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Description from extension meta Add a number in front of tab titles, easily use quick hot keys to switch to tab. e.g. Ctrl+7 / CMD+7
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Description from store This extension is a quick way to add a number at start of each tab in title. It is helpful for you to keep count of number of tabs you have opened. It can be helpful to easily use quick hot keys to switch to tab. On Windows and Linux/UNIX you can use Control key with the tab number. On Mac you can use Command key with tab number. e.g. Windows / Linux / UNIX : Ctrl+7 Mac: CMD+7 What's New - v 1.3 * Fixed bugs where title of extension gallery was being updated. * Fixed bug where 10. was being updated as 010.
Latest reviews (2019-02-15) Matt Hopson: As Fer Sarr said, this plugin keeps changing text all the time. It's also consuming a lot of your CPU in the process... Enabling ramps my CPU up to 170%+, disabling drops it back down again. Try it for yourself. I would not advise using this plugin until this issue is fixed (2017-12-30) Fer Sarr: it keeps changing the tab title, its very annoying to see changing text all the time (2017-12-24) Alberto Aberasturi: Dobla la temperatura del procesador y la eleva hasta 80 grados. Mientras Chrome está abierto no dejan de funcionar a tope los ventiladores. Consume casi todos los recursos disponibles del PC (Se puede corroborar con el administrador de tareas de Windows). Todos los síntomas anteriormente mencionados desaparecen al desinstalar esta extensión. DESINSTALAR INMEDIATAMENTE !!! (2017-12-15) Souvik Roy: good (2017-07-05) SoYoung Ahn: thanks for useful chrome extension! I am wondering if there is a way to stop the flowing tab title. will be waiting for you reply! (2016-07-15) David Lin: it will impact session buddy or related extensions and will increase loading of chrome (2015-11-01) Sushruta Bhattacharjee: Frequently shows the wrong tab number or sometimes even no number. And also sometimes prevents the tab name from showing (it rather shows the web address there). But a very nice concept nonetheless and worth a go! (2013-05-01) Atif Sohail Goraya: its very handy for the users to navigate between tabs without using mouse. i say good work

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