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Make notes on any web page, any position.

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Description from store Hi, I did a search on all 'notes' related extension here and find all of them can only post in the popup window, not on web page. So I made this: the features: 1) on any page, you can make note on the web page, on any position 2) the notes get saved in real time. 3) all notes can move by mouse: drag and drop the bar 4) when you go to that page again, the notes get loaded automatically. 5) and on the logo, it shows a badge indicate the note counts of that page. 6) options to change the style of notes 7) a notes summary feature 8) resize note 9) create note by using context menu 10) show/hide/iconize/pin/unpin notes on page 11) list all notes of a page 12) create note by right click on web page From version: 0.9.0: 1) all notes list page 2) sync notes between different computers Please give me feedback if you like it. William Change Log: 0.7: - fixed options save bug 0.7.1 - optimize options page 0.7.2 - resize note - set note bar position 0.7.3 - create note with context menu 0.7.4 - fix select text in note bug - move note by drag the bar 0.8 - show/hide notes on page - iconize notes on page - list all notes of a page in popup 0.8.1 - performance improvement 0.8.2 - choose colors - pin/unpin note 0.8.3 - Delete all notes of a page on summary page 0.8.4 - can show/hide Date time on the bar in options page 0.9.0 - Sync notes

Latest reviews

  • (2022-09-24) u n: 最高の拡張機能です。Pin機能が、デフォルトで設定できると、★6にしたい気分です。
  • (2022-09-16) Elián Fabián: It would be cool an option to export all the notes in a file and then import it wherever you want.
  • (2022-09-05) Александр: Dont work!
  • (2022-09-02) Cristian Algorta: Incredible App. Please just give an option to have "pin" notes as default in the options and I would give this a 6 star. Thank you
  • (2022-08-25) Douglas Depker: Not only is this an amazing web page note taking tool, but the developer is also building a tool called beta.myatoms.io that is integrated with some third party services for consolidation of notes across them all. Check it out for sure, had to make a review after I came across it.
  • (2022-08-14) Fuad Jalilov: Works!!!
  • (2022-08-06) Ronnie Sunde: Simple, easy, minimal... Whats missing to be the most super awesome note extension is for the note to understand where on the page it was added on the X axis in relation to whats on screen... for example, if my screen is 4000px wide and browser is fullscreen, the web page layout is 1000px wide and centered in the browser, when I add a note to the middle of the page and then make my browser window 1500px wide, the note is now located outside of the viewport to the right of the page layout. For those with issues adding note, make sure to refresh the page after installing the extension.
  • (2022-08-02) DAVID GUALDRON: Does what is needed without complications. Takes notes on a website, sync between devices, super simple account creation process. No suspicions permissions needed. No fancy over-complicated features. Just what is needed. Great integrations available. Thank you for this extension.
  • (2022-08-02) Jesus Sanchez: Doesn't work at all :/
  • (2022-04-18) Ñatico Matusalén: Demasiado bueno para ser cierto, tuve que dejar de usar mi amado Firefox, porque la versión de 32bits se me cuelga, entonces manejo algunas contraseñas sin importancia con las notas...!
  • (2022-04-13) Holly Foster: The 'add note' button doesn't even work. Pointless.
  • (2022-04-07) SkyAngel 14: I love it, it does the works just what i want.
  • (2022-03-17) Kent Nakai: Ummm I have a question how u add the note to a web
  • (2022-02-24) Rachel Grace: it works.. but only on some websites. i can't use it on most websites, and its kinda frustrating. it might just be me, but if i try to add a note, it won't do anything, no matter how many times i click.
  • (2022-01-30) Georgi Cholakov: Couldn't get it work. Unintuitive. Useless.
  • (2022-01-27) 사랑해요: simple and good but.. A crash occurs when the web content content changes and the height changes. (Example: Google Translate)
  • (2022-01-12) William: Nul, ne fonctionne pas sur tous les sites comme annoncé, le CTRL+Z c'est une option. Quand un site disparais la note reste et impossible de la supprimer. Bref une vrai daube
  • (2022-01-04) John Kennedy: This app hardly works. It used to be great, but it's gotten terrible. I know it's free.. When I clck to add Notes, a big note appears with four options. Add new note on this page, Add Note. Show Notes When I click to add a note, nothing happens. The more i click to add notes the more NOTHING HAPPENS. It would be nice go back a couple versions. I hiop you're able to make it good again. Thank you for the best Notes app out thee.
