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Description from extension meta Installing this extension will block all websites that Rupert Murdoch controls.
Image from store Bye Rupert
Description from store Every day hundreds of thousands of Australians read online content that has been designed by News Corp to manipulate their readers views in order to push a political agenda. We've seen it in the past with the 2013 Federal Election & we're seeing it now with issues such as the National Broadband Network. When it comes to politics, Australians deserve an unbiased, fair report of proceedings, NOT low quality "journalism" that aims to make a man who renounced his Australian citizenship more money. TheAussieSEO.com made "Bye Rupert" in an attempt to stop giving his online businesses pageviews. Less pageviews lowers the amount of inventory the websites can sell which means revenue will drop. It will also allow users to support smallers websites that compete with News Corp who report the real facts without an agenda whilst having respect for their readers - something News Corp has long gone without. Put simply: installing this extension will block all websites that Rupert Murdoch controls. Created by @matcarpenter
Latest reviews (2019-04-25) Tony Buttafuoco: I don't normally write reviews for extensions, but this extension is doing the world a great service. A GREAT service. (2017-09-28) Blake Brenner: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ is not bocked yet. (2017-09-19) Scott Lines: Just found out about this extension, love it, need more people to use it, also might need an update because I think there are some sites missing. (2017-05-06) DJ Elbo: Love it! (2016-12-23) Chris B: Brilliant. Channel 10 websites still work though. Channel 10 is part owned by Rupert Murdoch and his son Lachlan. It also is part owned by Gina Rinehart. (2016-10-15) Logun Needtoknow: Love it. Thank you. (2016-05-23) Rozza T: My new favourite extension. Just add this with anything that blocks websites that have Kardashian in the content then I'll be a much happier man. (2016-05-15) Canice L: Brilliant idea, hope it becomes the number 1 app in the world. I will be sharing this (2015-11-19) Cody Herring: Works great! Please add national geographic (sadly) (2015-07-17) connor maglis: god bless (2015-07-06) Beverly Reyes: So glad this is available. (2015-01-16) Michael Soutar: I feel less stupid just knowing this is here to protect me. (2015-01-14) David Smith: Don't give him any more click-through traffic than he gets already. (2014-12-20) Nick Sweatman: Power to the people. (2014-12-18) Den Kennedy: Fantastic!!! Just installed it so cant say anything about its functionality but 100 doubleplusgood points for starting something that i hope will become a global trend. We dont need these mega media right wing nutters buying everyone from Margaret Thatcher to Tony (Read: Stupid) Abbott. Lets get some more of these addons and apps!!! THANKS!! EDIT: It will block his Australian sites, which is great, but can we have an international blocker please??? am sure theres lots of people would use it!!!! (2014-12-17) Arie Groen: Ingenious! This is far more useful than a hashtag. (2014-12-17) Tristan Johnson: Great for preventing me from accidentally looking at his 'news' sites. (2014-12-17) Nick Chettle: Anything that denies this vile excrescence's empire traffic is to be celebrated! (2014-12-17) Keith Cohen: Does what it says. Options for what sites to block and a per-click option to unblock would be helpful. (2014-12-17) Dominic Duke: Awesome stuff! Rupert Murdoch is scum. (2014-12-16) Blake Son: More Essential than AdBlock. (2014-12-16) Drew Sonne: Is it possible to get his international resources as well (such as "The Sun", UK) in the list? (2014-12-16) Evan Cameron: Works. Blocks the listed sites completely. But the list includes a few things people may not realise Murdoch controls, such as Moshtix. (2014-12-16) Carlo Delos Santos: Genius (2014-12-16) Dan Sellers: #boycottmurdoch
Latest issues (2019-08-18, v:1.0.2) Nigel Cotterill: NAT GEO
Doesn't seem to be blocking national geographic which he owns?
(2017-08-20, v:1.0.2) Kelvin Ho: Redirect
Perhaps a redirect to an archival website such as archive.is so that the articles can be read without giving Newscorp any revenue?
(2016-04-02, v:1.0.2) Gerr Gerring: Update?
How about updating the list of sites blocked?
(2015-09-10, v:1.0.2) National Geo
Will it start blocking National Geographic?
(2015-08-20, v:1.0.2) Seth McQuale: Bye, Amazon?
Just a thought: "Bye, Bezos" extension.
(2015-08-04, v:1.0.2) List of Rupert Murdoch's websites
Here is a list of known Rupert Murdoch's websites, in case you missed any: http://murdochblock.info/community/general-topics/17-master-list-of-murdoch-owned-web-properties#22
(2015-04-06, v:1.0.2) Sam Ioannidis: sharing
dear developer. I would like to share the existence of this add on to facebook but don't know how
(2015-01-10, v:1.0.2) Matt Kirkey: Learning Seat is blocked
NEWSCORP sold LearningSeat.com in 2012.
(2014-12-25, v:1.0.1) Moshtix
I believe that Newscorp sold Moshtix in mid 2013.
(2014-12-22, v:1.0.1) Timothy Jesudason: VICE
Hey, think the apps awesome. Id like to interview the develop for VICE. Could you contact me at [email protected]

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