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Stop Clickbait

Description from extension meta Notifying clickbait content to online news readers
Image from store Stop Clickbait
Description from store This extension works across multiple websites to identify clickbait content and notify it to the user. The user can block similar clickbait content (which works similar to adblock). It also has the option to ​report undetected links as clickbait. The user can also report misclassified links which are mistakenly detected as clickbait. Such feedback helps in improving the extension. It currently works on a number of selected websites. We would cover more websites in future.
Latest reviews (2018-02-22) Sean-Anthony Sutherland: It's interfering with the buttons on youtube somehow. (2018-02-07) Michael Spivey: Didn't block common clickbait like zergnet.com (2017-08-28) Jesús García Serrano: This is a great idea, but It doesn't work right now. Any solution? Please help (2017-01-28) Anouar Salhi: Fake (2016-11-20) Patrick Leclerc: Excellent app. Works great on Facebook, I'm really looking forward to YouTube support one day. (2016-11-07) Pranav Surya: Hindu mentioned it was for everything. I don't use Fb and Twitter much. Grow up (2016-11-07) Navaneeth KK: Useful app. A few false positives for some newspapers, but labels most other junk as click-bait. Good job guys. (2016-11-07) RAM KUMAR: i installed this after reading a article in the hindu, only to find the article itself was a clickbait. stupid extension works only in fb & twitter. hindu should have mentioned it in the article, wasted my time iitkgp student resorting to sponsored content to promote a unimaginative extension as groundbreaking innovation. (2016-11-06) Abhishek Singh: Not working for newspapers like Indian Express .. Needs improvements . (2016-11-06) Nisharg G: Read about in paper that IIT KGP is doing some cool stuff but the extension is doing nothing on the system... (2016-09-24) MidnightSun Queen of Cards: Really helpful, kept me from wasting my time :D (2016-04-18) Aditya Barman: It worked really well for me. Full five stars! (2016-04-18) Phanindra Moganti: Very useful extension! (2016-04-18) Varun Chowdhary Paturi: This app is so helpful. Stops me from wasting time on shallow clickbait articles (2016-04-18) Sudheer kumar: Really accurate clickbait detector!! i loved it (2016-04-18) Venkat Sainath: Removes clickbait from my feed. Awesome!! (2016-04-17) Lokesh Dokara: Stops me from wasting time on clickbait stuff. (2016-04-15) sudeep raja putta: I hate clickbait. Very useful extension to stop it from ever appearing on your facebook or twitter feed!

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