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Description from extension meta Sort your bookmarks recursive
Image from store Recursive Bookmark Sorter
Description from store ## Sort your chrome bookmarks recursive ### Description This extension can sort ALL your bookmarks RECURSIVELY. Withouto this extenion you can sort ONLY ONE bookmark folder by Chrome Bookmark Manager. Now, ALL bookmarks will be sorted by just one click ! ### Changeslog #### version 0.2.0 Add collation to support Chinese Pinyin #### version 0.1.0 first version
Latest reviews (2019-10-08) H P: Oct 2019 and it works, great, well done developer, thanks. (2019-10-03) Richard Pearse: It does what is says it does, which is great. It would be better if the user had some input into the sorting: * don't sort top level * don't sort these directories / dir matches : aaa; dirB; another_dir; this/sub/dir * sort these dirs by (say) date; this_dir; */recent; anotherDir There should be a context menu pop-up, that lets the user tag/set the sorting rules for the selected directory. There was an old Firefox plugin that did all of these, and would run on startup if you wanted. Those were the days . . . (2019-08-15) Chris Williams: Last Chrome update removed prior extension installed. Tried Super Sorter by Richard Corner but did not recursively sort as advertised. Installed Recursive Bookmark Sorter and worked as advertised. Thank you developer! (2019-07-02) JBishop29: Perfect. Did exactly what I needed. I tried a couple others and they were terrible. Thank you. (2019-05-27) AD G: It works. So far, no problems. (2019-05-18) Andrew Debenham: I'm still not sure why this isn't built into the bookmark manager in Chrome, but I'm glad the author of this extension took the time to do something about it. It works as advertised and I no longer have to select each folder and then sort by name. The only improvement I would like to see is to add an option to exclude a folder. For example, I have all of my most visited sites on my Bookmarks bar, so it would be nice if this folder wasn't sorted. Other than that, great job and great extension! (2019-05-05) George Morgan: Does it exactly, what it should do, namely sort all bookmarks over all subfolders. Same as Sprucemarks extension. But a lot more simple and possibly not consuming so much memory. Just click on button instead of having a background process running. Disadvantage: Only Alphabetical (I do not need anything else) (2019-02-19) Argyle Kenneth Dobbins III: This little extension just saved me a headache. I have in past. Exported my Bookmarks to Firefox to sort them because Chrome for some reason only does one folder at a time. On top of hiding the sort bookmarks functions in the Bookmarks Manager vertical hamburger ... You would think that the developers would incorporate this for those, like me, that literally have thousands of bookmarks. On top of no URL link to the Chrome Extension Store in Google Chrome itself. Which is another gripe of mine. (2019-02-13) Fahim Ahmed: It does what it says. A simple click to sort all the nested bookmarks. (2019-02-02) Yakov Kronrod: Simple, and does EXACTLY what it says. Anybody who rated it less obviously didn't read what it does or look at any reviews. You can't rate something 1 star when it literally does EXACTLY what it says. One click, all bookmarks are now sorted. Thank you! (2018-12-12) Black Gold: There should be option to do it by folder not all the f**kin bookmarks. Effed up my bookmarks Thank you for that (2018-11-04) BERKAN YILDIRIM: Nasıl sıralama yapacağını seçemiyorsun. (2018-11-04) stone: I installed this and lost my bookmarks. I can see bookmarks tab on the bar but clicking on the bookmarks tab no longer drops down for link selection. (2018-10-27) Michael Rimar: After using other apps with more options. This one works. Simply works. (2018-08-19) Mathew Garland: Very happy with the sorting, it does what it says whereas other available sorters did not do what they claimed to do. (2018-08-05) John Mayger: Can't get it to work and can't find any instruction. Clicked the icon and it just says bookmarks sorted - no provision visible to change sort criteria. (2018-07-20) Mike Chung: This recursive sorter is awesome! One press of the button and all the bookmarks in all the bookmark folders are sorted. A great time saver! (2018-06-23) Muhammad Ghufran: Perfect app to re-order any quantity of bookmarks in any folder. Checked. (2018-05-10) Simple, always works, even in Opera browser. Love this; it is a lifesaver. (2018-04-21) Earl Wilkerson: Thank you! No more laborious sorting of bookmarks! This will work perfectly until Google decides to implement an auto-sort feature. (2018-04-02) Will Shattuck: In two clicks: 1. Install the addon. 2. Click the icon in Chrome. I finally had my bookmarks easily sorted. And, all my subfolders. Thank you very much. (2018-03-30) Anita Mirshahi: By one click it's done. Easy! Thanks. (2018-03-17) Donny Meltabarger: Works when it wants to. (2018-03-13) Tim Chaubet: Works without issues. Also instasorts Bookmarks toolbar & subfolders. Superb. (2018-02-13) Václav Kasal: Cannot prioritize bookmarks nor make groups.

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