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Description from extension meta Change YouTube(TM) videos volume and seek with your mouse
Image from store YouTube(TM) Mouse Controls
Description from store With Mouse Controls for YouTube™ you can change the volume and seek with your mouse. NOTE: I had to change the permissions for this extension to run on every website. Mostly because I want to have this controls on other websites that use the same video player as YouTube. If you don't want that, you can change the permissions in the extension settings in the extensions section and only allow youtube.com or whatever. === HOW TO USE === * !!!IMPORTANT!!! Make sure to go to the settings page and setup the extension first thing. * After installing the app, refresh your YouTube™ page. The controls should be active now. * Hover over the player and use your mouse scroll to change the volume. * To seek click the middle button once, then scroll. this will move your seek forward or backward in time. === NEW RELEASE === v. 1.2.4 - Bug fixes I created this extension because I personally needed this feature. Since its initial creation it got a lot better and got many features based on user requests. If you feel like is not working for you, leave a comment and I'll try to fix the issue. === PAST RELEASES === v. 1.2.3 - Added Youtube Music functionality - Bug fixes - Todo: build the HUD v. 1.2.2 - Bug fix v. 1.2.1 - Fuck, I forgot about the Seek fix v. 1.2.0 - Stable Logarithmic volume - Fix fast scrolling volume bug v. 1.1.2 - various bug fixes per user feedback. thanks all - Wait for Volume (experimental). Mute tab by default and unmute when ready (bacause of a small lag beteen the youtube player and when the extension loads) - Logarithmic volume (experimental). See the settings page. v. 1.1.1 - fix for new UI youtube.com/new v. 1.1.0 - attempt to fix loosing volume value after tab restart - new option "Font Thickness" - misc fixes v. 1.0.9 - added ability to position the volume hud on all four corners of the video v. 1.0.8 - removed white percentage bar per user requests - added "Fix the fucking annotations" feature. Check it out on the options page v. 1.0.7 - Seek progress on screen initial release - other bug fixes v. 1.0.6 - Percentages on screen stable release - options page stability improvements - other bug fixes v. 1.0.5 - new feature: Percentages on screen (beta). How it works: Go to the options page and enable this feature. You need to set it up. Go ahead and change this settings however you feel like. - options page stability improvements - other bug fixes v. 1.0.4 - hunting down a bug v. 1.0.3 - added volume percentage feature. It will be visible on the player control bar. v. 1.0.2 - added seek only feature (see the option page) - added reverse volume scroll feature (see the option page) - added reverse seek scroll feature (see the option page) - known bug, gaming YouTube™ stop working in some instances. Ill have to wait for the guys from YouTube™ to stop messing with the code. v. 1.0.1 - volume bug fix v. 1.0.0 - Version 1, YAY!! - minor improvements v. 0.9.9 - Volume bug fix v. 0.9.8 - Added support for gaming.youtube.com - Permissions updates v. 0.9.7 - Permissions updates v. 0.9.6 - Added Volume Only feature - Minor fixes v. 0.9.5 - volume and seek options page fix v. 0.9.4 - adding proper branding v. 0.9.3 - adding proper attribution v. 0.9.2 - small bug fix v. 0.9.1 - added options page. To access it type chrome://extensions in the address bar - Use Volume Controls by default - Use Seek Controls by default - Volume sensitivity - Seek sensitivity v. 0.1.5 - bug fix - seek doesn't keep track of the current time (thanks the community for reporting this bug) v. 0.1.4 - bug fix #17 - volume not working with the flash player v. 0.1.3 - code cleanup v. 0.1.2 - HTML 5 player bug fixed v 0.1.1 - initial release - scroll up and down to change volume - click the middle mouse then scroll up and down to change seek YouTube™ is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.
