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Color Enhancer

Description from extension meta A customizable color filter applied to webpages to improve color perception.
Image from store Color Enhancer
Description from store A customizable color filter applied to webpages to improve color perception, for people who are partially color-blind.
Latest reviews (2019-11-04) Mike Malone: all i do 2 change my font is pinch or retract my thumb n index fiiiingeeeer BUT if i could write a letter in english it would be cool 2 push a button and have all of the letter scribed in anther language now were do we find that . + thnks folks [email protected] (2019-10-25) djcmission: I can apparently see the entire spectrum that the human eye possibly perceive. I know the difference between artistic expression and something's colors being "off." This extension is a must for a fussbudget like me. (2019-10-24) Izabela Pauck-Zarnowska: Toll. Danke vielmals! (2019-10-18) Derin Okyanus: super (2019-09-26) Rodolfo Andrade de Gouveia Vilela: muito mais nítida a interface (2019-09-19) Vitor Games: achei otimo (2019-09-08) Stanisława Ilba: Jest na razie dobrze ,dziękuje (2019-09-01) Vasant Hattiangadi: All colors are dull. Not enough of a standout contrast with colors especially needed for type fonts. The idea is good but somehow it does not seem to work for me. Thanks anyway. (2019-08-19) Eulises Vargas: Hay un error al abrir primevideo... al activar la corrección de color... la barra superior desaparece (2019-08-09) Sheryll Fiala: This Extension is great. love lots of color and this Extension gives it to me, all the color I need! Thank"s Google and the Developer! SFiala (2019-07-26) Vale Rios: muy buenooo (2019-07-10) Penny Leslie: I like this but i cant understand or figure out how to keep it running .Once in a while it is on and great the next its off .How do you keep it running the rest of the time .it does say it has access to this site but it isn't... ???? (2019-07-07) Wes Hope: a great enhancer... (2019-06-09) Keith Tipton: Perhaps this is something new with Wordpress's latest iteration, but for some reason this extension keeps some wordpress admin screens from loading. I'm definitely unable to edit any of my wordpress posts with this on, but if I turn it off then my blog loads and behaves normally. (2019-06-05) Levent Akis: güzel (2019-06-01) iranibalooch noor: behtarin manande hame afzoonehaye digar googale همه افزونه های گوگل وگوگل کروم ازارزش خاصی برخوردارندوبهترین یاری دهنده برای کاردرفضای مجازی هستندوعالی وبی نظیرند. (2019-06-01) Lisa Kruczek: Ease of usabiliy (2019-05-26) Tengjiang Wang: 极大改善色弱患者体验 (2019-05-23) Alisa Canillas: It did nothing. The colors on my screen are terrible I am used to being able to adjust all the colors and resolution on my old computer that had windows and i can't do it on my chromebook. It is frustrating! (2019-05-21) EB RAJSEKAR RAJA: NOW ONLY GOING TO USE THIS APP (2019-05-16) Hang Huy93: ok (2019-05-09) Martino Courtney: The more good toys the better. But this one is GREAT! (2019-05-08) Christina Miller: great for people who have problems with regular-sized printing. thank you! (2019-05-04) ดวงแข พิมพา: ชอบokค่ะ (2019-05-02) Paul Larson: Thanks a lot for making this! This plugin is really simple to use, and I love how easy it is to turn on/off so that you can instantly see what it's changing on a page. I really have a hard time distinguishing between colors, and unfortunately most of the stars are invisible to me on multiple lines in the setup tool. If I move the slider, it helps on some, but makes others worse. When I look at web pages with it on and off, I have the same effect. Some things are easier to see, other things are harder. I think other people may have better luck with it though, and it's fast and easy to try, so I definitely recommend you try it!

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