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Simple and free web scraper tool. Worked on LinkedIn,Zillow,Amazon,Google Map,Facebook,Yelp etc

Image from store NoCoding Data Scraper - Easy Web Scraping
Description from store An easy no-code web scraper with 3-click only! Instant FREE recipes as Facebook Email crawler, Aliababa web scraping tool, and Maps leads scraper! Instant data scraper with AI data detection and data extraction with one-click! More web extraction and web scraping features for FREE registration! Auto pagination web scraping tool with no code required! Auto scraping recipe generation and visual scraping recipes editing. All data extracted are stored safely in local with dual protection easy web crawler running scheduled tasks automatically Tested tasks such as LinkedIn scraping, Amazon scraping, Zillow scraping, RedFin scraping, Google Map scraping, Facebook scraping,Yelp scraping,YellowPage scraping,Shopify scraping, Lazada scraping, Ebay scraping, Instagram scraping etc WHAT IS AN EASY WEB SCRAPER OR WEB CRAWLER? NDS is a simple data scraping tool to scrape web data. Simply open a web page, let NoCoding Data Scraper recognize tabular web data and pagination button automatically, and tell the scraping tool addtional actions to execute before or after web extraction automatically and schedully. Also, an easy web scraper can be a image scraper or image crawler to extract image URL or to download image directly. NoCoding Data Scraper supports scrape images in batch and download the images to local or remote cloud. WHAT DOES THE MOST POWERFUL WEB SCRAPER LOOK LIKE? NoCoding Data Scraper assists you to extract element content with selectors intelligently, and support multple pagination mode, such as clicking next button, clicking load more button, clicking page no one by one, or infinite scroll to bottom. NoCoding Data Scraper even supports to scrape data and flow the data through multiple websites via pipeline mode. Online video tutotial: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvcBbUXf_0Zj5_JR5U5n-MA Core Features: • Deep web scraping and automatic web crawling • Web RPA to automate element clicking, data entry, and web extraction • AI powered web scraper recipe auto generation • Web scraper and web crawler for URL scraping in batch • Web scraper for search engine query and result scraping • Web scraper with easy pagination modes support • Infinite scrolling web scraping • Web scraper with flexible data transforming and refining • Web scraper with iFrame content scraping support • Image extractor and email crawler to local or cloud storage • Web scraper for dynamic content scraping (Javascript + AJAX) • Incremental data scraping and crawling • Integration with Google Sheet, Slack and other 3rd party applications • Amazon, Google Map, LinkedIn, Yelp, Zillow, RedFin are all supported • No technical skills required for 99% scraping tasks • Live support, remote recipe debug assistance and custom recipe development Some Common Use Cases: * Google Map leads scraping, email finder, email scraper, contact scraper, phone scraper or phone crawler in minutes for sales, estate agent and broker * Best pricing monitoring and reviews monitoring for Amazon sellers, distributors and review analysts * Email scraping, addresses scraping and phone scraping from public directories for freelancers * eCommerce scraping or shop scraper for Lazada, Shopify, wooCommerce, Aliexpress, 1688, eBay seller * E-Commerce scraper, such as shopee scraper, 1688 scraper, Zillow scraper, RedFin scraper, aliexpress scraper, wooCommerce scraper to monitor favorite' lowest prices for potential buyer * Data entry automation and data extraction intelligently for working from home * Ratings and reviews scraping cross websites for small business owners * Web scraping tool + SEO tools for SEO professionals * looking for job candidates via scraping indeed,scraping Monster, scraping Glassdoor, scraping FlexJobs , scraping AngelList, scraping LinkedIn, scraping Getwork, scraping Scouted, and scraping Snagajob as schedule for recruiters * defining indeed scraper,Monster scraper, Glassdoor scraper, FlexJobs scraper, AngelList scraper, LinkedIn scraper, Getwork scraper, Scouted scraper, and Snagajob scraper to help looking for the best jobs from favored employers for job seeker HOW DOES NoCoding Data Scraper WORK? Scraper is a data extractor and converter which can harvest emails or any other text from web pages. NoCoding Data Scraper assists you to define recipes and task by using CSS Selector to identify the information in the HTML page. Then it scrapes that information as schedule and stores the result in your browser in form of a table which you can save as a CSV or XLSX file later. NoCoding Data Scraper supports UTF-8 so it scrapes English,日本語(Japanese),русский(Russian),中文(Chinese),한국어(Korean) etc