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Allows you to change New Tab page to your specific URL.

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Description from store Simple. Minimalist. Effective. Size: 8 kB

Latest reviews

  • (2023-10-24) Josh O: This extension has been amazing and worked near flawlessly for years. Unfortunately it seems to be broken with the newest chrome version (118.0.5993.89).
  • (2023-10-19) Lih: no longer changing to local files on latest chrome Version 118.0.5993.89
  • (2023-03-29) IgorKinGamer: Simplesmente faz o que deve fazer (no meu caso, usar "chrome://new-tab-page-third-party/" como nova aba).
  • (2023-02-08) G0od1k: Дуже корисне розширення, нічого зайвого, тільки необхідний функціонал. Використовую вже як два роки
  • (2022-06-15) Максим Есенин: Перестало работать. Нет места для введения своего адреса. Очень жаль, я долго пользовался расширением, оно было самое простое!
  • (2022-06-05) Treasure Hunter: Не работает на Хром версии 100+ Не изменить на свой сайт. Тупо пустая команда, ни куда не нажать, нет поля, чтобы задать свой адрес новой вкладки
  • (2021-10-11) Vladislav Ivanov: СПАСИБО ВАМ БОЛЬШОЕ!!!!
  • (2021-05-29) Easton: Very minimal, works as intended. It doesn't focus the address bar by default, but you can do **Ctrl + L** to focus it.
  • (2021-03-29) Alaska Faulle: Does exactly what it says. There is a 0,5 second "waiting" (sorry I'm French) between the new tab page and the url you choose but I don't really know if it's my device or the extension nor if you can do anything about it but besides that (and it's not even a real problem) everything is perfect.
  • (2021-02-09) slickwrx: It was great when I started using it. Now I have been plagues with opening Edge and it being painfully slow. Tracked it down to this extension. It tries to load "extension://mocklpfdimiadpbgamlgehpgpodggahe/r/r.htm" and takes an eternity. I've removed it and all is good. I can type www.google.com faster than waiting for this extension to load it and whatever other things it's trying to do.
  • (2020-12-14) Ivan Maneski: I love the extension. It works fine. I recently upgraded Google Chrome to Version 87.0.4280.88 and it stopped working.I would like to contact the developers and get some help with this but I am not sure where to find their contact information. Does anyone know this information?
  • (2020-11-21) SReza S: I've bee looking for such an extension for ages! thanks and please cache the default tab web page so it shows up even in offline mode ♥
  • (2020-11-16) Planta: it works
  • (2020-09-13) John Weiss: Nice! Works. Love how small. BUT: I use this extension for Edge. Would be better if option to activate address-bar on new tab. Then it would match normal Chrome behavior. I prefer ability to type a URL on new tab. Can't do that with this extension.
  • (2020-09-03) Erik Juan: Muito bom, resolveu meu problema!!
  • (2020-07-21) Sagar Sharma: I think the extension is overall wonderful and minimal but there needs to be an option for dark mode. Please add it in a later version.
  • (2020-04-06) Doug Richards: Like others said, it would be better to have an OK button for confirmation when you enter your URL, but it only takes a few seconds to realize it saves the address after closing the popup you enter it into. Not enough of an issue to deduct any points for, because it does exactly what I want and doesn't ask for any unnecessary permissions.
  • (2020-02-27) Kevin Tolan: Does a great job of allowing you to choose which web page opens when a new tab is created.
  • (2020-02-09) Bbaryonyx: Doesn't give an option to change the URL just opens a new tab on a blank white page.
  • (2019-09-01) Long Hải: bỏ quảng cáo trình duyệt cốc cốc, chrome-search://local-ntp/local-ntp.html
  • (2019-07-27) Saaha Saahashvilly: Всё отлично. Но: нужна опция при открытии новой вкладки оставлять фокус в адресной строке, чтоб сразу можно было начать набор запроса или домена, не прибегая к нажатию F6 или Alt + D
  • (2019-05-21) Владислав Ишутин: Удобно!
  • (2019-03-05) WmaJIug3e: Все хорошо, но хотелось бы чтобы не отображался адрес страницы на новой вкладки
  • (2019-01-26) Fred Quist: Does exactly what I want, i.e. open my home page (or any other url) in the new tab.
  • (2018-12-03) Federico Burnelli: Non riesco a memorizzare la scelta. Comunque molto buona ugualmente per quello che devo fare.
  • (2018-11-13) Renan Mayrinck: A extensão é ótima, mas falta que ela deixe o texto da aba selecionado, assim se você quiser digitar algum texto na barra de endereço, ele já captura automaticamente sua digitação.
  • (2018-08-18) ВАСЯ пупкин: Поддерживает внутренние адреса хрома, чего не делает ближайший по весу конкурент. 5 баллов!
  • (2018-07-24) Doug Collins: I prefer that the focus is not forced to the address bar. My new URL is the Google search page - so the focus remains where it should be for searching. However the entry box for the new URL could be improved - there is no confirmation or OK Button to exit the URL setup - you just close the whole popup using the X top right. Changing the X to an OK button would make it more logical.
  • (2018-06-25) Robert Andrews: The problem is, when you CMD+T for a new tab, the URL bar no longer has keyboard focus. This slows up typing of an actual URL.
  • (2018-05-15) Andrés Acevedo: I don't like that it loses the focus of the address bar. I prefer the one called Replace New Tab Page.
  • (2018-05-03) Toby Shorin: Thanks for building the most minimal version of this service! One minor note. It should automatically focus the address bar upon opening new tab, but current version does not.
  • (2018-04-11) ВЕЛИКАЯ РОТЕНБЕРГИЯ: Все по делу. Выбираешь то, что тебе нужно, ничего лишнего.
  • (2018-03-29) Zinan Zhao: really helpful!
  • (2018-02-06) Oleksiy Rusnak: В хроме нет настройки новой вкладки при том, что открывая браузер, открываются вкладки не закрытые при выходе из браузера. С этим расширением все как надо. Ничего лишнего. Спасибо.
  • (2017-12-21) Keith E: Simple, does what it needs to and nothing else.
  • (2017-12-18) A+ Does what it says, AND requests the minimum of permissions. Much of the competition for this function looks like spyware to me. Currently better than smblot's 'New Tab URL' (https://github.com/smblott-github/chrome-new-tab-url) slightly, because it focuses keyboard in the address/search bar upon opening the tab -- expected Chrome behavior. Google really, really needs to just put this functionality in the browser natively.
  • (2017-12-12) Schrodinger's Cat: Functional alternative to new tab redirect. Install, type in homepage and loads the specified address instead of the horrendous chrome home page every time you open a new tab. Try entering a web address you want to search for but not visit on the default home page and you'll see why it's so necessary to have an addon like this, especially if it's a malicious link you're trying to investigate.
  • (2017-11-12) Pavel Grec: I dont need it but it works perfectly
  • (2017-06-22) Rebecca White: 🍕 5 kb 🍕 1 option
  • (2016-12-13) BrEdu77: É Bom
  • (2016-10-02) лучшее, ничего лишнего


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