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Automatically change the user agent after specified period of time to a randomly selected one, thus hiding your real user agent

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Description from store User-Agent - a string that is sent along to any website you visit. This is a sort of "fingerprint" your browser leaves behind which contains: ⭐️ The name and version of your browser ⭐️ The name of the operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.) and its version ⭐️ Information about some plugins installed on the browser ⭐️ Other information that identifies and exposes you 🚀 This extension has been created to stop data leakage and emulate different devices in the simplest way! It automatically replaces User-Agent strings after a specified period of time with a randomized one. User-Agent strings can also be set manually. The extension is incredibly lightweight, using very few resources. User-Agent randomization can be customized by the user (what browsers and OS are spoofed, etc.). Exceptions list available with the option of wildcards. Protects against Javascript exploits to hide your identity and protect your anonymity. Completely free and with no ads. Made with ❤️ Source code: https://github.com/tarampampam/random-user-agent 💸 For commercial offers, please email me at [email protected]

Latest reviews

  • (2023-05-03) Sobat Viral: siipp
  • (2023-05-03) Daniel Sandoval: Ligero y personalizable. En mi caso solo necesitaba cambiar mi user agent por otro y mantenerlo asi y dentro de las opciones eso si esta disponible. Muy bien.
  • (2023-04-26) Lauro Costa: Funciona perfeitamente aqui
  • (2023-04-15) Julian Grisales: I don't usually leave reviews, but this is worth, clean and simple UX.
  • (2023-04-06) Ouvir Sobre Deus: Boa. Mas às vezes trava e o navegador só fica livre fazendo restauração.
  • (2023-03-28) Gris NGL: My previous User Agent Switcher not working anymore and this one so far it's good
  • (2023-03-25) Aa Excel: like this
  • (2023-03-25) Nguyen Hoang Duc Lam: good
  • (2023-03-18) Shishir Dutta: I have used so many User Agent Switcher and this is the best so far. It have thousands + of user agent and They update it regularly. Dont know how many days it will be free but I am ready to pay for it if needed. Thank You...
  • (2023-03-12) George Mahos: Πολύ καλό !!
  • (2023-03-11) Frimpong Shadrack: love it
  • (2023-03-09) fh ren: 非常好
  • (2023-03-05) Lordna Walker: good
  • (2023-03-04) Inyene-Abasi Edoho: very satisfactory
  • (2023-02-20) hadron: 满分体验感可以
  • (2023-02-11) Gibley: Включен на этом домене не работает, что с галочкой что без раньше вроде отключалось
  • (2023-02-10) O Curioso Gamer: Otimo para tik tok !! Gostei pessoal
  • (2023-02-02) Nazario Safariesqi: Bagus sekali
  • (2023-01-31) Silva Teresia: Bagus banget
  • (2023-01-31) Hyrup: çalışıyor
  • (2023-01-20) Ade Ue: Mantaf
  • (2023-01-17) zumoren: Wonderful
  • (2023-01-16) belajar ngaji: Top
  • (2023-01-12) Hla Min Naing: Very good
  • (2023-01-11) StClair Jenkins: Good work!
  • (2022-03-16) Vesa Tamminen: if you want to add more Useragents ) to your list, try this site: https://techblog.willshouse.com/2012/01/03/most-common-user-agents/ First you will find most common ones, but if you scroll little bit, there is a section: "Get this list of the most common useragents as plain-text:" Edit it or just copy-and-paste that list to the extension setting: "Use one of (in the randomized order) custom User-Agent instead generated Custom User-Agents (set a specific User-Agents, one per line):"
  • (2022-03-15) OSINT _K_: Почему это дepьмо стало отдавать свининкой ? БАН
  • (2022-03-13) Damir G: За иконку 1 звезда!
  • (2022-03-10) 3efir Laboratory: Работает, но на некоторых сайтах не проходит проверку Cloudflare и бесконечно грузит, пока не отключишь расширение. После этого заходит
  • (2022-03-09) Никита Артюхов: Изменили нейтральный красный значок на флаг укрофашистских свиней. Всецелое осуждение и перманентное удаление расшрения.
  • (2022-02-12) Michael Elkin: Works great. Love that it has recent versions so no upgrade your browser proms. I have no quick on option, I need to go to settings to enable, is that normal?
  • (2021-11-24) iTs Alasca Corp: Muito boa, funciona sem problemas
  • (2021-11-18) Владимир Иванов: Отличная опция авторотации агента по времени. Также выбор браузеров для ротации исключает проблемы совместимости с сайтами.
  • (2021-10-08) r w: Chrome is sometimes detected from https://www.whatismybrowser.com/ though Opera or other browsers agents are applied. Wish a tiny number or a tiny browser icon is shown at the toolbar icon to identified what browser is using.
  • (2021-09-08) Art2007: Хопошо реализованно, отлично работает в автоматическом режиме. Установил, и забыл. Разработчикам респект.
