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Retrieve any metadata/data from your Salesforce Org, Get detailed analysis of your debug logs in one click! Lightning Compatible.

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Description from store Retrieve metadata (Custom labels, Validation Rule, Workflow Rule, Profile, Permission Set, Email Template, Field Set, Static Resource, User, Apex Class, Apex trigger, custom object, custom metadata type, custom setting) in a Salesforce org in just one single click. We DO NOT need to browse through the multiple pages (problem gets worse when there are hundreds or thousands of custom labels defined in your org) or query in developer console or run a script in anonymous window. Therefore it saves a lot of clicks and time. In addition to above now you can execute SOQL, SOSL, fetch SOQL Query Plan. User can also Analyze Debug Logs and get different meaningful insights from the debug logs. User can also get complete record level details with just one click and get more info of the currently logged-in user in the Salesforce org. User can also get a feature of JSON formatter which can format any JSON. User also gets a feature of JSON2YAML converter. Version 2.2.18 updates: ===================== REST Client -> Now supports standard Salesforce REST APIs too. Version 2.2.17 updates: ===================== REST Client -> Test your custom Apex REST web services easily and effectively. Version 2.2.16 updates: ===================== UX Changes Version 2.2.15 updates: ===================== New feature -> Salesforce Latest release Updates in detail with Code samples (if any) Version updates: ===================== UI updates, Minor issue fixes, Api-version upgrade to v56.0 Version 2.2.14 updates: ===================== New feature -> Execute Anonymous Apex Code - User can now get a code editor to write an anonymous apex code, execute it with just a click of a button and get the full log right from this Google Chrome Extension. Not only this, user also gets an option to filter out the debug only statements from the generated log. Version 2.2.13 updates: ===================== New feature -> Text delimiter - User can convert any column number data into any delimiter separated text which can be further used in different use cases like SOQL Query filter etc. Version 2.2.12 updates: ===================== New feature -> JSON to YAML convertor - User can easily convert any JSON file into YAML file with just a click of a button. Version 2.2.11 updates: ===================== New feature -> JSON Formatter: - User can easily validate any JSON. - User can easily format/beautify any JSON file into a readable format. - User can easily get the minified/compact version of the JSON. Version 2.2.10 updates: ===================== Following 3 new features are introduced: 1. Additional Analysis of Debug Logs which includes, Method call count of each apex method in any transaction. In short now user can find out how many times particular method is being called during a transaction in just one click. 2. Get the details including (field labels, field values, field types, field api names) of all the fields of any record from any page in your Salesforce org in just one click. No need to navigate to any record detail page to fetch the details of any record. 3. Get the key information of the currently logged-in user in the extension with just a mouse hover. Version updates: ===================== Bug fixes related to Component search in Sandboxes. Version updates: ===================== Two new columns are added in the table under "SOQL Execution" analysis section capturing the exact "method name" & "line number" of your apex code where SOQL is being used. Version & updates: ============================ This is a small enhancements where the execution times of each code block is tracked up to nanoseconds level. So user will now get the super accurate analysis of code execution flow. Version 2.2.9 updates: =================== Following 2 new features are introduced under "Analyze Debug Logs" section: 1. Better experience in reviewing the Execution times of each code block in the "Code Execution Flow" screen. This update will present the holistic picture of the code execution times in the form of line charts for a better view and understanding. 2. Complete analysis of SOQL queries being executed in the transaction and its respective counts. This helps the developers to better analyze the Limit Exception in Salesforce "Too many SOQL Queries :101" and find out the pain points in any transaction. Version 2.2.8 updates: =================== Following 2 updates are introduced under "Analyze Debug Logs" section: 1. Structured display of the limits consumed in the transaction, separately for different namespaces. 2. Displaying the total execution time and execution time of each code block as per debug logs. Version 2.2.7 updates: =================== Very interesting update: Analyze Debug Logs and find out following insights right from your logs: a. Debug Statement Only b. Assigned Variables c. Limits consumed d. Debug Level used e. Code Execution flow/Code Dry Run Version 2.2.6 updates: =================== 2 new features: - SOQL Query Plan Tool : Check the "Query Plan" for your SOQL Queries that run slowly and evaluate the different plans which will help you to optimize your query performance. - Check out the new features and the demo added in the new version by directly clicking on the image beside the latest version number in the extension header section. - Migration to Manifest v3 - No functionality change for this. Version 2.2.5 updates: ==================== 3 new features: - SOQL Tooling API Support - SOSL Support. - Cool new virtual dance to engage users while extension works on retrieving large data from org. Version updates: ==================== UI updates, Minor issue fixes, Api-version upgrade to v51.0 Version 2.2.4 updates: =================== It now retrieves following metadata as well: - Apex Class - Apex Trigger - Custom Object User can get the above metadata using its name. More UI updates. Version updates: ==================== Bug fixes. Version updates: ==================== Minor UI updates. Version 2.2.3 updates: ==================== - A better and persistent UI. Extension box & retrieve results (both metadata & data) until user refresh the page from browser or retrieve another set of rows. This leads to a better user experience using this chrome extension. - User can retrieve custom labels not only with name but now also with the value. - User can retrieve validation rules not only with name but now also with the error message. - User can also do aggregate queries along with plain SOQL. Version 2.2.2 updates: ===================== - Now you can query, display & export fields from related records (both child & parent) with the SOQL option. - A better view of the data segregating the fields of related records from the actual records. Version 2.2.1 updates: ==================== - SOQL support can now return more than 2000 records. - Easy to export the data in .xls format with click of a button. Version 2.2.0 updates: ==================== This extension is now lightning compatible. You can use this extension from any Salesforce classic/lightning page. Version 2.1.1 updates: ==================== Proper and self explanatory error messages if any. Additionally the next steps that can be taken. Version 2.1.0 update: ==================== Now SOQL query can also be executed right in this extension. Choose the "SOQL" option, type your SOQL query and press "Retrieve" button. That's it, your required data will be queried and displayed. Version 2.0.3 updates: ======================== Issue fixes related to trailing spaces on metadata names while searching. Version 2.0 updates: ======================== In this upgrade, now the extension supports other most commonly used metadata types which can also be retrieved in just one click. Following are the metadata that it supports now : 1. Custom Label 2. Validation Rule 3. Workflow Rule 4. Profile 5. Permission Set 6. Email Template 7. Field Set 8. Static Resource 9. User Version 1.4 updates: ======================== Now this extensions displays proper error message in case no label is found with matching text in the textarea for better user interactivity so that the user can try search with different text. Version 1.3 updates: ======================== If you are not sure about the full name of any custom label, do not worry. It will return the results of all the custom labels matching the text that you have entered in the textarea.

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