with ease. No python,javascript,json, or xpath skill is required to use the tool. Difference between WEB SCRAPER and WEB EXTRACTOR: usually the functions of web scraper are similar as that of web extractor. Both of them is to scrape or extract content from the web page. Can NoCoding Data Scraper work as an Email crawler? Yes. There are many paid Email Crawlers. NoCoding Data Scraper provides an Email scraping way to gather public emails freely. You can apply for Custom Google Search Engine(CSE), and then develop a NoCoding recipe to extract all emails from CSE search result. Can NoCoding Data Scraper work as a Leads scraper? Yes. NoCoding Data Scraper can work as a leads scraper well. Usually we will search business leads via Google Map, Yelp, YellowPage etc. You can define recipes to fill in keywords, and then scrape leads information form search result. Is NoCoding Data Scraper is a RPA? RPA(Robotic Process Automation) is a popular concept to enable users to define bot to execute a series action automatically. Different from UI.Vision RA, Automation Anywhere, Automation 360, NoCoding Data Scraper is more like a browser based automation, or web RPA. Except for scraping, you can define various actions to simulate scolling , clicking elements, or inputing fields. You can also find such functions on Axiom, iMarco, or other RPA tools. What to do next if NDS does not meet your needs? There are many scraping tool you can refer to if NoCoding Data Scraper is not the most suitable tool for your context: Instant Data Scraper can help you to detect data automatically and start to scrape on the same page; Data Miner has a simple UI to enable you to scrape list repeatly; Grepsr has similar element finder to simplify web extraction; getData.IO enable you to extact web data via similar process; Listly has a simple step to detect fields quickly with mouse clicking; Agenty enable you to define recipe on browser and then execute scrarping on server side; AnyPicker has simplified process to scrape multiple page data similarly. IMPORTANT INFO: PRIVACY NoCoding Data Scraper is a web scraping tool. All scraped data is always PRIVATE and visible only to you. Whether you're using our free or paid plans, NoCoding Data Scraper * DOES NOT KEEP your scraped data or websites account information (except the account you used to login the tool if registered), * DOES NOT STORED OR SEND your scraped data to our servers, * DOES NOT SHARE your scraped data with anyone without your explicitly agreement. NoCoding Data Scraper uses your own computer (browsers), and runs as an browser extension that lives only in your browser. Nothing scraped leaves your computer. NoCoding Data Scraper DOES NOT SCRAPE any data anonymously. The scraper strictly follows the recipe you defined or imported. More information about Privacy Policy, please refer to NDS's offical website. DATA PROTECTION AND SECURITY NoCoding Data Scraper ENCRYPTS all exported recipes for you, and registered users can ask to set operational pin code for DUAL PROTECTION. Your email address is used for login and notification purposes, and will NEVER be provided to others for any purposes without your explicitly agreement. NoCoding Data Scraper transmits your account information over HTTPS with additional AES encryption algothrim. NoCoding Data Scraper requires you to understand and abide by the terms of use of whatever site you are scraping and that the user generated recipes are there for you to use “as is” without any obligation from NoCoding Data Scraper to modify or fix them or to help you to use them. ADDITIONAL INFO: Following Chrome extension persmissions are required to run the NoCoding Data Scraper: Tabs: required to manage the tabs opened when scraping multiple pages activeTab: required to track active tab for the creating of recipe WebNavigation: required to track the tabs opened when scraping multiple pages storage: required to store scraped data and configuration unlimitedStorage: required to store all scraped data for exporting later notification: required to notify you when tasks done More permissions are required for some specific features, and NoCoding Data Scraper will ask for permission grant via the browser. Please let us know if you have any feedback or feature requests: [email protected] Or contact us via our offical website: https://www.minirpa.net

Latest reviews

  • (2021-10-15) Pat MySecret: I'm giving this a 5-star so as not to break the record, but just to make it known, it seems that an account needs to be set up (I guess that is common, I just don't prefer) and I prefer not to see intermixed language.. as i see in the example set up. It doesn't seem totally simple to me on startup as others make it sound, though it seems to run quickly. It may be a great product beyond that. I tend to update my reviews.
