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HN Special - An addition to Hacker News

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This extension refreshes the visual style of Hacker News and adds a few features, like infinite scrolling. Everything is toggleable.

Image from store HN Special - An addition to Hacker News
Description from store HN Special adds a completely new visual style to Hacker News and a few new features, such as: - Infinite scrolling - Open links in new tabs - More accurate domain names - Comment folding - Mark as read - Sticky header Even more features are going to come in the future! You can choose which features you want to enable right from the settings menu. If you want, you can also disable the visual style and keep the rest of the features enabled. This extension is completely open source. If you wish to add a new feature or make some changes, feel free to contribute to it on GitHub! https://github.com/gabrielecirulli/hn-special

Latest reviews

  • (2019-07-09) Dakota Benjamin: Hands down the best visual upgrade you can make to HN. It even has a dark theme!
  • (2017-07-31) Jeff Kahuthu: Really liked it, second time that I'm using it (after a previous un-install). Biggest problem (for me, at least) is the submit to HN page...there is very little space to work with when editing the title of the submission...in that respect, HN Special is far inferior to the Post to HN bookmarklet. If you ever do manage to push an update (no pressure Dan), do let me know (with a reply/etc). Otherwise, functional extension.
  • (2017-07-28) Conan Alvin: infinite scrolling doesnt work for me. solve.
  • (2017-07-08) Srinivas K: The HN extension for chrome
  • (2016-10-22) Nick Renieris: Thanks so much for the Dark theme!
  • (2016-10-13) Dan M: Looks great - much better than HN enhancement suite for sure - but the upvote/downvote arrows in the comments page are not lined up correctly.
  • (2016-08-14) Daniel Yim: Excellent extension for improving the HN UI. Switching over from HN Enhancement Suite was refreshing, and it's good to know that this extension is open source.
  • (2015-10-29) Anoop Kulkarni: Excellent plugin. Can we also have an option to change the font/background color. The orange is jarring especially early in the morning.
  • (2015-07-03) Mike Battaglia: I compared a few of the HN extensions (including HN Enhancement Suite) and this one was the best, hands down. Give it two seconds and you'll obviously see what I mean. Really amazing. I barely ever give reviews, but I did it this time.
  • (2015-04-28) Andrew Spangler: As others have said, huge improvement. RES for HN.
  • (2014-11-01) Ben Bristow: Makes HN look nice and work nicer. If I could sum it up it's RES for HN with a gorgeous Userstyle on-top.
  • (2014-09-09) AdmxTube: Make it easier to use. UX+
  • (2014-08-08) Ganesh Khade: It's awesome!
  • (2014-05-04) Madhu Sudhan: wow
  • (2014-03-24) Jonathan Stahlhacke: Makes HN look niiiiice
  • (2014-03-20) Karan Dodia: Thank god. Simple, clean, and /useful/. =]
  • (2014-03-11) Stunningly beautiful!
  • (2014-01-22) Randall Degges: I rarely leave Chrome extension reviews, but I felt it was necessary for this case. This is without a doubt the best HackerNews Chrome extension out there. It fixes all the annoying visual things I hate about the site, and makes it a truly enjoyable experience. Really love this software: if you give it a try, you won't be disappointed!
  • (2014-01-20) Malachi: Thanks for fixing the problems with the latest Chrome. Totally the best Hacker News theme out there!
  • (2013-12-25) Ray Zhou: Hands down the best Hacker News visual theme that I've ever used. The customizability and clean interface really take it over the top.
  • (2013-07-23) Joe Robison: This is visually beautiful, I guess if Hacker News won't upgrade their hard to read site, the hackers themselves will (maybe that was Y Combinator's idea all along?)

Latest issues

  • (2015-02-24, v:1.3.6) Matt S: width
    It's 2015 - why limit width of main container to 900px? Let's go 100%!! Also, some color options would help the holes in my retina. Nice extension!
  • (2015-02-18, v:1.3.6) Jonathan Barnes: Mark As Read No Longer Working
    Hey, I use the heck out of mark all as read and now the feature is no longer available. Particularly when I hover over the area to drop down the mark as read button it doesn't drop down. Version 40.0.2214.111 m Love the extension though.
  • (2014-08-08, v:1.3.6) Ganesh Khade: Chromium-browser crashed
    I'm using Chromium-browser Version 37.0.2062.3 Ubuntu 14.04 (279868) (64-bit) It crashed when I tried to open hacker news. It works fine if I disable the extension. Any work around? Thanks for creating an awesome extension! Simply love it!
  • (2014-07-09, v:1.3.6) Manjunath Shankar: Indentation guides
    for example http://wesbos.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/ss-2013-07-24-at-4.02.52-PM.png would make it easy to follow comment threads in HN
  • (2014-01-18, v:1.2.13) Casey Boettcher: Does not load site; blank page
    Today, I went to https://news.ycombinator.com/ and got a blank page. Checked the same URL in Firefox and it came up as expected (though sans any HN Special styling, obviously). Console states: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'contains' of undefined settings.js:428 (anonymous function) settings.js:428 Settings.updateSettings settings.js:420 (anonymous function) settings.js:364 Settings.applyRequirements settings.js:350 Settings.buildMenu settings.js:122 (anonymous function) Seems that settings.js is missing. I tried reinstalling, but that didn't work.
  • (2013-08-13, v:1.2.8) The search box keeps running away.
    Since the search box is at the bottom of the page, and the page auto scrolls, it's pretty difficult get hold of the the search box.
  • (2013-08-02, v:1.2.4) Scott Adie: Comment folding
    It would be great if comment folding could be added.


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