Latest reviews (2019-11-17) Dimitrija Popovski: It keeps doubling the volume sensitivity. If I set it to 5, when I scroll once it goes up 10%, if I set it to 6, it goes up 12% etc. Edit: It was fixed, it now works as it should be. (2019-11-16) Leo Keogh: Great extension but I have a weird bug in Google search results when this extension is active: when I click on an amazon link in the search results it opens amazon 404 page because the link has the param "&tag=tvshowreminders-20" ... chrome version 78.0.3904.97 (Official Build) (64-bit) (2019-11-09) ArtDor: It does not work sometimes when I click outside the browser. Amazon links in google search do not work (when I click on a n amazon product link in google search, It redirects me to amazon "Sorry we couldn’t find that page"). (2019-11-09) JK 92: I just found out that this extension has been the cause of so much frustration for me. When watching a video on YouTube and opening a new tab, especially when having 2 separate browser windows open, it will mute the tab where the video you're currently watching is, until you manually unmute the tab again. But I have to admit that the problem could be on my end as well, because I am in fact using Microsoft Edge Chromium, and not Google Chrome, hence the 4 stars and not lower. Because other than the issue I'm facing, the extension seems pretty great. (2019-11-01) KAZUHIRA K: この拡張機能は悪質なアドウェアですのでインスト―ルすべきではありません。 既に英文でのレビューが投稿されていますが、同内容を日本語で追記します。 この拡張機能はAmazonのリンクに広告クエリを追加します。またその広告は機能していないため、Amazonへのリンクは全て壊れたリンクとなってしまいます。これらを停止させるためには、\odhhfodnkaidhocaaaokdofhkoiahpbn\1.2.4_0\scripts\injected.jsの266行目から277目と、261行目を削除してください。 面倒な方は深く考える必要はありません、単純に拡張機能ごと削除してしまいましょう。 (2019-10-25) Konstantin KotSk8er: fix volume memory bug. 🙏🙏🙏 (2019-10-03) Sagun Manandhar: It would be great to have it work only with filter like middle mouse or right mouse. You already have middle mouse filter but it's useless because it's secondary. Primary will be used without filter. If we can bind both primary and secondary with filters that would be great. Then we can scroll the page as well without moving the move away from the video frame. Also would be great to have it work on all video frames not just in youtube. Like in on of the firefox addon.. (2019-09-30) Rus LAN: Great extension, best for my needs! But! After the last update of Chrome to Version 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit), the extension does not work correctly: 1. Despite the fact that in the settings the adjustment step 1 is set, the volume changes with step 2, if I set step 2, the volume changes with step 4, etc. 2. The middle button does not work to switch to seek mode. If I set the default seek mode in the settings, the seek works, but does not switch through the middle button to the volume control mode. And seek work like volume too -- step 2 if set 1 etc. Reinstalling the extension and new configuration does not solve the problem. What happened? (2019-09-24) Nathan Wilding: Was working great and my most used Chrome add on. Now I have to remove it. Use to work correctly and scroll wheel would go 5% like I set it to, followed directions and will not update or save my changes in settings. It now will only go 10% and that is not the purpose for me. 5% is perfect and without that working, I cannot see myself using this again. (2019-09-23) 山田ハヤオ: This extension modifies links to Amazon to place ads. And this ad is not working properly and will break the link. To make it work properly, delete lines 266 to 277 and 261 in \odhhfodnkaidhocaaaokdofhkoiahpbn\1.2.4_0\scripts\injected.js (2019-09-22) Owen Leadbetter: Love this extension worked great for a while but for some reason what ever i set the volume sensitivity to it doubles that value. For example my default sensitivity is 5 so when i scroll it will go from 40% to 45% but for some reason now it goes to 50% and it works for every value. So if i put it on sensitivity of 2 it will go up in multiple of 4? not sure why it is doing this but would love if you can fix it. (2019-09-20) Dan Hammer: Was a great addon for adjusting youtube video volume until latest update which is VERY scary and states. "Read and change ALL your data on the websites you visit" Why the hell do you need ALL data from ALL websites i visit? This is a simple youtube ONLY video addon, now you want sensitive information from