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Simply enables the usage of your keyboard's media keys for Google Play Music.

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Description from store Tired of controlling Google Play Music by switching to the correct tab and using the controls with your mouse? This tiny extension enables your keyboard's media keys to control Google Play Music. How to use: - install the extension - go to your Google Play Music tab and prepare your playlist - PMMK should be activated automatically! - enjoy ... - deactivate the extension by clicking the extension icon manually or closing the Google Play Music tab! Changelog: Update 0.5.4: - Less permissions needed for PMMK Update 0.5.3: - Bugfix Update 0.5.2: - Play Music Media Keys is now running with the new UI of Google Play Music. Have fun!

Latest reviews

  • (2020-11-19) Josh Bergasse: This works when you disable Media Keys in chrome to avoid that terrible little window in the top left corner Windows 10 when you play and pause media.
  • (2020-02-01) François Georgy: Does not work. Restarted, rebooted, checked everything. Just doesn't work for me on Mac.
  • (2020-01-28) Ethan Berg: adds support for keyboard media buttons. exactly what i wanted
  • (2020-01-08) Trev Evans: Does exactly what it says on the tin! :-)
  • (2019-12-31) Jon Brock: Does not work on my Logitech K810
  • (2019-12-08) Ben Forster: It does play pause and skip in either direction but... it also skips two songs instead of one. Due to I've got to remove it and look for alternative solutions.
  • (2019-11-10) Dima Rostopira: You have to enable Chrome in accessibility settings on macOS. Then it just works (using Catalina 10.15.1 and Chrome 78)
  • (2019-11-04) Darek Greenly: This extension is not needed anymore. Media keys started working with the new Chrome update.
  • (2019-10-08) Works great. I have used on Linux and Windows without any issues. I also switched to the Brave browser which is chromium based but it still works perfectly. This should be built into Chrome/Google Music already but you know.. Google is unable to ever update their existing products and only knows how to create new things. Great extension.
  • (2019-09-18) Vitalii Pidtserkovnyi: cool
  • (2019-07-17) Pramoth Murali: The best, wonder why doesn't Google see this integration.
  • (2019-06-03) Alyssa Cantrell: Works as expected on Windows 10 and Chrome 74. Thank you!
  • (2019-04-21) Live Long & Prosper: Outstanding! This works perfectly, whether Google Play Music is in focus or not. It even works on a Google Play Music app link on my Windows 10 taskbar--even when my browser is closed. When I open my MusicBee app to play hi-resolution music, the media keys properly focus on MusicBee. And when I close MusicBee, the media keys properly re-bind to Google Play Music. Genius!
  • (2019-04-02) Paul C: Works perfectly!
  • (2019-03-13) E. K.: Does EXACTLY what it says. Extremely useful, much appreciated. Exactly what I needed. I expect to never remove it.
  • (2019-03-08) Keith Enlow: Perfect and simple solution. Works as described and also works when browser window is not in focus which is just the icing on the cake.
  • (2019-02-06) Derrick: Does exactly what it says, no muss no fuss.
  • (2019-01-13) Paul White: Nice and simple, just works.
  • (2018-12-31) Edgar Colmenares: Funciona de maravilla :D
  • (2018-11-30) Tim West: Honestly - I just want my G18 media buttons to work in Chrome - it works perfectly. Put a paypal donate button up! Id buy you a coffee for this!
  • (2018-11-20) Sandra Daniela: Does it work with macOs Mojave Version 10.14.1 (18B75)? It's not working for me, keeps opening itunes. Any advice?
  • (2018-11-19) Ankit Duseja: Great extension, I just wish it could control volume as well. I use it along with chromecast and it works well but volume cannot be controlled, instead it changes default system volume. But otherwise awesome for track change and play/pause.
  • (2018-11-15) daz tom: OMG!! Thank you so much. Wondered why my keys stopped and couldn't find a reason any where and only old info. It now works as its supposed to thank thank thank thanks! Awesome dude.
  • (2018-10-28) Tony Prez: always wondered why I couldnt use my media keys with Play, this changed that with one click. thanks. I was wondering if this would work cuz its an older app that hasnt been updated in years, but why fix what isn't broke? well done. thanks
  • (2018-09-06) Peter Jenkins: It works! <3
  • (2018-09-04) Andrew Blok: Not working on mac
  • (2018-08-27) Ryan-Bríghid Mentő: It does exactly what it says on the tin.
  • (2018-06-17) Алексей Федорус: Requires browser restart but works perfectly
  • (2018-06-05) Julian Wachholz: Does what it says. What more do you want?
  • (2018-05-22) Keith Mickunas: Simple, straightforward, does the job.
  • (2018-05-01) Alex Pearlstein: A+ Added to chrome, clicked the icon and BAMF! my media keys worked!
  • (2018-04-02) Abraham Romero: It worked fined the first days, but since the last weekend I haven't been able to make it work. when opening the debug console, I see the commands are executed when pressing the media keys, but the song doesn't change command: toggle_next command: toggle_prev command: toggle_playpause

Latest issues

  • (2020-12-03, v:0.5.4) Josh Bergasse: YT Music support
    Hey there, Could you make one of these for YT Music, now that Google Music has been deprecated? Or publish this bad boy on github and hopefully we could tweak it to work on YTM. Thank you for making this, used it for quite a while! Josh
  • (2020-04-21, v:0.5.4) Christian Giroux: It does not work :/
    Media keys do not work. my windows is up to date as of today, so is Chrome
  • (2020-01-14, v:0.5.4) Ahab Wolf: Possible fix for chrome users
    I was having an issue with the Play/Pause feature not working, only the Next/Prev track buttons worked. I disabled Global Media Controls in chrome via the chrome://flags/ page, and now it works! Just wanted to let other people know in case this works for them.
  • (2019-05-31, v:0.5.4) Jonathan Lafleur: Do you plan on supporting Youtube Music ?
    Do you plan on supporting Youtube Music ?
  • (2019-04-04, v:0.5.4) Ricardo David Ruiz López: Temporarily disable?
    Can I temporarily disable this extension? I cant use media keys with spotify even if the extension is greyed out and no google music tab is open. Thanks.
  • (2019-02-25, v:0.5.4) Mouse Functionality
    The extension works great for my Logitech Keyboard, however my Logitech mouse has some programmable buttons and (after programming one of the buttons to the Play/Pause function), the mouse buttons don't work. It seems that the function command would be the same whether originating in the keyboard or the mouse. Logitech is blaming the extension. Any thoughts?
  • (2018-12-10, v:0.5.4) Max Renaud: Permission question
    Hi, Can you please explain the requirement for browsing history? Interested in adding this plugin and this prevents me from adding it at work. Is it the for "previous song" navigation? Let me know (You might see from this inquiry that I'm a Google employee. This interaction is 100% personal and has nothing to do with my capacity as a Google employee. Please treat this interaction as a normal user<->dev conversation)
  • (2018-11-26, v:0.5.3) Gjoesliyknep: Doesn't work.
    Installed, press keys, no change.
  • (2018-08-14, v:0.5.3) Allan Duong: Doesn't work
    Hi. I just installed this and tried, but it doesn't work. Nothing happens when I press the media keys.
  • (2018-04-21, v:0.5.3) Richard Feldman: Permissions?
    This extension looks fantastic, but I get really nervous about the "Read and change all your data on websites you visit" permission. Any chance you could change the manifest to have it only ask for permissions on "play.gooogle.com/music" instead of all websites (e.g. including my bank)? Would be really great! <3


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