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Effectively removes all advertising on all web pages!

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Description from store ADS KILLER PLUS effectively removes all types of advertising and pop-ups on all web pages! This new generation ad remover lets you to surf the web without intrusive ads and reduces tracking. What ADS KILLER PLUS for Google Chrome™ does: 1. Blocks all ads including: - Video ads - Rich media advertising, interstitial ads and floating ads - Unwanted pop-ups and pop-unders - Banners and text ads 2. Speeds up webpage loading and saves bandwidth, due to the removed ads and pop-ups. 3. Helps to block spyware, adware and malware, by not loading the infected domains. 4. Helps to protect your privacy by blocking third-party tracking systems. 5. Helps to protect you from malware and phishing. How good is ADS KILLER PLUS? ADS KILLER PLUS is fast and lightweight. It uses much less RAM than other solutions. By blocking domains known to spread malware, protecting your computer against viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware and adware. ADS KILLER PLUS lowers risk of infections and prohibits access to harmful websites. Tested and compatible with many other extensions. © COPYRIGHT Youtube™ and Google Chrome™ are trademarks of Google Inc. Use of these trademarks is subject to Google Permissions. Facebook™ is a trademark of Facebook, inc.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-09-12) Light: it is good and I really like it, but IDK chrome shows a warning: "This extension is not trusted by Enhanced Safe Browsing" any solution ?
  • (2021-08-21) 陈逸锋: 很好用,关键可以屏蔽谷歌搜索框下拉提示
  • (2021-07-31) husnain ali: Loved it
  • (2021-07-14) Major Mitch 66: Hallo, auf You tube, leider gefühlsmäßig fast gleich viel Werbung wie vor dem Installieren. Der Pc ist teilweise langsamer, spinnt manchmal, obwohl ich ihn gerade erst hochgefahren habe. & Vorgestern hatte er sich nicht mal runterfahren lassen. Schade, ..daß ich mich nach einem Neuen umschauen muß😞 Beste Grüße☀
  • (2021-07-13) Content Frog: Перестал работать: Ютуб уже давно пропускает, рекламу общую начал пару дней назад. Видимо продались
  • (2021-07-10) сергей сычёв: Установив сейчас смотрю ютуб,не было не одной рекламы. Клас.
  • (2021-07-09) 战忽局火星分局政委: 有个问题就在于没找到白名单功能
  • (2021-07-04) Blanky: works
  • (2021-07-02) 夜玥喵: 乾淨好用 沒有理由 直接五星
  • (2021-05-23) Vlad Gydz: Doesn't block advertising . On YouTube looks like I don't have AdBlock. Useless.
  • (2021-05-19) Turo: Youtube has changed something ,it doesn't work anymore.
  • (2021-05-18) BuschigeAugenbrauenSensei: yt ads are back
  • (2021-05-14) PokemasterSkye42: I've been using this ad blocker for a long time now and it's always worked for me. But I guess it decided today of all days to not do it's job, because no matter how many times I keep trying to turn in off and on again, even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I keep getting ads. I don't want to bother with this anymore and I'm gonna look for an ad blocker somewhere else.
  • (2021-05-12) Thechomania: Used to work. doesn't work on youtube anymore. :/
  • (2021-05-11) Екатерина Кирюшина: Всё работало хорошо, рекламу убирал везде (кроме mail.ru почему-то, многие пишут, что у них тоже реклама не убирается). На ютубе тоже убирал рекламу, и вдруг сейчас перестал, снова появилась реклама на ютубе. Это очень-очень грустно, надеюсь, что просто временные неполадки, которые скоро исправят, иначе придётся искать другой блокировщик :(
  • (2021-05-08) Hoho: sadly after many months it stopped working yt adds are back :(
  • (2021-05-06) Önder Özyer: I want see privacy policy. Gizlilik sözleşmesini görmek istiyorum fakat şirketin veya yazılımcının herhangi bir bilgisi yok, zararlı yazılım içerdiğini düşünüyorum, güvenemedim.
  • (2021-04-22) FrameGame: Amazing
  • (2021-04-21) Testyplays: its so good it blocks the video
  • (2021-04-19) Zezão Alternativo: Sinceramente amei!,resolveu todos os meus problemas.
  • (2021-04-10) ETO UA: Отлично работало до последнего времени, но теперь в начале просмотра стала "зависать" реклама, правда потом расширение его убирает. И мне не нравится такое начало каждого просмотра на ютубе.
  • (2021-04-06) MsMasterAsia: 이게 진짜 궁극의 블록커다..
