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Description from extension meta Replaces the green styling on DeviantArt with something more nuetral.
Image from store Grey DeviantArt
Description from store DeviantArt is very green. This extension makes it gray! Of course, deviations remain in full color. :P If you find any issues, email me at [email protected]! (there are going to be a few. DeviantArt is a large site!) I know some parts of the site are still green, but all the main bits have been fixed. Cheers!
Latest reviews (2016-05-30) Zachary Wiebe: It does what it advertises, but goes a little too far with it to the point where profile pictures, stamps, and icons are grey as well. It really just looks like someone applied a greyscale filter to the site, sans the artwork. If you want a less distracting visual layout for the site, go ahead and give it a try. Also, to change it back, try removing the plugin from chrome. (2014-08-25) CJ Hasse: It's nice, just wish that it was a dark slate color scheme instead. (2014-08-23) Christopher Graves: I'm not sure why the other reviews are so low. This extension does exactly what it advertises. It turns the overall color theme of Deviantart from green into grey. (2014-06-11) Sushi Meep: was hoping it would be like the firefox version where it makes everything nicer to the eye instead of just turning everything greyscale (2014-05-07) Joe Irish: blech. this is gross (2013-12-08) Juanita Elam: How do you change it back to normal? (2013-11-17) Chilimonster: Its not that great. I wish I could do customizing to the maximum like you can with facebook. Also, just telling those who dont know how to disable it: You go to the chrome extensions and disable or delete it. (2013-09-17) Chibi Doll: how do you change it back o3o (2013-08-13) Grimm Grimm: how do you change it back ? asdfg (2013-05-10) Sari Kido Akuma: i though it would be nice to change the color but i was wrong

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