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Description from extension meta Better reading experience on Gmail. If you having difficulty reading (usually) very small text on Gmail, no need to use browser…
Image from store V7 Gmail Zoom
Description from store Better reading experience on Gmail. If you having difficulty reading (usually) very small text on Gmail, no need to use browser zoom any more and change the whole Gmail UI just to increase email text. Simply set desired zoom for incoming emails and separately for list of emails (inbox, sent...). Extension will remember zoom you set. Styled emails will preserve their original layout.
Latest reviews (2019-07-28) P Schmied: When it works, it's great. But i can't count in it working for more than 5-6 weeks at a time. After every Chrome/Chrome OS "update" the first thing I do is to open GMail to see if it still works after an OS restart. Google keeps breaking inter-operability with it. Goggle 's "Don't be evil" motto is a myth. Actions performed without competence and forethought that cause harm are immoral by omission. They are evil. Google coders don't know how to play nicely with third parties. They aren't developers or software engineers. They don't stick with standardized interfaces. They change labels, invent or switch things on the fly with no warning. They are isolated groups of hackers (original meaning - one who learns on the job by trial and error, doesn't understand what they do before doing it). With a supposedly mature product (release version 75!) that has lots of 3rd party products that inter-operate with it, that is a recipe for FUD by users and developers. Google in-house hackers are human, but so are the developers of most large IT organization. People make mistakes. The most egregious mistakes are those that come from ignorance and lack of management. That's why even the best corporate programmers should NEVER be allowed to make code changes that aren't necessary, aren't supervised, aren't t planned, aren't managed, aren't tested and benchmarked to see that they achieve the purpose of the change, without breaking something else and causing problems for users and aren't documented, and NEVER without being described to 3rd party PARTNERS. EVERY Google software and service change is a "Guess what we did and how we did it" experience. The only ones in the past 5 years that were announced to users beforehand were service and feature removals, Google+ ending and Google Photos losing synchronization with Drive. Google Chromebook users have experienced major GUI changes and broken functionality with almost every "update". When you create a product and expect/invite others to use it, to build add-ons, they are your PARTNERS - stakeholders, not just "users". Ignore them and cause enough problems for serious stakeholders , and they will abandon you, leaving those who don't give a d*mn. Your services will become less trusted, less profitable, and your remaining partners as unreliable and inconsiderate as you are. That is the Golden Rule as applies to the open market. (2018-10-21) Rod Harrington: I loved this extension, but a couple of days ago it stopped working! Now the button doesn't even show up. I'm looking forward when it gets fixed! (2018-05-15) William J. Croft: This is a brilliant extension and solves the tiny tiny Roboto default font used by the 2018 GMail upgrade. This deserves much wider exposure for anyone wanting to avoid eyestrain. The extension comes with a Youtube tutorial showing usage. It allows independent adjustment of the zoom for the mail text and the lists of messages. (2018-01-22) So nice to be able to 'read' email without having to zoom in every time gmail is opened. next step...making the feature available via kiwi for gmail, wavebox etc. (2017-04-10) Dany: Very useful and easy! Thanks!

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