  • (2021-10-14) 李国炎: Nice
  • (2021-10-05) Robert Conrad: Perfect tool! It took some time to figure out but it's way better than every other tool I tried. This tool is great. I have one question: I am hoping to use your "every 12 hours" automation feature. Will this tool run at nighttime when my laptop is sleeping (not turned off)?
  • (2021-09-27) Egor Baev: Удивительно, в отличие от других подобных инструментов этот заработал сразу и сделал именно то что нужно, даже больше. Спасибо разработчикам!
  • (2021-09-19) Tyron Foux: Fantastic tool! Takes a little time to study. I was able to pull a list of data in minutes. Saved me hours and hours of work.
  • (2021-09-19) 小杉喜江: マジッククローラアプリ。愛してる!
  • (2021-09-16) Hongbin Li: 这个工具真的是太棒了,以前都是使用火车头采集器,但是跟自己写代码差不多,自从接触了这个之后就彻底放弃火车头了,上手无压力,界面一看就能懂。自动识别,采集图片,批量采集URL,多级列表采集实现起来毫无压力,不过文档实在太缺了,很多功能都需要邮件询问才知道。 最近新出的定时采集,运行前删表功能真的太实用了,如果有代理切换,采集App就更棒了。 加油,希望产品做的越来越好,把火车头,八爪鱼,后羿比下去。
  • (2021-09-05) yas markter: nice and clean :D
  • (2021-08-28) Ben Miller: I tried a few of these scraping tools. This one is the only one that consistently does what I need. It takes a bit more configuration than some others. So if you just want to scrape one page its probably overkill. But for scraping multiple pages it is free and super powerful. The graphic design / visuals could be improved however, using it feels like a windows 95 app from 15 years ago.
  • (2021-08-26) Oscar Barrios: This is amazing, I use it everyday for my work.
  • (2021-08-18) Sandra Reichman: Awesome!
  • (2021-08-03) Esteban Pintos: Very powerful and easy to use. Having issues automating the recipe every 24 hours, so I have to do it manually. Other than that its excellet.
  • (2021-08-03) Fastandup Reload: Kept running for hours and then ultimately had to shut it. Zero data scarping.
  • (2021-07-17) 修修: 作为一名计算机基础为零的亚马逊卖家,用过很多数据抓取软件,但是此款采集插件是我用过最精巧,客服回复最快的软件,重点是价格也非常合理,推荐大家使用。
  • (2021-07-09) 雷同: 1,新手友好 2,功能完备 3,技术支持团队优秀 4,采集速度快
  • (2021-07-05) SusanJC Lee: Amazing! I tried Data Miner, Web Scraper, Instant Scraper, Simple Scraper, Grepsr, AnyPicker, Listly, getData..... Only NoCoding Scraper helped me out! Now I can handle various page scraping. Thank you David! you are so professional and enthusiastic
  • (2021-07-05) REMEMBER PALESTINE-UYGHURS-KASHMIR-SYRIA MYANMAR: Majority of the reviews are fake
  • (2021-07-03) Adlard Sewell: 对于不懂爬虫技术的小白,又想随心所欲爬取任意网站数据。 全网无敌手的浏览器插件---迷你派采集器---绝对是你的首选。 优秀并且强大的功能,满足大部分疑难杂症的网站灵活爬取。 小白基本零成本学会并上手实践!
  • (2021-06-21) Wong Chungpo: 收费了,而且强化了收费功能,弱化了免费功能,免费的很不方便了
  • (2021-06-20) 奇侠.: 非常好用的数据采集插件,简单易懂、可视化选择。 购买会员可以提高采集的时间评率。 免费版的,客服姐姐也很热情,耐心的帮你解决所遇到的所有问题。
  • (2021-06-17) Tengda Li: 非常强大;就是对于我这个小白来说,ali 国际站 和 访客详情 下的 二级展开,还是有点困难,希望能将采集教程完善一下就更好了。
  • (2021-06-12) Islah Web Service: Just amazing
  • (2021-05-30) Yalcin Chaturvedi: one of the best scrapers I've ever used, really simple and flexible enough. Saved me a ton of time!
