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Quickly download stuff to your pre-chosen folders from the comfort of your context menu!

Image from store Save to folder from context menu
Description from store **NOTE**: For security reasons, Chrome doesn't allow extensions to do certain things, such as choosing arbitrary download locations or disabling the "save as" dialog. But you can do it! I believe in you! Just read on. How to use, step-by-step: 1. In the extension's settings page, set up a list of folders. These will appear on your context menu so you can download stuff directly to them. 2... Uhh, that's it. ** FAQ ** * How do I download to locations outside the default downloads folder? You just need to set up symlinks (for more info, just head to the settings page after you install the extension). * How do I get rid of the "save as" dialog? Just head to your browser's preferences and disable this feature. * I find this extension so outrageously stupid. What should I do? Feel free to complain at: https://github.com/edjroot/webext-save-to-folder/issues

Latest reviews

  • (2021-07-23) Matt Martigan: Great extension! Works great most of the time. I've had a few instances where it saved the file without a file type. Needs custom hotkeys!
  • (2021-02-04) Seth Greene: Sorta works in Vivaldi. Getting failed html files in the Download manager. Symlink points to another drive, which may be a problem.
  • (2020-04-02) Dylan Townsend: I've been waiting for an equivalent of the FireFox extension FOREVER. This is going to help TONS. THANK YOU. Works flawlessly.
  • (2019-12-18) Doggy Woof: Unfortunately it has two big problems that prevented me to use it: (i) doesn't work saving images whose URLs contain dynamic parameters after the filename (e.g. site/image.jpg?width=1500 , which are common on ArtStation and Squarespace-based websites), and (ii) no ability to export/import your path configuration (I have many paths that need to be re-typed manually every single time I install Chrome or if it crashes/resyncs)
  • (2019-04-16) Michael Aaron: Still shows the annoying Save As dialog, which I was hoping to eliminate just for saving images... I still want it for everything else. Useless.
  • (2018-10-21) Jko Ggl: AMAZING extension! thanks a halabungadinga!
  • (2018-10-06) Ruslan Nasyrov: не работает
  • (2018-10-03) KendallJT: I really like stuff like this! I'm not sure if this is possible but it still pulls up the folder just to save it. Is there a way to just have it save as soon as you click on the folder name?
  • (2017-12-07) Bertold Brecht: Relatywna ścieżka do folderów? Koleś, jest 21. wiek.
  • (2017-09-06) Daniel Schmid: Apparently only works when the target folder is in the Downloads-folder of your windows system. This isn't mentioned in the description. It's useless to me this way.
  • (2017-06-19) Paulo Alberto: It's Great! But it would be better if had the option to save without ask for confirmation.
  • (2017-03-31) Joshua Chang: 很棒的工具 這工具只能下載到Chrome預設下載資料夾下的任何子資料夾,要突破這項限制請使用mklink Example for Windows mklink /j C:\Users\YourName\Downloads\Pictures C:\Users\YourName\Pictures 設定路徑填入 "Pictures/" 即可直接下載到C:\Users\YourName\Pictures下面
  • (2017-02-18) Сергей Шутник: Nice
  • (2016-11-13) Engin ACIK: but not working on Vivaldi ??
  • (2016-09-12) proto spork: Doesn't work at all. Doesn't work with windows-style paths. Doesn't work with unix style. Doesn't work with "/", the path the locations menu explicitly said would be equivalent to the downloads folder itself. The error message that comes up every time is "invalid filename", which makes me wonder if there's some sort of secret filename syntax required to actually save an image. This extension comes with no documentation in any form, so I guess we'll never know.
  • (2016-09-09) Yuriy Protsyuk: выбор папок неудобен :(
  • (2016-07-20) Hugo: nice idea , but don't work

Latest issues

  • (2020-04-27, v:0.0.5) Mystery Magician: Query on the save to folder extension
    Hello, I am trying to use the extension. I have entered path names and location but when i save nothing happens. No error message or no file downloaded to the location Thanks
  • (2017-09-24, v:0.0.2) Sam Williams: Duplicate prompt?
    I was wondering if it would be possible to do as the Firefox add-on does, and specify how to handle duplicate files. Currently this extension automatically renames the new file in numeric increments, but the Firefox add-on also allows for overwriting, automatically canceling, and bringing up the standard "Save Image As" menu. I know that you are not affiliated with Achim Seufert or his "Save Image in Folder" add-on, but it would be great if you could find a way to implement this feature.
  • (2016-07-21, v:0.0.1) Cannot add folders
    There is a button in the options for this extension to add a folder. Clicking the add folder button does absolutely nothing at all.
  • (2016-07-05, v:0.0.1) Limited to saving under the download folder?
    Are you limited to saving under the download folder? Or can I put a path in to any available drive?


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