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Tablerone - Less tabs, more focus

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Batch save tabs to collections and workspaces.

Image from store Tablerone - Less tabs, more focus
Description from store ▸ Clean up the browser with one click ▸ Start a day fresh with overnight autosave ▸ Oversee and jump to any open tab ▸ Organise pages with tags, favourites, and notes ▸ Copy-paste multiple links to a sheet or e-mail ▸ Speed up your computer with tab sleep mode ▸ Find any saved link on your mobile devices ▸ Private and secure without a compromise ▸ No sign-up, accounts or passwords OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND It is hard to stay in the zone when every tab calls for your attention. Sometimes, multi-tasking is a feature. Mostly it is a bug. Tablerone was designed to end tab-hoarding. It fights off distractions and helps you stay focused. It is more comprehensive than bookmarks and less cluttered than history ▸ SAVE MULTIPLE TABS WITH ONE CLICK This is the quickest way to clean up your browser. You can batch-save a selection of tabs, all in the current window, or everything open. Dial into a conference call and share your screen like a boss. ▸ START A DAY FRESH WITH OVERNIGHT AUTOSAVE Start your day without distractions of yesterday’s business by letting Tablerone save all open tabs while you sleep. If you need to pick up where you left off, it will be the first thing on your list. ▸ OVERSEE AND JUMP TO ANY OPEN TAB Stop toggling between hundreds of miniaturised tabs to get to the one you need. Open Tablerone and search for it. If you can’t recall its name, find it by hovering through thumbnails. ▸ OPEN MULTIPLE TABS WITH ONE CLICK Google Docs, Trello cards, Jira tickets, InVision prototypes, SalesForce accounts,… Simplify your daily grind. Group related pages into workspaces you can quickly fire-up and easily switch between. ▸ ORGANISE WEB PAGES INTO COLLECTIONS Companies, people, products, songs, films, books, recipes,… organise the web your way. You can add notes to any saved link and use tags to group relevant collections into larger topics. ▸ COPY-PASTE MULTIPLE LINKS You found a bunch of relevant things. Now you want to export links and page titles into a spreadsheet or share with other people. Please save yourself hours by not copy-pasting them one-by-one any more. ▸ SPEED UP THE COMPUTER WITH TAB SLEEP MODE When tabs become idle, Tablerone stops processes and clears data inside them. This frees up system resources for programs that are currently in focus. To get a suspended page back, simply reload the tab. ▸ FIND ANY SAVED LINK ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICES All collections are synced to your phones and tablets as standard bookmarks. You can also quickly grab a single link from your desktop by pointing the stock camera app at the QR code. ▸ PRIVATE AND SECURE WITHOUT COMPROMISE Your browsing could be used for data profiling, which is why we treat everything you save as personal data. It belongs to you. (And it is a liability for us.) Privacy is our core value. We deliberately built Tablerone to never upload data to our servers or to third parties. Unfortunately, local storage only means there is no cloud back-up, at least until we are able to do it properly. Your browser syncs all profile data between devices — including Tablerone collections stored as native bookmarks. You can opt-out by signing out. For more see our Privacy Policy: https://tabler.one/privacy-policy

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  • (2020-06-16, v:1.0.1) Niall Fennell: Issue with "Open Save" option
    Hi, I tried to email this but the [email protected] email address got bounced back saying it doesn't exist. Basically, my "open save" option is hanging on the 'Loading' view when I click. it. Let me know if there's any solution to this and I'll start using again. i like the product


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