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Description from extension meta Create scheduled reminders of different types, such as static text, notification, opening URL in new tab and task.
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Description from store Reminders is a simple and yet functional tool that won't let you forget anything important. You can create a reminder of four types: 1. Text. A reminder of this type will just be displayed in the list of all reminders and could be removed from there whenever you want. 2. Notification. When creating a reminder of this type you will be required to set the time when the notification with your text will be activated. 3. A new tab. This type is very similar to notification, but instead of notifying it will open a new browser tab with a URL provided by you. 4. Task. Looks like notification but has two buttons which allow you either to mark a reminder as done or postpone the time of its next activation. Reminders of type 2 and 3 can also have a repeat option. Besides that, these types support playing a small sound when activated, which tune and volume you can set in the extension's options. UPDATE (1.1.3): - added possibility to set your own default reminder parameters; - some minor fixes. UPDATE (1.1.2): - some minor fixes. UPDATE (1.1.1): - added possibility to change a size of the extension's popup window; - added possibility to set a custom period of reminder repeating; - some minor fixes. UPDATE (1.1.0): - synchronization between browsers logged in with the same Google account; - added a new reminder type "Task"; - added a reset button that restores extension's default settings; - main reminder list is now splitted into the two parts, active and past reminders; - some minor fixes.
Latest reviews (2019-10-23) Marc-Andre Desmarteau: Simple, yet genius (2019-10-18) Impetra Plus: Неплохо - потому что не удобно редактировать прошедшие и существующие. Я ведь на компюторе все выполняю, а не на телефоне. по этому, свайпы здесь неуместны! Да и дизайн больше расчитан под мобильные а не браузеры для ПК... (2019-10-17) Marjah Wales: It does the job - so, I like it. BUT it sucks when you want to edit your reminder. You have keep clicking it so the edit/delete buttons can appear... and they don't always appear. When they do randomly appear... because you are clicking, clicking clicking (trying to get it to appear), you sometimes click the delete button by mistake... Which deletes the reminder, and you have to do it all over again. Can you somehow make the edit/delete feature more responsive? Thank you. (2019-09-07) eMVeDik: Расширение на 5+++ Долго "шарился" в поисках такого. Развивайтесь и улучшайтесь. Быть добру. (2019-09-01) Andrew T: useless for what I wanted to do. the interface is garbage forcing me experiment with every option to enable features, and having to scroll every time. in the end the reminders didnt work anyway. (2019-08-18) Aaron Luckette: Can't edit existing reminders. Needs more development. (2019-06-14) Joanne DeSena: This is a VERY basic app. which can be good and bad. I can't figure out how to use the text portion. It doesn't ask me what time to text or who or where to text? (2019-05-28) Joshua Chandra: 1. Reminders when set to auto-dismiss never pop up in the first place 2. You can't read more than one line of your reminder at a time, even when in editing mode 3. It's not clear that you have to click-drag to see "Edit" and "Delete" buttons per reminder If 1 and 2 get addressed I'll immediately increase this to 4 stars (and 5 stars if all 3 get addressed). (2019-05-07) Amit Patil: it's very simple but very useful chrome plugin, i use it in day-today life to get reminded about the task to be completed.. (2019-04-27) Taras Harasymiv: Very primitive and clunky. Doesn't even display a date-picker calendar when creating/editing reminders to allow you to pick the day of the week for a reminder; for example, if you want to set the reminder to be on, say, a Saturday, you would need to look up a separate calendar to find out the date for that particular Saturday and then type in the date. Can't filter the list. The reminder window is too small and requires scrolling up/down while creating/editing a reminder (very irritating). It is so primitive that it's just not worth using. (2019-03-18) It was great, but I ended up removing it because the AM/PM madness just drives me crazy. It would be great if you could support a 24 hour clock. (2019-02-28) Sabri Cihan Bircan: Wonderful app but it should be improved I want to create a reminder by duration For example: i need to enter 30 minutes and all done I don't have time to enter whole datetime value to create it. (2019-02-15) Breanna Walters: There is no way to repeat just week days. (2019-01-25) Mikhail Budonny: Guys, very cool ext. but probably u can do it better? It's really too long for scrolling up and down!!( May be u can do less distance between the text? I think it would be very very veeeeeery usefull!!! (2019-01-17) Кирилл Пивовар: Кнопка "Повторить" есть, а настроить повторение не получается. Не разобрался как настроить повторение задачи. (2019-01-09) Nur Afiqah Zainol Abidin: It works as intended. (2018-12-18) Igor Belozerov: Отличная идея! Если еще интегрировать с напоминания в Google календаре, то будет лучшее решение. Напоминалки в календаре классно интегрированы с виджетами календаря на Андроид. (2018-12-10) Michael Soareverix: This is fantastic. I was going to build something like this myself, but fortunately I checked the Chrome Web Store, and now this extension pretty much runs my life. (Seriously though, great extension, once you know how to use it) Thanks for building this! :D (2018-12-05) Clinton Weiss: I wanted a simple reminder at the same time every day. Unfortunately, this plugin does not repeat reminders even if setup to do so. When the reminder triggers for the first time, it doesn't trigger again. (2018-12-03) Dimon210: Шикарно. (2018-09-13) Jay Social: Not reliable, sometimes the saved reminder shows, sometimes it don't. (2018-09-10) Jupiter Cook: Easy to use, simple. But there is something need to fix, I can't receive the aleart or notification when I'm in full screen mode or using pdf reader of chrome. (2018-08-27) Lenin Zapata: Increible te avisa cosa rapidas y necesarias. Por favor agregar tareas concurrentes para no agregarlas todos los dias. (2018-08-10) Ken Blanchard: I don't like that you can't open a reminder to edit or change it, or to view information within it until the day of the reminder. I'm looking for a reminder that has multiple reminder days and times. I'm one of them people that needs several reminders leading up to the appointment. at least 3 would be nice.. (2018-08-09) Inq: Уведомления не выводятся. Просто слышен сигнал активации, но самого уведомления нет в назначенное время!

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