  • (2021-12-10) ameeet bareek: great tool to help make notes. would love support of markdown, and work with youtube (right now clicking space in the note stops the video - so using picture-in-picture as workaround).
  • (2021-11-22) Andrew Dubrovsky: So far, so good! Thanks!
  • (2021-11-12) Bored pancake: Beautiful add-on that works exactly as I wanted it. Works on pretty much any website, which is amazing. It was getting a bit old and buggy, but just a few weeks ago it seems to be updated with new sweet features. You can even change font, color, and move them around anywhere you like. I totally recommend this to anyone out there.
  • (2021-11-12) zheng: sweety!
  • (2021-11-03) Sebo S: It seems like on some sites, like questrade.com for example, notes do not reappear when logging in to the site again. They do however show up if I select them from the "note anywhere" settings, and reload a new page that way.. which is not too helpful..
  • (2021-10-30) Samsung: The extension is so beautiful. And I'm want to sync function, thanks the extension of developer.
  • (2021-10-23) E M: 右ワンクリックで貼ることができる唯一のソフト。助かっています。 ここでトラブル報告している人いるけど、サポートにメッセージ送ったら? 仕事で使っているので有料版でもあるなら使い続けていきたい。
  • (2021-09-21) Alex E: Abandoned Doesn't work anymore
  • (2021-09-20) Anúbis Marcelo: Não funcionou
  • (2021-09-10) Paul Coughlin: Great App ... Suggestions: Have the notes have a "Retention Date" so they are deleted after a certain Date/Time. I put notes on Auction pages and after the auction page is done, I would like them to just disappear. The summary could show the note text when hovered over the link. Checkbox next to them to delete a group easily.
  • (2021-08-17) Abhishek Agarwal: not working
  • (2021-08-14) GT PC: Unfortunately, Notes are not visible on some pages. Not sure of the reason why. If possible, please implement and option to remove and edit notes from the option panel. That way they can be removed even not visible on the page.
  • (2021-08-08) くんKagi: An option to set the notes to a fixed position so they can be viewed no matter how much the page is scrolled down, would be neat. Perhaps it could be represented by a pin button? Anyway, this is still a pretty useful extension for me! Good work!
  • (2021-08-04) Илья Циклон: This will lose half of your notes. Write a note. Close page. Open page. No notes! Terrible waste of time.
  • (2021-07-28) Dan Furtick: The web link updates if you move the note around the screen. So if i am in gmail my note will stay all the time but if i click "compose new email" the URL changes, but the page/tab does not refresh. If i need to move the note out of my way it will then update the note to the compose email URL. when i go back to the main gmail page the note is gone. Not good
  • (2021-07-13) 晨晨: 我有一些贴纸在某个特定的网址上,现在那个网址没有了,我要如何取出我写的数据? I have some stickers on a particular website, now that the website is closed, how do I take out the data I wrote?
  • (2021-06-30) Michael Bannon: When note is made on one sub-page of a domain (xxxx.com/adb/def) it shows on all pages of that domain. (xxxx.com)
  • (2021-06-16) Maximus Prime: Расширение хорошее. Иногда лагает, но в принципе работает много лет. Очень не хватает фунции просмотра сохранённых листочков. Ссылки есть, а самого текста не видно. Если сайт "умер", то ссылка остаётся в базе навечно. Удалить, изменить или хотя бы посмотреть, что там было записано, увы никак нельзя. Expansion good. Sometimes lags, but in principle it works for many years. It really lacks the preservation features of the preserved leaves. There are links, but the text itself is not visible. If the site "died", then the link remains in the database forever. Delete, change or at least see what was recorded there, alas can not.
