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Displays data about the POIs owned by an alliance in a simple table along with a graph.

Image from store Command & Conquer TA POIs Analyser
Description from store A tool which provides all you need to know about the alliance's owned POIs, making it very easy for players to check scores, bonuses, tiers, and ranks. POIs analyser provides data about: - Scores. - Bonuses. - Next tier bonuses. - Score needed to reach next tier. - Alliance POI ranks. - Tiers. - Additional general information. - POI's locations on map. - Simulater: add/remove pois and check the overall bonus. What's new: V 2.0 ***Major Updates*** --------------------------------- - POIs data are now retrieved directly from server, which means no matter what server or which world you are on, POIs levels, scores and bonuses would be 100% accurate. - Works on non-English servers. - Added Simulator, simulator helps you find out which POI your alliance can abandon without losing any bonus, it takes into consideration alliance poi's rank and poi's bonus tier. It also allows you to check what effect a new poi could have on the bonus. - Added a checkbox at the bottom that allows you to show/hide the logo image. V 1.5.3 --------------------------------- - FOP slogan replaced by corresponding alliance's abbreviation. - Added alliance's owned pois list in additional information. - Added Tampermonkey and Scriptish support. - Works now on servers with languages other than English. V 1.5.2 --------------------------------- - Updated script to work with the new server patches. V 1.5.1 --------------------------------- - Found and fixed a bug which was causing the script to crash when a POI total score ranges between 1,300 - 2,200. - Increased compatibility with the game API. - Will now detect if alliance exists and display POIs statistics only if the player is a member of an alliance. Tested on Servers 72, 74, 78. V 1.4 --------------------------------- - Fixed some bugs. V 1.3 --------------------------------- - Fixed potential conflicts with other scripts. - Fixed some bugs.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-01-24) Dionisio Oling: i like it
  • (2016-12-11) Abir Sagher: Das ist die beste spiel allezeit
  • (2016-06-28) Hassan Muhammad Dandogo: i love it
  • (2016-03-18) Matthew Stephens: Sux
  • (2016-01-12) emerson natalino: top
  • (2015-11-05) Steven Baltimore: makes the game more injoyble thank's
  • (2015-09-21) Javier Lucero: es una herramienta que te da una ventaja increible
  • (2015-07-02) Isaac Isaac: It worked great and was really useful. Since about 2 weeks ago it stopped and now does not work under chrome or firefox
  • (2015-06-16) Jack: stopped working, no response from author either.
  • (2015-06-11) Markus Klaus: Schöne und zweckmäßige Darstellung.
  • (2015-04-04) kevin tunstall: Removes all tabs under alliances except the POI tab. Too bad as this would be useful.
  • (2015-03-18) Tommy Van Rooyen: nice!
  • (2014-08-13) Thibault Klinge: Ne fonctionne pas ...
  • (2014-06-25) Floyd Watry: Does not work. There is a non-Chrome version that did work, wonderfully, until Chrome disabled it. Great extension if only Chrome can get theirs to work. PS. Being an officer doesn't matter
  • (2014-06-20) Jeu Tharache: Je viens juste de l'installer : ne fonctionne pas, l'onglet dans Alliance est introuvable. ATTENTION : ensuite, j'ai eu 3 messages comme quoi Chrome me demandait accès à mon trousseau (sur OS X Maverick) -> eh bien j'ai des doutes sur ce scripts qui pourrait être intrusif. Je change mes mots de passe. Donc attention car étrange.
  • (2014-03-05) Madelyn Ackerman: I have been told you need to be an officer or higher to use this, Not sure though.
  • (2014-02-08) alex siqueira: muito bom
  • (2014-02-01) Asif Iqbal: After installing it and activating, I cannot anymore see any other tabs except "Alliance POIs" & "Alliance".
  • (2013-08-14) Khalil Awad: Not showing the graph, but the other stuff are working. Could you please fix this bug ? I'm in "Monde 11" (France)
  • (2013-08-04) Ron Spies: It not working for me werld 4 nederland doest show the tab where suppost to be.
  • (2013-08-03) Rodrigo Goncalves de Souza: It not working for me world 4 Brazil doest show the tab where suppost to be.

Latest issues

  • (2015-10-06, v:2.0.1) Alexander Zimm: Funktioniert nicht mehr
    Hallo zusammen, leider funktioniert das wirklich sehr sehr schöne Tool nicht mehr auf den aktuellen Welten! Gibt es jemanden der eine funktionierende Version hat oder der das beheben kann? Mfg Ghost
  • (2015-09-30, v:2.0.1) Dimitris Isaakidis: Not working
    Haven't used it for some time , since i step back from the POI officer rank , but wanted to use it again ... it not working , any info or any thing i could do for this ?
  • (2015-07-03, v:2.0.1) Jim Cummins: POI Analyser
    I play on 7 worlds and the Analyser no longer works on any. What is the chance of someone fixing it? It was one of the best tools available.
  • (2015-06-16, v:2.0.1) Isaac Isaac: not working
    I am on Firestorm 1 world and its not working there. and now not working on other worlds neither
  • (2015-06-14, v:2.0.1) Alan K.: POI Analyser
    Has this been dropped. It no longer is working
  • (2015-06-11, v:2.0.1) Jack: tab doesnt show
    since 2 days the tab doesnt show up anymore. tried reinstalling etc, still doesnt show up.
  • (2014-10-26, v:2.0.1) Robert Jones: logo
    logo now missing Command & Conquer TA POIs Analyser 2.0.1
  • (2014-10-21, v:2.0.1) POI analyzer
    Plugin installed. Not working. Tab not showing up.
  • (2014-08-08, v:2.0.1) Alan K.: poi analyzer
    I have recently acquired a new system and now the script is no longer working have tried deleting and re-installing but nothing has worked
  • (2013-07-14, v:1.5.1) Hartmut Schaumburg: POI Analyser
    Hi, i have installed the extension Poi Analyser but i didn´t see anything. Where i can found the statistics? I´m playing on Server 21. Thanks


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