everyone that uses this? What malicious activity are you trying to get into? (2019-09-20) Marcello E: Does exactly what it is supposed to do (2019-09-20) mango BCY: I use this extension very useful thankyou. But somehow This morning it suddenly begins to seek exactly double than I configured. I configured seek sensivity as 3sec → it seeks 3*2=6sec And I aso wonder, I read the reply below You said It can be worked on other website that embed youtube videos. But I don't have that experiecne at all. Do you have an example that works on other website? (2019-09-19) Geoff Busby: This extension recently started asking for elevated permissions such as the ability to read and change all your data on the websites you visit. I don't see why a YouTube specific extension would need global permissions, so if you value your data privacy don't uses this extension. (2019-09-13) オルソンフィリップ: it keeps muting my youtube tabs when i open new youtube tabs i.e. middle mouse clicks.. (2019-08-31) かるた: 音量をマウスホイールで操作したかっただけですが問題なく使えています! 某アプリではシアターモードに強制変更されるバグがあり鬱陶しかったので乗り換えてよかったです Thanks for creating this app! (2019-08-01) Aleksander Janicki: Launching another video in another tab mutes frist tab for few seconds. When I open new video volume freaks, it's muted or ultra laud for 1-3 sec at the begining and then moves to my latest volume level. Also if my latest volume level is 30% and I use scroll to make vid lauder, it starts from 1% not from 30%. So I have to scroll trough all 30%. Definetely terrible. (2019-07-17) Νικόλαος: Εξαιρετικό! Με την ροδέλα ελέγχεις τον ήχο και τον χρόνο. Η εναλλαγή γίνεται με διπλοπάτημα (δεξί κλικ και αριστερό ταυτόχρονα) ή πάτημα στην ροδέλα. Στις ρυθμίσεις έβαλα 5% στον ήχο και 5´´ στον χρόνο για κάθε κύλιση. (2019-07-05) THV: Used to us magic actions for scrolling volume control but got sick of their ever increasing Ads, this does the job with no bloat (2019-06-30) Eric Wells: It's worked perfectly for me for years. I don't use the volume feature, only the skip feature. Thanks for a great extension :) (2019-06-30) Chris s: If you can make it to where you RIGHT CLICK AND DRAG over the video instead of scrolling, then I would use it on all my computers and every install of Windows I have to go through. And I would love it if you could somehow make it work for Twitch (2019-06-23) Laphroaig Islay: Thanks, works like i want it to work. (2019-04-27) Claymeister: I would hope for it to work, since i am used to scroll volume change. But, it doesn't work half the time! I want to louden the video, and bam, it skips 25 seconds forward. Magic Actions was pretty annoying and obtrusive, but atleast it worked all the time! (2019-04-21) Adam Spiers: Thanks for this - it has the potential to be great but is currently seriously hampered by some UX issues. With a few simple tweaks, all of these issues could easily be fixed and I'd happily change this review from 2 stars to 5. Hope you find the following to be constructive feedback: Firstly, the extension really needs to work out of the box! Sorry but requiring every single user to go into options to set something up and then hit reload is a crazy design decision which is just going to lead to endless questions about why it doesn't work. This is especially problematic because the "HOW TO USE" instructions don't actually explain how to set it up. This would be easily fixed by making it change volume by default, and changing the instructions accordingly. Secondly the options are laid out in a very confusing way. Take for example the choice between "Disable this feature" / Volume only / Seek only. It's not immediately clear what "this feature" actually is, and it defaults to none of the 3 being selected, which means what behaviour? And once you've selected one of the three, you can't go back to none of them being selected. Again super easy to fix - rename "Disable this feature" to "Middle mouse button switches between volume and seek" and make it selected by default. Thirdly, once you've figured out how to set it up, there's no visual indicator to show whether you're in volume changing mode or scrolling mode. Fourthly, put the most important options at the top. Currently the first option is about annotations, which doesn't even have anything to do with mouse controls (which is the name of the extension)?!

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