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Description from extension meta Quickly play or add a YouTube video (playlist), Twitch to PotPlayer using buttons on a page, also via context menu and middle-click
Image from store PotPlayer YouTube Shortcut
Description from store > HOW TO USE IT: You need to install the latest version of PotPlayer to get it working - https://potplayer.daum.net < PotPlayer is a media player developed for Windows by South Korean Internet company Kakao (formerly Daum Communications). Player can play some video service links or any links if they are direct urls to some video. To open a video link or playlist link in PotPlayer you can use the buttons on the site or you can use the menu items from the context menu (the right-click popup bar) on a link or on the actual video page. You can also use mouse clicks on a link or a page to open it directly in the player. In order for that to work, you need to open the extension's preferences and enable the necessary features. Additional features (disabled by default): - auto-pause the video player on video /watch* page - pause the video player on video /watch* page when PotPlayer starts - sync current video position (time) on /watch* page with PotPlayer - «Open/Add link to player» in the context menu for any link If it doesn't work for you or you have portable version of player then try to open the player's settings (key "F5"), then go to "Association" tab and check any association (e.g. ".mp4") and finally press Apply or OK button (after applying the settings you can uncheck previously checked association). It's recommended to always update the player to the latest version of PotPlayer (get the latest version: https://potplayer.daum.net).
Latest reviews (2019-10-28) Дмитрий Ильич: "Сервер перегружен или ошибка ввода адреса". Как исправить? (2019-10-03) Dima Klimov: Works like a charm! (2019-09-28) Maki: Every time I try to open a video on youtube I get the message if I want to open the potplayer and it is very annoying. ywy (2019-09-11) Shaolin Beatjitzu: перестало работать (2019-09-06) Neil Cooke: Excellent functionality! (2019-08-21) KY K: 너무 좋습니다. 개인적으로는 팟플레이어 재생전용 버전으로도 연결이 가능했으면 좋겠습니다. (2019-08-20) june D: 깃허브에서 팟플레이어 주소 재생하는것도 안되고......이 확장프로그램으로 해도 안되는데; 저만 안되는건지 궁금하네요...... (2019-07-19) Алексей Wood: Отличное расширение (2019-07-19) CTAEK: twitch tv도 potplayer로 볼수 있었는 데 언젠가 부터 안되네 (2019-07-16) Михаил Бобровников: Сейчас пропала кнопка на twitch.tv для просмотра в плеере (2019-06-06) Dachaa!: Cool plugin. I was wondering... How to play playlist in potplayer? (2019-03-27) THE_adidas- Adidasович: Отличное дополнение, на моем старом ноуте онлайн видео лагает, а через это дополнение открываю и смотрю через potplayer и лагов нету спасибище большое (2019-02-17) 3IMET: стримы не запускает, только контент в записи, мб чёт в настройках самого пота? кто сталкивался? помогите плиззз... (2019-01-13) heiyutian: I like this extension, because it's not limited to YouTube, other videos can also use this extension to call pot to play. 2019.01.13 YouTube's right-click page has been officially modified. Is there a solution now? Interim solutions<Absolute Enable Right Click & Copy > (2018-12-15) Jen: Brilliant extension that actually works properly and very smoothly. The quality of the utube videos can improve drastically on Potplayer so watching videos via this easy quick extension makes it more enjoyable :) Good work :) (2018-12-12) Sri Prasanth S: World's BEST video player i've used. Other players can't match the features this player offers. (2018-12-06) DN Nix: Все отлично, но работает только с последней версией potplayer (v.1.7 на сегодня) которая на моей железке и под Win10 запускается от 3 до 40 секунд на одном и том же файле и пользоваться ей напряжно. К большому сожалению с v.1.6, которая запускается моментально, не работает. Плагин ее не видит в системе. Есть что-то аналогичное для старых версий potplayer? (2018-09-27) dust Star: Great Extension!!! (2018-09-13) ダンヨル: work for some video, idk why but music video i keep unable to open up they keep saying error (2018-08-02) john smith: Is it possible to add the subs stream from youtube? Great job! (2018-07-25) John Jung: So useful for educational video watching. Potplayer gives you so much control and customization. Perfect for watching educational videos. (2018-07-18) Роман Шестак: Не працює. Windows 7 Максимальна, Google Chrome 67.0.3396.99 (32-розрядна версія), PotPlayer 1.7.12845. (2018-06-09) John L. Reed: The best Video player.Thank you.It's working well!!! (2018-05-17) Grey Earl: Не работает в Сhrome x64 Версия 63.0.3239.84 Win 8.1 Не запоминает *Запомнить мой выбор для этого типа ссылок* Постоянно выскакивает это сообщение при отправке ссылки на видео, в плеер. Версия Pot Player 1.7.5545 В Opera и Mozilа всё работает. (2018-05-09) Raymond Tedjaja: amazing

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