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Description from extension meta A stationary button that closes the current tab. Clean up tabs with less effort.
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Description from store The "Close Tab" extension provides a stationary button that closes the currently selected tab. This saves time visually hunting down the active tab and provides consistency for the user. Very simple. *Note: You can also press Ctrl + W to close tabs (when keyboard input isn't being captured by a plugin). *Note: If the icon gets hidden by Chrome, you can get your icons back by shrinking the address bar down to a smaller size with the mouse. It happens sometimes. :) *Added: Protect pinned tabs (Options Screen) P.S. Have you found a bug? Email address is provided in the options screen. Happy Chroming.
Latest reviews (2019-06-11) Miguel Mota: Does not do what it's suppose to do. (2019-02-18) RoidsRim: Hi Extension User and Maker Five Star Over ~ [ Monday 23:10:00 Pm_18 February 2019 ] (2019-01-18) Peter Wojcik: This extension is fairly good but I cannot seem to be able to close tabs that are not selected (e.g. the other tabs) as they do not have the 'x' close button on them but hopefully it would get implemented in the future again, but a close option for tabs other than the selected one would be great. It is fairly good, but it could have closing multiple tabs if there was any improvement to be made. Thanks! (2018-11-12) Tomi Antenna: Does what it says. (2018-10-08) Tj H: just what I needed on my Chromebook since the details ui is dumb and really hard to press things (2018-06-27) Sam Nordberg: Perfect and simple. Personally, I give the extension a custom keyboard shortcut at chrome://extensions/shortcuts so that I can close tabs with one single keypress. (2018-01-13) Sam White: Simply works! Love it :) (2017-10-22) Отлично работает. Единственный минус - нельзя расположить кнопку в панели вкладок. (2017-09-27) Grant Hall: works (2017-08-20) Daniel Nienhaus: Super helpful on touchscreen Chromebooks! (2017-05-24) Alfonso Reimunde: Simple y efectiva. ¡Debería venir con Chrome! Simple and gets the job done. It should be in Chrome from the start! (2017-05-09) Edward Snowden: Schließt über den Toolbar-Button nur den aktuellen Tab. Das kann Chrome über das X-im Tab auch alleine. (2017-03-05) kim ochocki: awesoome app. thanks. (2016-09-13) Jorge F: Excelente lo recomiendo. (2016-05-05) Manuel Chaves: Thanks I was looking for this and wasn't finding it. I knew there HAD to exist one, or I was going to be forced to write one. (2015-09-20) Weng F: I needed a stationary button where I know to go to when I want to close the current tab or multiple tabs. Great extension - makes my workflow smoother :) (2015-07-28) Dan Atkinson: I use this on a Windows tablet where the close button on the tab bar is smaller than my fingertip. Very simple but a good solution! (2015-03-31) Wayne Ellis: Excellent. I use it all the time and it saves a lot of time. Thanks. (2015-03-02) Michele Pes: First Extension! (2015-01-26) Hal Zenner: Exactly what I was looking for. I like Firefox's implementation, and this comes close. (1) The main enhancement I would like is to make the "x" larger and more prominent. Maybe a colored "X" that fills in the entire space allotted to the icon. (2) This may not be possible: an option to put the "X" on the tab bar ... probably all the way on the left, so it's not confused with "close window." (2014-11-27) Rubin Charles: Best extension, this should have been in Chrome to being with! (2014-09-19) Benjamin Ronnau: makes a simple task easier and more convenient. (2014-08-01) Arpad Orfi: Simple and neat. :-) (2014-05-19) Pavel Vraj: This is exactly, what I was looking for. I missed this button in Chrome. Perfect (2014-03-27) Zheng Shang: Good Job! This is very helpful when using Windows 8 by touchscreen. The original close button on the tab is simply too small to tap. Like others have noted, another convenient alternative is the chrome default hot key "Ctrl+W".

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