + File compression ===========CHANGELOG=========== https://github.com/EltonChou/TwitterMediaHarvest/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md =================================

Latest reviews

  • (2024-04-05) さいゆ: ファイル名に柔軟性が欲しいです。 ダウンロードボタンが表示されるのはいいんですが、 [ユーザーID] yyyymmdd-3(何枚目か).jpg のようなファイル名をつけれないのでTwitter image downloaderの方を使ってます。
  • (2024-01-05) nono nowata (nowata_nono): 很棒的插件!就差能直接在媒体页面下载图片了 如果可以的话,在鼠标悬停的媒体角落上显示一个下载按钮说不定是个好主意
  • (2023-11-15) Q Han (Aquablast): This is the best Twitter downloader ever.
  • (2023-11-11) Alex Clifford: Unintuitive, but kind of works, but saves as Jpg_orig files. Why can't we just have a JPG file? Also there is no onboarding, so you have to come back here to figure out which button to press. If you can fix those things, it would be great.
  • (2023-11-11) Mike Dawson: It's working great but Filename Pattern could be better, especially year-month-day and hour-minute-seconds has to be seperated or we'll be gone blind here.
  • (2023-11-10) Ro Jerry: good
  • (2023-11-08) M. Yu: Probably the best one I tried. Works flawlessly on the Twitter (X) site and only issue is I can't make it work in Tweetdeck (X Pro), tried turning off all my other extensions (e.g. Adblockers, other downloaders) but I just can't figure out how to make the download button appear in Tweetdeck. For what it's worth, it's most likely Elon making changes to the site affecting this addon or I am a big dumb dumb and forgot something.
  • (2023-11-07) olegost: есть ли функция скачать все медиа за один раз ?
  • (2023-11-04) Connor Collins: NICE
  • (2023-10-30) li ming: It is total trash
  • (2023-10-30) louis: PEAK!
  • (2023-10-29) 林冠豪(Small蒼): 非常好用 下載只需要左鍵 就可以把下載依照推特帳號自動分至同一個資料夾
  • (2023-10-28) Seele Vol (Seele): 这是我见过最好用的,没有之一。
  • (2023-10-27) Frenz Ureta: I'm too close to rate this as a 5star. It would've been a 5star if you have option to incluse post captions on the file name
  • (2023-10-22) 林正式: 好用到哭
  • (2023-10-19) Tareq Ab. Amawi (#SAK_101): randomly file name of download files .
  • (2023-10-14) jelly gogi (데자WA): I'm using it well, but it has some drawbacks. 1. Images are not saved in order. They are numbered, but the order is mixed when sorted by date. 2. When I finished downloading and used the Twitter search box, Suddenly, the download windows of the files that were downloaded earlier came up again. There were a couple of times this happened and it was usually just one tweet. But there's a lot today. I couldn't turn off the Internet window and pressed Cancel Download dozens of times.
  • (2023-10-03) Neil: Does what it says with robust options.
  • (2023-10-01) Mario Nerio: Great extension, but i recommend in the futures updates, add the option of bulk files and compress them, will be great to make backups.
  • (2023-09-26) Hope Zimmerman: It does what it says it does and that's about it. I wish it let me open the source image in a new tab instead of downloading the image like the other extension that used to work and be on here did. Ah well.
  • (2023-09-23) Jeremy Martinez: Super. facile un bouton pour télécharger la vidéo en qualité max et personnalisation du nom du fichier
  • (2023-09-23) dxngerouspov: So good! Instantly works. Love this.
  • (2023-09-22) 4: A very useful extension for Twitter media downloading. This is my only suggestion: add a option to clear the download history
  • (2023-09-19) Lesley Li: this is the best twitter video download, everyone need to try
  • (2023-09-19) Андрей Красман: Классное расширение
  • (2023-09-18) Jayden Nguyen: good and instantly works
  • (2023-09-15) Jerk Face: Can only do 1 at a time. Basically useless other than grabbing single videos.
  • (2023-09-14) Abílio Ribeiro (13ilao): Pretty good overall, just wish there was an option to download galleries but other than that it's incredible!
  • (2023-09-14) Pongsatond Trechinapong: A substitute for another extension that was once better.
  • (2023-09-14) 陳慶元: 影片、動畫(GIF)、圖片,都能下載設定常使用的圖片軟體中(如:ACDSee pro 4)!(Videos, animations (GIFs), and pictures can all be downloaded and set in commonly used picture software (such as: ACDSee pro 4)!)
  • (2023-09-03) Семен Второй: Классный аддон
  • (2023-09-02) 谁谁啊: amazing extensions. works like a charm
  • (2023-08-17) Hayden De La Chapa: Works as intended, straight to the point with no extra filler
  • (2023-08-14) Shiva Chronos: 概要欄の画像のようにダウンロードボタンが表示されないので使えません。 【追記、Braveでのことだったのですが、シールド機能をオフにしたらダウンロードボタンが出てきました。押すとダウンロード出来ました。しかし、_origとファイルネームの末尾に付いていて写真が表示されず、これを省くと表示されますが、省く作業が生じるので面倒くさいです。また、一括ダウンロードは出来ないようで不便です。他のを探します。】 余談ですが、なぜかこのレビュー欄のレビューが全て英語になってます。日本人の名前の人も。 サイトの仕様か?みんな英語で書き込んでいるのか? しかも翻訳する拡張機能も使えないので読めません。
  • (2023-08-03) Hakuno Kagura: すごい
  • (2023-08-02) Everyday Aden: Does exactly what it sets out to do. I'm a huge fanart hoarder so being about to run through Twitter profiles really fast to download things is great with this extension. It'd be really convenient if it had a feature where you can download media from entire pages or twitter profiles though. Still a very nice and easy to use extension.
  • (2023-08-01) 許祐豪(Hao): Works perfectly!
  • (2023-08-01) 蒼井けん: very good
  • (2023-07-31) Altair: The best right now
  • (2023-07-30) Light of freedom: perfectly worked
  • (2023-07-29) khinave: Just installed it and it's working fine. The best twitter downloader in my opinion!
  • (2023-07-26) buu: Super funcional amo!
  • (2023-07-06) All Love: not working :( when i try to use it the download button become red and nothing happened . . Chrome 114.0.5735.199 - x64
  • (2023-07-04) Jonas: Works with New TweetDeck and regular Twitter, you might have to use 'aggressive mode' in the settings for file names to work correctly. (as others have mentioned, a bit more flexibility with file names would be appreciated, but thank you so much for this!)
  • (2023-07-04) Aaaa Aaaa: God This is the best plugin! Thank you for developing it, I am super grateful! If it could remember the posts that have been downloaded once and change the color of the download button for those posts, I would have nothing more to say. But even as it is, it’s more than enough! Thank you so much!
  • (2023-07-03) nanimono: Am I the only one who can't use the Filename pattern feature? It doesn't matter if it's Chrome or Edge. Even if I select all file name info, it only saves as the media name. When downloading images, it becomes "filename_orig". The Create sub-directory option is also not working. Extension version 4.1.3, Chrome version 114.0.5735.199, Edge version 114.0.1823.67.
  • (2023-07-03) Andrew Anderhill: I need the filename pattern to be much more flexible to match my own naming conventions. Unfortunately the one provided only allows you to select tags to include with no option to move them around or change the format. Having an input box for a template string as an alternative would be perfect. For instance something like: "${userId} - ${username} - ${tweetDate} - ${downloadDate}.${ext}" would allow complete flexibility. Otherwise though from what little I've seen it works fine. So for someone else it might be perfect. But it gets a 2 from me since it doesn't fulfil that one personal requirement to be usable.
  • (2023-07-02) Хойбирк: working with mobile browser.good boy 💥
  • (2023-07-02) Arkile5542: Good
  • (2023-07-02) Matteo Hoerth: Working really great as intended

