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Easily remove items from your YouTube subscription feed with a single click

Image from store Remove from Feed Button for YouTube
Description from store Puts "X" button to the right of each videos in your YouTube subscription feed to allow removing videos with a single click. Please report issues at https://goo.gl/4IgEU1 GitHub: https://goo.gl/2NK3T Like this? You could buy me a cop of coffee: http://goo.gl/xzEAG Follow me for updates on other projects: Github: https://goo.gl/nYUgZm Google: http://goo.gl/brcnw Twitter: http://goo.gl/UTh0W Facebook: http://goo.gl/OwKIG

Latest reviews

  • (2018-02-06) Harp Harpsiccord: Youtube changed the layout again... could you please update this or suggest a way to make it work?
  • (2017-11-13) Human: Не работает. Да и такая функция сейчас уже встроена по умолчанию.
  • (2017-05-20) John Napalm: Remove the ads and it would be great.
  • (2016-01-09) Mike Calvert: Used to work and was excellent. Not any more, is useless now. Uninstalled. ??Shame :-(
  • (2015-12-04) Höngle Prængus: Edited: ((I liked the "(X)" button that was off to the right of each video in your feed a lot more than the new "Remove" button that is right under each thumbnail....)) This problem went away! Don't know what the issue was. DOUBLE EDIT: ((I was just wondering though - do you plan to make this extension work with the "grid" layout in the sub box, or will you keep it with just the "list" format?)) NEVERMIND I just saw that you've already done this, you're doing an awesome job!! All in all, this extension is phenomenal and I love it, I almost never have issues with it.
  • (2015-08-18) Yulia Linderoth: Doesn't work with youtube's new layout, which was the only reason I got it.
  • (2014-11-17) Ken Blanton: Unable to hide/remove videos. Subscriptions feed locked in grid view ... no "x" shown which can be clicked on to hide/remove videos.
  • (2014-10-06) Jeff Swearingen: Working again. Donation sent! Edit: Stopped working agin. :-( 10/6 Update: Now it's working again. Very happy.
  • (2014-09-02) Lucas Hutmacher: stopped working yesterday. used to be amazing though. one star because the extension no longer functions as advertised. edit: working again. 5-star because it's AWESOME. I'll just keep re-editing this post every time it breaks haha.
  • (2014-09-02) SIT IsDown: Sucks, doesnt work. Removed all watched video link is there, but doesnt even do anything.
  • (2014-08-24) J00Lz NoName: This is really great and comes in handy since YT always does something that is opposite of what would we (the users) like. Unfortunately, a few days ago YT changed something and now the (x) or -remove- button is missing... Plus the "Remove all watched" isn't working for a while too. Hope it will be a;; as was
  • (2014-08-21) Cherry COla: No longer working :( would like to try out the remove all watched button.
  • (2014-06-01) Jax Briggs: Garbage. What a worthless pile of ****
  • (2014-05-19) Ivo van der Linden: This worked great... up till yesterday. The "remove from feed"-button is no longer there. I have checked that the extension is activated. Has YouTube changed its API so the button can no longer function/show? :-(
  • (2013-10-03) Jan Lasetzke: It works but if I refresh/reload my Youtube Side the elements i just deletet appear again on my wall. Thats really sad.
  • (2013-08-16) Meg: The "Remove All Watched" button doesn't seem to work, which is disappointing.
  • (2013-08-15) Ullrich Wagener: Removes watched videos (which makes the feed 1000x more bearable), but the remove from feed button doesn't work as they reappear on refresh.
  • (2013-08-01) Clay Miller: it was working before. Now when I remove a vid and refresh the page the vid that I removed is still there. Please fix this bug
  • (2013-05-07) Roger Baumgartner: Works like a charm and is extremely handy. It also doesn't just remove the video but it also hides the annoying message saying that "this element has been removed from your feed". (Yes, YouTube, I noticed.) Furthermore it looks great, except for the "Remove all watched" button being shifted just a few pixels up ^^ Thanks a lot! 5/5
  • (2013-03-20) Cathy Graniero: Since YouTube changed the format for viewing videos from subscribers, I have been lost. Searched and used every app and extension on Chrome for a fix - AND THIS IS IT! I subscribe to 48 people, and used to have the small icons loaded on the page, about 6 across, 7 down, and could watch from the last to the latest. Now the format is about 5 large icons per page, and you are scrolling through multiple pages to watch each video - plus the ones you've watched do not disappear from your subscriber list. This solved all my problems. There are a few things you have to do to make this work properly. No special set up required. When you watch a video, do not click to go back one page (as I was so used to doing), but when you are done viewing, liking, commenting, do not move from that page. Look to the left just aside the video and click on "GUIDE." That will bring you back to "My Subscriptions" new tab and you will see that that video is now marked "Watched." However you want to watch your videos, watch 5 or 6 in a row, but always hit "GUIDE" nest to each video after finished and all videos watched with say "Watched." After a time, go to top of page and notice new option: "Delete All Watched Videos." If you want to safe any particular video, save to your channel under a playlist or favorites. Hit this new option to delete all videos watched, and they will disappear. No worry. If there are some videos from your subscriptions you do not want to watch, there is a new button to the right hand side and you can "Remove video from Subscription List." This will not remove your subscription, just that video. Then go to the YouTube Bar that says "Your Subscriptions and hit it." Everything will be gone from your page, but don't panic. Just hit it again and all your watched videos and ones you don't want to watch and have indicated so will be gone, and the remainder of your videos will be there. It took me a few tries before I figured out you cannot hit the "previous page arrow" to make this work. You must hit the "GUIDE" nest to the video you just watched to return you to your list of videos. It is very simple to use, does exactly what I wanted it to do so I am not scrolling through 6 or 7 pages each time I want to see videos I have not watched, and this developer is a genius beyond compare. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You.
  • (2013-03-03) Haggle Forth: i was waiting for something like this to appear. it makes my life easier and i wish they would import this into youtube. sweet! oh yeah, first!

Latest issues

  • (2018-04-01, v:0.0.7) JustaSojourner: button not working
    every since youtube forced the new look upgrade this button doesnt work anymore
  • (2017-12-16, v:0.0.7) Александр: don't work
    plz fix
  • (2017-09-05, v:0.0.7) Eric Johansson: New YouTube design
    Would be nice to get support for the new YouTube design.
  • (2017-08-25, v:0.0.7) marc c: no longer works
    no longer works with new youtube layout watch later replaces the remove button.
  • (2017-05-19, v:0.0.7) Judy Corona: Can't remove vids
    I LOVE this extension SO much!!! It worked great with occasional glitches until about a week or 10 days ago. I have no "X" to delete the videos. I see instead a clock in the upper right hand corner to mark videos "watch later". My feed is clogged and annoying. Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  • (2016-12-07, v:0.0.7) m.j.p. P.: Compatibilidad
    Mi pc es un Windows XP antiguo, actualmente no puedo recibir actualizaciones y no puedo escuchar sonidos. Con la app Youtube seguiría con el problema?
  • (2016-08-07, v:0.0.7) Slevanas: Not working
    It's not working anymore can you please fix it.
  • (2016-07-05, v:0.0.7) michaela harke-brown: i want musik on my android phone gratis, how do i do that
  • (2016-07-05, v:0.0.7) michaela harke-brown: loading musik from you tube
    hi anyone knows how the app, that alows you to download youtube musik, its called.
  • (2016-04-29, v:0.0.7) Nick Bestor: Removed items reappearing
    The extension works fine for newer videos. However, if I try to remove older items from my feed (even as recent as a couple weeks ago), they always reappear when I reload.


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