  • (2021-05-22) fdfd rea: 很棒,但 1不能随Google Sync 同步 2需要一个页面能清楚显示所有网页的笔记内容,而不是只显示笔记的网址 有没有大神,重写一下,
  • (2021-05-19) Azul Coria: Lo único que necesitaba era poder usarlo en documentos de google y no me deja. Intenté en otros lugares y solo me permite usarla en lugares como Wikipedia. En lo que a mi respecta, no me resultó útil.
  • (2021-05-11) Dautusieude Official: chưa tối ưu cho lắm. My website: https://locphuc.net/
  • (2021-05-08) Luca Gentile: THE DEVELOPER IS NOT UPDATING THIS EXTENTION SINCE 2015 SELECT AND COPY Make a feature where you can select and copy/paste/crop the text of the note with the mouse. SHOW ON ALL SUBPAGES OPTION There should be an option to show the notes on all subpages. CALENDAR ALERT OPTION Please make a time related note trigger
  • (2021-05-06) Shiblee Mehdi: Hi, this is really a nice one. Are you on the way to release '3) sync notes between different computers'?
  • (2021-04-30) Yuka Antonov: When I trying to change a font to Arial it always change font to Times New Roman. Please Fix!
  • (2021-04-26) zenji tech: simple but effective!
  • (2021-04-24) 1 23: This is an excellent app Mister Lance. Do you have a venmo or a cash app account so I can send you money to get a coffee to express my appreciation for how you engineer this app to be so functional and so useful? I tried to go to the website listed on this page but it doesn't load for some reason. Have a good weekend sir
  • (2021-04-24) Thanh Son Tran: nice app. But i cant not rezise Note. how to do it ?
  • (2021-04-12) Ricky Leung: NOT resizable is the main problem. The basic function is good.
  • (2021-04-10) Philipp Heller: Awesome! I've been looking for something exactly like this
  • (2021-03-30) Yura Master: How to sync ntes on 2 pc ? I open chrome in the same login - but i can't sync notes
  • (2021-03-22) 李凌: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/anypage-sticky-note/fphhjfibjcbdifebdmpcdahnnknedjch this sticky note might be a better option
  • (2021-03-16) evapacosmos: Thank you verry much . I am verry happy with this extension . Works perfect and it is make just for me that i always have 40-50 tabs open and i always forgot why i was left it open. Also when i make shopping to long pages i can put lot tabs in one page and them scroll the page up and down with tabs. God bless you Evangelos

Latest issues

  • (2022-09-24, v:0.9.1) Shivani Chauhan: Not working for youtube
    Great extension but while seeing YouTube videos, the features are not working and overriding with the video. For instance pressing space bar to add space makes the video stop. I also paused other extensions that might hinder but still facing the same issue.
  • (2022-09-21, v:0.9.1) Imani Francis: extension
    When I open the application and click on new note nothing happens I'm unable to write any type of comment or note .
  • (2022-09-14, v:0.9.1) Simranjeet Singh: Interfere with the webpage hotkeys
    I like to thank you for this extension as I have personally thought of coding a extension like this. It's really helpful for me. On to the problem so I was taking notes on video from YouTube and as I was typing out the notes the video kept on stopping, pausing, and other things depending the keys I was typing. Could you make it so when you typing on note it disable hotkeys that website like YouTube set for there content. Thanks advanced if you do!
  • (2022-09-12, v:0.9.1) Nje: note
    why i can add note? i click consecutive at '''add note '' but cant
  • (2022-09-08, v:0.9.1) Schuylar Bankey: Notes Won't Stay Linked to Site
    Hi. I love the idea of this product! I just downloaded the extension to use for work, especially on a website called Salesloft. I want to keep notes pertaining to the account/contact page within the Salesloft site because it's nice to have important info/notes linked to the specific page rather than having to keep track between different websites. Whenever I try to make a note in my Salesloft on Google Chrome, it shows that the notes was created (I pinned them too just in case even though I'm not sure what that does), but if I go back into that same website page by opening a new tab/window, the note isn't there. It doesn't show any notes logged for the page or site. But in the Notes Anywhere Summary, it shows my note and I can click on and view it and it looks like it's supposed to. But the notes don't show up on the page unless I go through the Summary access page, which kind of defeats the point of linking to the page/website.
