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Description from extension meta You can download files to the theme folder: music in the music folder, movies in the movie folder, etc.
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Description from store To configure the extension, right-click the extension icon in your web-browser. In the context menu, choose "Settings", the Settings dialog will appear. Then, you should add rules. To do so, click the "Add rule" button, a row with a new rule will be added to the rule table. In the "File types" column you specify file types, for example, documents, images, music, etc. In the "Directory" column you specify the path to save files. Please note that this path is specified with respect to the browser's download folder(by default, it is C:\\Users\\user\\Downloads). If you specify the path music for the "Music" category in the "Directory" column, the real path to this file will be. C:\Users\user\Downloads\music . You can specify paths with any nesting level, for example, music\mp3 . Email for question: [email protected]
Latest reviews (2017-08-14) Chelsey Hamilton: it didnt do anything it was suppose to do and not easy to figure out at ALL. it is way too hard to figure out how to even download. i want simple not 12 steps just to download. like this (type in keyword,search, find good file then hit download) how hard is it to make things simple (2017-03-02) Pawel Pronichev: Подскажите как добавить свое расширение в правила (2016-12-27) Samyam Khanal: didnt find how to download (2016-03-23) Serhii Pavliuk: Great! Thats what i wanted! (2016-02-03) Max M: Все отлично и удобно. Спасибо. (2016-01-13) Станислав Садыков: Невероятно круто!!! И отдельное спасибо за синхронизацию!!! (2015-09-09) Иван Сивцев: нормуля! аккуратненько все стало (2015-06-01) My Family: Очень удобно и просто, забыл о неразберихи в "Загрузках" (2014-08-23) Александр Колосов: Отлично (2014-08-22) Николай Рашевский: Очень удобное приложение. Теперь ненужные torrent файлы можно удалить в пару кликов мыши (2014-08-22) Mikhail Navrotskiy: Использую на работе и дома. Очень классное расширение, в папке Downloads полный порядок. (2014-08-21) Роман Млечко: Удобно, можно забыть про неразбериху в файлах.

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Extpose is a service for Chrome extension publishers.
It helps tracking and optimizing browser extension performance in Chrome Web Store.

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2014-10-24 / 0.7.1



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