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Description from extension meta LockPW is a password protection for Browser.
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Description from store LockPW Free (Lock Password) Extension for Google Chrome browser allows you to set a password to activate the browser. Functional: * Lock using the hotkey Ctrl + Shift + L * Manual override * Lock simple * Lock starnitsu site (Beta) * Limit login attempts with an action:    1. Open a new window in incognito    2. Delete Browsing History
Latest reviews (2019-11-06) Pradeep reddy: it has solved ally worries regarding my PC in office. Now I can leave the PC with all my personal data open as this extension has the feature to auto lock after the set time. Thanks for t8he developers for such amazing work. (2019-11-01) Iván de Arriba Liébana: Por ahora funciona bastante bien y parece que esta actualizada y es reciente, así que es de las mejores opciones existentes. Recomendada. (2019-10-30) Freelance Rakib: Perfectly worked. You can lock a website also. (2019-10-16) No Name: иногда, если закрыть и тут же открыть браузер, то запускает без всякого пароля. Если играться с закрытием/открытием, то иногда удаляет нафиг все открытые вкладки, хотя такая опция отключена. Недоработанное приложение. (2019-10-03) Серёжа Коротков: плохо что с паролем после установления оперы всё оказалось там в свободном доступе (2019-09-26) Александр Паньшин: Ну скажем так на ubuntu после закрытия браузера. С установленной галочкой Minimize Chrom. Больше не открывается. Процесс запускается но окна ввода пароля нет. Лечение удаляем плагин ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/Extensions/. И не пользуемся. (2019-09-24) Peter N: This add in crashing chrome, couldn't use it properly... (2019-09-22) zer0: Simply Perfect. (2019-09-18) Seba Kraus: Venia bastante bien, pero cuando se bloquea, si minimizas el mensaje o le perdes el foco, se cierra todo el browser y perdes todo. Deberias poder desestimarlo sin que te cierre todo, ya que si lo agarra otro causa que se cierra el browser (2019-09-12) Sundar: I like it but i am afraid if it doesn't work when i click chrome notifications but not entering password while opening browser . It happend with another extension called chrome lock. besides, its great one (2019-09-10) Alberto Hornero: It works like a charm. The only issue I have it is related with the links on the options page top menu, where they are pointing to wrong paths. (2019-09-10) Moshiur Rahman: Nice Extension.. Thank you all developers. But one function is needed to add and that is- extension removal and deactivation should not be possible without password. Now anyone can deactivate or remove extention LockPW normally (without password).. (2019-08-25) AL LA: despite all of the 5 stars review, it sucks, i've trusted the reviews but it turned out they're fake. the moment i set a password and press save, my browser automatically close, and when i open it, it immediately close again, i've tried to open it over and over and over but no luck, i've found a way to remove the extension manually(google remove chrome extension manually and follow) and thankfully it reopens now. PLEASE DON'T DOWNLOAD IT UNLESS YOU KNOW HOW TO REMOVE IT (2019-08-10) iLove Hentai: Minimize chrome doesn't work. What's the point of a password if they can read the tab descriptions? (2019-08-06) John Watson: It's good but we have a BIG PROBLEM when crashing Chrome. You need CTRL+SHIFT+T to restore all tabs and this does not work with LOCKPW installed. The only way I found was to uninstall the extension, restore the tabs, reinstall the extension. (2019-08-01) Filip: Useless, as you can always start chrome with extensions disabled... (2019-07-29) Massimo Zanardi: On linux ubuntu: By clicking on the Chrome link repeatedly and quickly than Chrome Browser remains open without the LockPw extension not even starting. (As if the extension was tired of appearing many times). Otherwise it would be a very useful and very well done extension also it is one of a kind . (2019-07-19) Anna Kulikova: Расширение кал. Включила чекбокс инкогнито, ввела пароль, закрыла. При лаунче браузера ничего не происходит. Помог отзыв Сашка Самбоев. Короче в помойку, да и что говорить, приложение забросили. (2019-07-15) Ali Raza: Extension is nice and helpful , but when chrome closed accidentally, after i open then (Restore) dos'nt work. Do something... (2019-06-28) Rodrigo Bermejo: Es gratis, ok, pero tiene algunas cosas para mejorar. Ej: no detecta bien la inactividad para el autobloqueo (en mi computadora nunca se autobloquea, supongo porque Chrome siempre está haciendo algo). El detalle de que la web de LockFree no existe no es bonito y el vinculo va a cualquier lado... mmmmm. Pero por ahora el resto funciona bien, y es gratis. (2019-06-26) ashutosh gupta: stupid , it was shuttng down the chrome unnecesary (2019-06-18) Nacho Castiñeira: Era lo que buscaba, simple y útil. Por ahora, funciona excelente. (2019-06-07) Disciple de Jésus-Christ: marche mais bug par moment donc parfois certaine fonctionnalité ne fonctionne pas (2019-06-04) Nemo: Ребят, отличная реализация хорошего расширения браузера. Теперь я не опасаюсь на работе заходить со своего аккаунта Google. Но! Есть просьба - уберите название расширения в окне ввода пароля. Говорить почему - не стану. Просто делайте. (2019-05-31) Elektrisk Elektrisk: Awesome! Thank you so much!

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