  • (2021-05-14) sama kaitoki: Amazing extension! friendly to Japanese scraping
  • (2021-05-13) Xinh Châu: Best of the best! Thank you very much!
  • (2021-05-13) 武陵源: 的确好用的紧, 适合我这种小白。 比爪爪鱼和火车头简单太多了。 只是有的地方靠猜,教程多点就更好了
  • (2021-05-13) Time Hsw: 必须5星好评,简直不能更优秀了。采集很方便,自动翻页功能也很秀。必须赞一个
  • (2021-05-12) kun tian: 非常实用,能够加上批量同类url采集能够翻页就完美了。
  • (2021-05-09) Chirac Félix: love it. reoccuring scraping is good. would be better if there is French tutorial video
  • (2021-05-09) Madison Lee: 4 minutes grabbed 36 pages! super fast and easy! thank you for the app!
  • (2021-05-03) david vahlle: The best scrapers I've ever used. simple and flexible as well. Official response is very helpful and fast
  • (2021-04-29) jj sanjose: Awesome scraper! more accurate scraping result than web scraper, more powerful than simple scraper, easier than Octopus scraper, but..... cheaper than all these scrapers! Love it! I need more features: can export data to database? can upload images to Google Drive? can pause the scraping when I leave office? ... sorry for my greed! I really want to close all other tools and dedicate to you!
  • (2021-04-13) Kai chen: nice
  • (2021-04-12) sick dr: 史诗级的神奇,我在知乎有6000多的粉丝,给你们做宣传了,希望这款插件能越来越好
  • (2021-04-09) nelson yang: 牛逼,这个巨好用,如果能直连个sqlite就最好了。
  • (2021-04-02) 牛老五: 图片可以直接下载到百度网盘很牛逼! 如果能够创建文件夹更佳!
  • (2021-04-01) Joe Skarphol: So simple and powerful. Even I don't need documents and tutorials to get started easily, it can help me complete the work so easily. Thanks to all developers
  • (2021-04-01) Haywood Zsadanyi: A great tool with great support! This is already creating wonders to me. Combining different ends of science. Marvellous!!!
  • (2021-04-01) Dirk Homza: Awesome! That is it. I would say it took a little work at first but I have been able to obtain the data I want for my business quickly and unbelievable easily.
  • (2021-04-01) Works great. I would like it if I could name folder for downloaded images, but for now it works well enough!
  • (2021-03-31) Minjie Zhang: 主要是操作真简单。采集器也试用过其他的,比如八爪鱼子类的。感觉还是这个好用,只要浏览器就行。太方便了
  • (2021-03-31) Ankush Matule: Brilliant tool! I am not technical, you helped me out before giveing up! There are too many scrapers & crawlers with few free credits but expensive charge followed. you are the ONLY one I found with limitless pages and reoccuring scraping. Go Go Go!
  • (2021-03-30) Alpha Amelia: sorry for my poor english, I love it! The image download is very cool! とても良いツール!
  • (2021-03-22) Pitter Francis: have been using NoCoding Data Scraper for a couple of days. a great productivity tool, and SUPER easy to use!
  • (2021-03-15) Gung Suri: good and the best i can scrape text and download images as well on Instagram and Facebook. highly recommend
  • (2021-03-14) Angel: Like it. However I can only search 3 page max. I have trying to scrape a google scholar search 20 per page with 15 pages but it only scrape 3 pages and shut off automatically. How do I scrape the 15 pages without manually doing it every 3 pages?
  • (2021-03-08) Nati Gelman: Just amazing. Code free, simple UI, super sophisticated yet simple, and it comes with a scheduler. The best free tool out there!! My only wish, and this is far from a critic, is that you could store more than 10,000 rows
  • (2021-03-08) Poro Peng: 毫无疑问的神器
  • (2021-02-25) 比一比: 用过至少10种采集工具,唯独这个是真的长在痛点上了,我可以写出几千字夸奖这个开发者,改天再写文章来夸;懂的都懂,yyds!
