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Description from extension meta Load subtitle to a HTML5 video.
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Description from store Add a subtitle, with a few clicks, to the current video. By using +Sub, you can search and select your desired subtitle which will be displayed on the video. This plugin supports Amazon Video, Netflix, Youtube and many more. Features: - Search your desired Movie/Series in the search window and find a suitable subtitle. - File support. Load subtitles files (*.srt) via Plugin into the video. - Customizable subtitle look. Do you want a black background with a green font? No Problem, you can adjust the visual style in the settings. - Subtitle synchronizing. Is the subtitle not synchronous with the video? +Sub has the capability to show the subtitle delayed. This plugin was tested with: - Netflix - Amazon Video - YouTube - letsgrave - and many more Github: www.github.com/plussub/plussub
Latest reviews (2019-03-16) Rami Abduldayem Sibai: not working at all (2019-02-09) Salem Al-Abdulrahim: does not work with prime video (2018-12-06) Disciple de Jésus-Christ: marche (2018-09-09) Husamulddin: It needs season-episode filter, i.e., instead of looking up through the whole seasons and episodes, we want to find a separate season section containing its episodes. We suggest to see that feature in the next update. (2018-08-27) Dr. Morty: doesn't work (2018-07-28) Maria Frank: Not Working (2018-07-01) Gersivan Oliveira: Não funciona. Botão simplesmente sumiu ao clicar. (2017-12-28) Andrew Dumaresq: doesn't work anymore (2017-10-07) Emre Olgaç: nhhh (2017-09-09) Arda Demir: Didn't work and ui sucks. chrome version: 61.0.3163.79 (2017-09-03) Vít Patočka: Incredible plugin, works with jwplayer, so i finally don't have to torrent shows and movies, gomovies and this is all i need. And all you'll ever need as well. Honestly, this plugin changed my life, and it will change yours. (2017-07-23) ibrahim halil kizilay: when you click it always say its might be broken and even if you repair it does not work it says it might be broken again (2017-07-20) Luis Matias: The best tool I could find to add subtitles on Amazon Video. Still has some little things to improve bu t overall, very good. Thanks to the developer, you did a great job and it surely helps a lot of people. (2017-07-19) Ömer İNCE: Çalışmıyor :/ (2017-07-19) 許小藍: very useful it also work with Chinese subtitles thank you very much! (2017-03-30) Ted Johnson: I was very happy to find this! The settings UI is a little clunky, but I can live with that. I could not get the time offset feature to work (on Amazon video). So apparently I can only use this when the SRT and the video sync perfectly. (2017-02-20) Ekvator: kardeşim güncellediniz program çalışmıyor çalışan şeyi niye bozuyorsunuz (2017-02-16) i soon phacharakitrawee: good (2017-01-25) Robbie Smith: Surprisingly good and uncomplicated. (2017-01-23) Sally Ryukia: its good, but it only works well when the video is full and the timing in that video is right, take youtube for instance not all those videos are good some may be full but the timing is wrong to the subtitles so its less enjoyment, thank ou for this tool it really helps (2017-01-12) 이가원: 앵간한 비디오 플레이어에는 다 작동하는거 같지만 모든 플레이어를 지원하기에는 무리인가 봅니다 그래도 여전히 쓸만합니다 (2016-08-18) Omar Azookari: thank you millions for this tool (2016-04-21) Wilmer Gómez: es genial. puedes ver netflix y ver una linea de subitulos a parte de la general lástimosamente muchos están en desorden (atraso o adelanto) y al acomodarlos no a veces deja de responder bien la extensión. pero es lo mejor que he encontrado para poner doble subtítulo a netflix usando doble idioma (el de nteflix y un segundo idioma). Anteriormente se llamaba .srt y ahora dejó de tener el soporte para moidificar el time offset. Nowadays it doesn't have anylonger the time offset changer, that takes it inot unusable :( so bad. I can't use it anylonger then. (2016-04-13) Leo Caseiro: It seems not working with .srt files, but works okay with .vtt. That would be nice be able to choose both subtitles. PS: Is it on github? I could collaborate it. (2015-12-17) Christian Schmitz: A good way to add subtitles to online videos!

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