  • (2021-08-11) pogue972: This extension works as advertised, but sometimes too well. Random User-Agent (RUA) will generate a random user agent from a predefined list of user agents built into the plugin for you to choose from, and allows you to add your own if you so wish. I believe it will generate a new random user agent for time you start your browser or based on a timer. You will want to immediately uncheck all the Internet Explorer user agents as these will cause probably 90% of the websites you visit to break. You can also customize RUA by adding your own string of user agents to be used at random intervals. But be forewarned: if you add mobile browser user agents to this list it will probably cause the website you're visiting the break, load improperly, or just not work at all. I am also not a fan of it's whitelist exceptions section, as it's confusing and doesn't work half the time. You can plug a website like "https://chrome.google.com/webstore/*" in on one line, and close (there is no save button, which is a little confusing) and reload the page and it still won't work. Just for clarities sake, it does work on Chrome's Web Store, I was just using that as an example. Other than that it works really well. You can find a list of zillions of user agents to add to your custom list on this site: https://developers.whatismybrowser.com/useragents/explore/
  • (2021-07-09) Rezwan Haque: Great extension but change your "privacy practices", I will rate highly.. plus, there are few bugs, needs fixes...
  • (2021-02-14) Salted fish Liu: 导致mail.com邮件网站登录失败
  • (2020-12-17) Bob E: I don't see it noticeably affecting the speed of the browser who I visit a website and it does change my browser's identity. When i logged into my email account, I received an incoming email that a suspicious user using a different browser and OS that I usually use had logged in, even though it was me who signed in. .
  • (2020-11-15) M: DON'T use this for PRIVACY if you don't block javascript ! Websites can get your user-agent through javascript, and if the result is contrary to the user agent spoofed by the extension it will be easier for websites to track you... The JS setting is enabled, but it's "experimental" and doesn't work well. Example : https://webbrowsertools.com/useragent/ fails for the 3 agressives tests. If you navigate with javascript enabled, don't use it for your privacy. Otherwise it does its job, but only 2 stars because they don't warn anything about that.
  • (2020-11-15) nocturnal digitalist: It only works on selective sites and if you go to sites like that detect user agent or "https://html5test.com/" then you can see real user agent despite using another agent. Also if you try to report this as bug, it takes you to github not taking internal bug report if you are not using github. Also the icon logo on this page for this extension is missing only shows grey area. I hope developer is reading this and improve the extension for better usage.
  • (2020-11-07) STELLAR: User Agents выбирай любой на вкус -создавай свой https://user-agents.net/browsers База данных пользовательских агентов https://user-agents.net/bots
  • (2020-10-28) Running Rabbit Hole: I really want it to rate it 5 stars but fails on many occasions and the website recognizes the real agent. I use it on other chromium based browsers like brave, opera, yandex, kiwi, cent, kinza, edge among others. Opera browser fails majorly. Also some user agents are not updated as per current standards where sites fail to work. If you enable the macOS agent on desktop browser, youtube shows only video resolution till 360p and not below it. Please add WebRTC Leak Shield protection which will help alongside. Also sites load very slowly when enabled. Please improve it so that I recommend it to more users and I rate it 5 stars.
  • (2020-07-31) Julieanne: it works on me thanks
  • (2020-07-12) Любовь Цветочная: Самый рабочий и удобный аддон для подмены user-agent.
  • (2020-04-11) Zakir Hossain: I am loving this and it works great what I was looking for. I found Following parameters are unchanged if you can consider randomised with these parameters that will be great are: Product , Product sub ,Screen width , Screen height and Screen depth. Thank you once again.
  • (2020-03-28) La-La music: Супер!!!
  • (2020-01-12) Xi: Please update your UA string list, most of them are very obsolete and outdated that most sites give warning that they cannot display the webpage. Even tho I am using my custom added UA strings but its better to be in the extension itself. Like. Chrome 79, Firefox 69, IE 12, etc...
  • (2019-10-03) Musicport Nigeria: it is just too perfect
  • (2019-09-28) Цыцыгма Раднаева: Подскажите пожалуйста, как сделать, чтоб имитировал мобильную версию IOS?