  • (2022-09-05, v:0.9.1) Billy John: does not work on upwork site
    Hi there. Im trying your notes (should admit they are awesome) with Upwork.com chat rooms. So that each chat room whould have own note to let me know fast what this chat room is about. But it does not recognize individual chat rooms as separate urls. The same not open ups on any chat room, though the url changes. Not sure if you can fix it asap. thanks.
  • (2022-08-21, v:0.9.1) Geoff “gcx302” Carbone: Sticky note for Google search webpage
    Note Anywhere Support: Note Anywhere is probably the best sticky notes apps I have used among a dozen or more I have tried. But there is one siginificant problem that I get now and I am not sure when this started. One of my favorite webpages to leave note reminders on has been the Google Search webpage (google.com/) because I use this site so many times per day. I am CERTAIN that some sticky notes apps were (I think Note Anywhere was one of them) USED to be able to create notes on the Google Search page because I did it -- at least up to some point in 2021. Now, I have tried almost every sticky notes app available -- and none are able to create a note on the Google search webpage. Can you inform me if something has been changed by Google, or in chromium based browsers that won't allow notes to be made on the Google Search page any longer? I use two web browsers for most of my work -- Opera and Chrome. *Please Note: If you attempt to create a sticky note on certain webpages that Google Co will not allow notes on -- Note Anywhere (or any notes app for that matter...) will display an error message specifically saying that note creation is NOT allowed on that webpage. But when attempting to create a note on the Google Search webpage -- I do not get any type of error message. The program just does not create the note. Of course I have tried eliminating ALL of my extensions that relate to security (pop up blockers, etc.), and I have uninstalled and reinstalled Note Anywhere and restarted the browser. None of these steps changes the issue. Note Anywhere DOES work for many other websites I use... But my main reason for a pop up or sticky note app is have it work on the Google Search webpage. Any help or information you can provide is appreciated. Thank you for a great app and your work. Greg
  • (2022-08-14, v:0.9.1) Elias valdes montoya: cant use the extension on many websites
    I already isntall de extension and i am trying to use it on a newspaper website but the note never appears. It continues in many website till now only youtube allows me to use it. Help, please this add will help me alot to organize my research.
  • (2022-07-22, v:0.9.1) Davit Shamatava: Developer contact is needed
    Is there email address you can be contacted?
  • (2022-06-09, v:0.9.1) Valter Mortagua: Sorting
    Feature to sort the Summary by newest or oldest notes pls
  • (2022-06-06, v:0.9.1) Jeff Axelrod: Allow wildcards
    App would be great if you could implement wildcards, or at least always show notes on any URL within the domain.
  • (2022-05-13, v:0.9.1) Abhisek Gupta: Can't add a space
    I can't add a space between words while trying to take notes from youtube videos. Pressing space pauses/plays the video.
  • (2022-05-12, v:0.9.1) Anthony Raimondo: Bug and Feature Request
    Bug: Not working on discord, discord will steal focus when typing, so its impossible to write in a note. Feature: Make note for entire domain not just url.
  • (2022-05-05, v:0.9.1) FJ Ramos: Cant type space
    When i try to type in the sticky note itself, i can add a space between words
  • (2022-04-29, v:0.9.1) Wojt: Notes in main domain
    Hi. Is it possible to add option to make notes visible in whole domain? I mean created notes would show in www.example.com and also in www.example.com/some-page and also in www.example.com/some-other-page/and-subpage etc.
  • (2022-04-28, v:0.9.1) Lilian Louize: sincronizar notar
    é possivel sincronizar as notas? salvar e abrir em outro computador...
  • (2022-04-26, v:0.9.1) D Larryson: top of note offscreen, cannot move or delete
    somehow the top of the note moved up and off the screen. I can't get to the bar on top to move the note or delete it. I have tried fullscreen and zooming back and close, but no luck . please advise
  • (2022-04-22, v:0.9.1) James skyhigh: Not working
    Nothing happens when i click " add note here ".(macOS Monterey version12.3.1) Glad if you could help, thanks much.