  • (2021-02-17) Rad Bulldog: Sweet Sweet add on, I was using both instant data scrape and email extractor for cleaning emails from search engine but using just your add on it's faster and neat. Tip: to best enjoy pro trial li k on "Auto Scrape" to get settings filled then click on "Go Pro Scrape" works seamlessly beautiful.

Latest issues

  • (2021-09-27, v:1.0.48) Roger Lu: Google Maps Scrape by area
    Is there a feature where I can scrape an area of google maps that I define (drawing a map, or selecting a zip code?) I am not looking for a specific type of company, but all businesses in an area
  • (2021-09-03, v:1.0.45) Random Guy: Extension Literally Not Doing Anything
    I got this because I'm trying to view tweets by oldest first using pagination. Whenever I click on Auto Scrape, the pop-out screen literally just turns white. There's not even a loading screen or anything. The demo video does not address this. I have already registered with my GMail and have not removed anything from the extension. What's going on? Is there any way to make it load?
  • (2021-08-18, v:1.0.42) christ xie: 会员充值后采集上限未提升
  • (2021-07-19, v:1.0.40) xin wang: 我选择了自动采集,但是点击“保存”或者“保存开始” 后没有任何反应
    我选择了自动采集,但是点击“保存”或者“保存开始” 后没有任何反应,导致无法开始工作
  • (2021-07-13, v:1.0.39) kalpana devi: Demo
    Hi, Is there a demo link of how to do this web scrapping?
  • (2021-06-14, v:1.0.36) Hari Prasadh: Can Zoominfo detect the scraping?
    Hey Developer, I am really very glad that I have found your tool. I did use few paid tools earlier and I have to say this is the best freemium tool. However, I have a concern in the name of Zoominfo. I am using a company paid zoominfo account and I am a bit concerned if Zoominfo can detect this scraping job. Would be great of you could clear this air around. Thank you! Hari
  • (2021-05-25, v:1.0.35) Xia Youchun: 你好,我试用了几天该插件,是否可以从高级会员降级为普通会员?
  • (2021-05-12, v:1.0.32) kun tian: 你好,作者,非常感谢您能开发出这样方便的插件。
  • (2021-04-18, v:1.0.32) Zinny World: Recipe
    Hi, How can I save the recipes I produced so that I can import them to use on another computer? Thanks
  • (2021-03-13, v:1.0.27) Jay: Scrape move than 3 pages.
    Hello, How do i scrape more than 3 pages? I have a google search of 50 pages but the scraper automatically closes after 3 pages and when i hit run it starts from page 1 again creating duplicates. Please guide me. Thank you
  • (2021-01-11, v:1.0.20) 君波少: 如何网页列表抓取或镶嵌循环
    功能很强大,用的非常好用 不过我遇到了一个问题 我有一个项目 需要 有一个翻页的列表需要抓取数据,同时列表中 一个元素 打开 加载后,也有一些数据 需要 抓取。 看和你的 京东抓取的例子有点像,不过那个案例已经太久了,没法参考,我就想知道怎么同页循环嵌套循环怎么用 非常感谢您
  • (2021-01-03, v:1.0.20) K D: How do I do list-list extractions?
    A simple example would be a page with a list of users, clicking on each user will direct to a list of posts made that user. https://ibb.co/tBCKnJy It does extract the detail rows with the correct parent fields. But at the same time, it will output the parent rows. How can skip those rows. For example, it currently looks like this: userA userB ... userA, post1, clap1, date1,... userA, post2, ... ... userB, post111, clap111,... userB, post222, clap222,...
  • (2021-01-03, v:1.0.20) K D: Why 10000 rows?
    Why is there a limit of 10000 rows?
  • (2020-10-29, v:1.0.9) ace tong: 无法解压缩拓展程序
  • (2020-10-28, v:1.0.9) 姚作周: Can't install
    Unzip error
  • (2020-10-28, v:1.0.9) yf Tsao: 显示解压错误


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