Latest issues

  • (2016-08-14, v:2.0.5) The new permissions are a deal breaker
    This is a security-related extension, that asks for blanket permissions to do whatever it wants. "Read and change all your data on websites you visit" ? Nope! Will gladly install once back to sane permissions.
  • (2016-08-14, v:2.0.5) Вася Молнар: Верните.
    Верните возможность вставлять свой USER AGENT при нажатии на иконку вверху. А то каждый раз нужно настройки открывать. Спасибо.
  • (2016-08-10, v:2.0.3) New Permisisons?
    The new permissions requested by the latest version seem to be pretty scary: `Read and change all your data on the websites you visit` Since your overview graphic shows this extension to be open source, I'd love to see the git repo so I can determine for myself if I should let Chrome re-enable this extension or not. Thanks!
  • (2016-06-21, v:1.5.4) λlτεrηιτγ: Vulnerability?
    This extension loads older versions of chrome as a profile, making Chrome tell me to update to stay secure and avoid vulnerabilities. Is this extension actually reverting my browser to an older less secure version?
  • (2016-05-10, v:1.5.4) Сергей Жигарь: Подмена UA в JavaScript
    Прочитал на habrahabr Ваш вопрос по передаче в content.js-инъекцию параметра для функции setupUserAgentHook(UserAgent) Моё решение - в заголовок ответа добавляйте set-cookie:UserAgent=текущий_UA В content.js используйте его для функции setupUserAgentHook и тут же удаляйте. Конечно потенциально возможен конфликт имён куков, но его тоже в принципе можно обойти.
  • (2016-03-09, v:1.5.4) Chuck Ray: Chrome versions are too old
    Hi, Google releases Chromes on a fairly regular schedule. The Chrome UA strings used in the extensions are too old and some websites refuse to load (hangouts.google.com) or display a warning (google.com) that the browser is too old. You could make the Chrome version numbers follow GOogle's release schedule so it looks like the browser isn't 2 years old. You could probably generate them depending on the current date and limit to the 5 or 10 previous versions. If the code is public, I'd be happy to take a look and make a PR. LMK,
  • (2016-02-09, v:1.5.4) reepeez: lookign for someoen to develope an extension for me
    please contact me [email protected] to discuss the project. thanks.
  • (2015-11-23, v:1.5.4) KOLESO RU: Блокирует сайт
    После установки перестает работать приближение на яндекс картах. https://maps.yandex.ru/
  • (2015-09-20, v:1.5.4) paul k: change jQuery requests?
    Many Websites also make use of JQuery Browser and OS identification. So that they can override the User-Agent String to determine your data. Example: http://stoimen.com/jquery.client.plugin/ Is it possible to change these querys too? Thx.
  • (2015-06-30, v:1.5.4) Blade Jack: Auto Change and Import & Export List
    Hi, This extension best user agent switcher for chrome. I have two idea, please add. + Auto change user agent every open chrome + Export & Import User Agent List feature. Thanks.


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