  • (2022-04-09, v:0.9.1) Gabe Phillips: Auto Scroll when Moving Notes
    On sites that have a lot of room to scroll, it is a rather tedious process to move a note up or down more than a screen or two. Scrolling a bit, dragging the note, rinsing & repeating many times is a problem that could be fixed with an auto scrolling feature when moving a note, similar to moving apps across homescreens on a phone. What I mean by auto scrolling is that when a note is dragged to the bottom of the screen, the page begins scrolling down, and vice versa for moving a note upwards. This little improvement could definitely provide more ease of use to an already quite intuitive extension.
  • (2022-04-07, v:0.9.1) Michael Rolfer: Does not retain notes from one session to the next
    create a note, sign out of site, return to the page and no note appears Also when I installed the ext I had to quit and restart Chrome to get it to allow me to enter a note.
  • (2022-02-03, v:0.9.0) Dan: app cannot differentiate properly pages within same domain
    Same note appears on different pages of the same domain. Seems the app has difficulties to differentiate complex URLs within the same domain (for ex: on real estate sites that show house's data based on my search filters. So I cannot write my thoughts about each real estate lead with the app)
  • (2022-01-15, v:0.8.6) Cherry Teoh: Can't spacing
    When I tried to space after type a text by tab the spacebar on keyboard, it won't work.
  • (2022-01-11, v:0.8.5) Bunty SomRoy: notes aren't saving
    i'm making a note on an Airbnb listing. then closing it. i come back.. and it's not there. what am i doing wrong? thank you
  • (2022-01-08, v:0.8.5) John Kennedy: Notes app
    This app hasn't worked right. I think it got screw up when it open and has four options. I cllick on "Ad Nte" and nothing happens. I know it's free but can you fix it or give us the option to use an older version. It was great once upon a time. Let's go back to the future. Thank you.
  • (2022-01-08, v:0.8.5) Ishi Mazure: On opera
    I am afraid it doesn't work on opera. Nothing happens when i click " add note here "
  • (2021-12-22, v:0.8.3) Ewan Kho: sync?
    Do you have any estimate when you will be able to create sync capability between different computers?
  • (2021-12-22, v:0.8.3) Ewan Kho: sync?
    Are you able to make it sync between computers?
  • (2021-12-10, v:0.8.3) ImAlonzzo: Not Working
    For some reason, the app doesn't let me make any notes.
  • (2021-12-02, v:0.8.3) Mirko Annese: A way to recover lost notes?
    Hi, is there a way to recover lost notes? This is the second time the extension has deleted all my notes for no reason when I restart my pc (I haven't touched anything, cache, history etc, so it doesn't make sense), shame because the app would be very useful if it wasn't for this problem, it's already the second time this has happened! :(
  • (2021-11-20, v:0.8.3) The Shah of English: Its not capturing the screen or even any part of it.
    Hi there. I installed your extension today; its a great idea. For some reason it is not capturing the whole screen or part of the screen; I just get a blank screen to write on it. Can you please help me
  • (2021-11-11, v:0.8.2) Axel Hellman: Can't add notes to homescreen
    When I try adding a note to my homescreen (new tab) i get a pop-up saying "Google Chrome has restrict to use plugin in this page!". I use the addon "uTab" if that makes any difference. Is there any way around this?
  • (2021-11-11, v:0.8.2) jirawat jpock: How can I delete note that does not show in some web page?
    A note that was created a long time ago But now it's not showing on the web page. So I can not delete that note. Is it possible to be able to delete unused note in the Notes Summary?
  • (2021-11-09, v:0.8.1) Jennifer V: Freeze sticky notes?
    Maybe I'm missing something, but every time I post notes and then resize the page they move around and end up "sticking" on odd places at the very bottom or top of the page. Is there a way to freeze them in place once I've picked somewhere to place them?
  • (2021-10-24, v:0.8) Rose Morley: How to add note to something?
    I can't actually add notes to things - when I click "add note" nothing happens and when I drag "add note" onto the page it says "This page has been blocked by Chrome". I don't know if I'm being silly but I really want to know how it works!
  • (2021-10-23, v:0.7.4) E M: 右クリックしたところで貼ることが出来ない


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