Latest issues

  • (2023-07-24, v:4.1.10 (chrome)) Breno Guarddias: New Twitter Rebrand
    Will the extension be adapting to the new Twitter rebrand, calling itself X? It seems to be an issue with the name used in the program since it doesn't download anything anymore
  • (2023-03-10, v:3.2.8) Jaylan Tabron: Question
    What does Aggressive Mode do?
  • (2023-03-02, v:3.2.6) nono nowata (nowata_nono): The download button cannot be displayed on the Twitter home page
    only see the download button by clicking to enter the tweet
  • (2023-02-28, v:3.2.6) Amin Husni: File extension issue
    All jpg downloaded will be downloaded as ".jpg_orig"
  • (2023-01-28, v:3.2.1) Julianne: Opera GX Integration Issue
    I am using this extension through Opera GX, and when it's enabled, all "right click, save as..." downloads on my browser become painfully slow, even downloads on websites other than Twitter. The whole browser will freeze and will take several seconds to open up the file explorer menu to download. Sometimes, the browser remains frozen and I have to terminate Opera GX via the task manager. Is there any fix for this? Any other users with the same or a similar issue?
  • (2022-12-09, v:3.1.2) Maria Jose Baena: error
    Esta extensión no pudo asignar un nombre a la descarga "" porque otra extensión (FicLab) determinó un nombre de archivo diferente "Lxxxx - OxxxYS (terminada).epub".
  • (2022-06-16, v:3.0.1) NKOrange: Just getting errors
    After the last update sadly all I get is errors trying to download
  • (2021-02-19, v:1.3.2) Soren Era: Keyboard focus
    This extension does nearly exactly what I want it to but with one minor issue, the icon it adds to twitter isn't keyboard focus-able using the tab key. It would be a great help for accessibility and those who would like to save images using keyboard shortcuts
  • (2020-10-08, v:1.2.11) Ryan Fung: The download button
    Hi. Thanks for clarifying where the button is, but now when I click on the button, nothing happens. I clicked on it multiple times but I don't see a download process like you showed me in the video. Is it slow, or does it download somewhere I don't know how/where to find, or maybe it's not doing anything? Please help. One more thing: This extension doesn't do mass downloads, does it? Like I can only do one picture, video, GIF file at a time, right? I can't download all media posts on a Twitter page/account?
  • (2020-10-07, v:1.2.11) Ryan Fung: Using it
    How do you use it? I don't see any button/option to click on the Twitter page I want to download media from. Is there something I'm not seeing? Right now for me, it doesn't look like anything's changed.
  • (2020-04-24, v:1.1.8) Hexerax: Wow!
    Works amazingly, highly suggest.


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