  • (2021-04-02) Ruben Lennon: Excelente!! Bloquea hasta anuncios en las páginas de videos. aunque sería estupendo que preguntara antes de abrir pestañas nuevas, hay páginas que me siguen haciendo eso, pero al parecer es por páginas o anuncios engañosos que uno cliquea sin desearlo. Cómo sea excelente aportación, de 10!!!
  • (2021-02-28) D. A. Lucas: This is the best app for Youtubers!!! I love it!!!!!!! This works for all web pages, as well. If this isn't working for you, then it's you that is messed up!!!. Once I found this extension, I have never had to look anywhere else. You will love it also!!! Thank You!!!
  • (2021-01-19) Lamin jallow: It worked for a long time but no longer. I guess Google has figured out how to disable it, placing their ads all over a page.
  • (2021-01-11) Mehmet Emin Bozdağ: arada birkaç sitede, adblock kapat uyarısı alıyorum ama adblock plus'tan daha iyi
  • (2020-12-27) CøuCøu: block super bien les pub
  • (2020-12-21) Pej Hamidi: Does not work
  • (2020-12-18) Miraz Mahmud: If you give it A 5 star rating then it's not enough. I'll give it a 10 star rating if I could. Highly recommended
  • (2020-11-30) Pepa Dw: Zatím super.
  • (2020-11-17) Nick _gr: Aπο τα ελαχιστα που λειτουργει σωστα, θα ελεγα και το μοναδικο που μπλοκαρει τα παντα. δοκιμασα οτι αλλο γνωστο adblock προτεινετε απο το webstore με καμια επιτυχια εναντια στις διαφημίσεις, καποιες περνανε καποιες οχι,οταν λεμε block θελουμε κανονικο και οχι "λιγο" .. το συγκεκριμενο προτείνετε ανεπιφυλακτα .
  • (2020-10-23) Jvresol: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • (2020-10-17) Alvastar: blocked 220.858 ads since i installed a while ago, thats great but im getting gray error messages on ads trying to load now.
  • (2020-09-18) juice factory: it blocked over 2,000 ads on one website. my fav pop blocker EVER
  • (2020-09-15) the loving pineapple: YouTube only recently started to get a white screen where the adds are normally I can skip it like an add but it is just a little annoying but otherwise it works just fine
  • (2020-09-09) ana beatriz: muito bom! nunca vi outro melhor 👍
  • (2020-08-31) Lenox fir: This Extension is the BEST out there. Absolutely loved it. Made all my online activity so much better, and it loaded much faster, too. Even blocked the ads on you tube! TYSM!!!!!!!!!
  • (2020-08-24) Denis: J'ai ajouté cette petite merveille il y a quelques années sur mon Windows 7 et depuis je me suis acheté un Windows 10 et croyant à tort que mon nouvel Antivirus bloquait les pub, j'ai décidé de le supprimer. En moins d'une heure je me suis aperçu de mon erreur et j'ai tout fait pour retrouver ce petit programme. Je le recommande
  • (2020-08-16) Karl Konopka: klappt nicht
  • (2020-08-15) Anders Ladén: Fantastiskt! Äntligen fri från reklam. Hoppas bara att det består! När man ser dåligt och använder synhjälpmedel och läsprogram är det otroligt irriterande att lyssna på annonser. Det här programmet verkar lösa det problemet och göra sidorna mer läsbara. Stort TACK!
  • (2020-07-14) Ulisses Sofrença: Gostei e gosto de usar mais não sei o que ouve que de uns dias pra cá sempre que abro YouTube começa a aparecer propagandas e quando vou assistir a vídeos também. Só fiquei triste com isso🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️👎.
  • (2020-06-23) Manuel Freitas: A versao add killer tem virus os meus antivirus tiverao que atuar para resolver o problema
  • (2020-04-13) Decent boy: one of the best add killer ...save me from all malwares ...
  • (2020-04-11) Miranda Geary: blocks alot of ads and keeps me safe from unsafe sites.
  • (2020-04-10) Aleksey Vladi: THE BEST AD BLOCKER I HAVE EVER USED!!!!
  • (2020-04-08) Waynefred Learner: best ad blocker ever
  • (2020-04-06) 이나건: 최고!
  • (2020-04-02) Peter Louis: Very Helpful, the extension not only block ads but you can block a certian element from a webpage which is very very good, thank you and keep up the good work, Kudos
  • (2020-03-21) Jabril Mahamud: I've had this program for years but recently it has stopped working as well as more adds are showing pls fix :(
  • (2020-03-21) Mohammad Golkaran: It's really great! I'm using it lonely! without any other adblockers

Latest issues

  • (2020-01-23, v:1.3) A Nahar: Extension
    Please remove my all previous extension
  • (2020-01-22, v:1.3) Bill Jeffery: Ad Blocker Plus.
    what is the cost of this service yearly? How does it rate compared to AdRemover?
  • (2019-12-12, v:1.3) Eli Kelly: Privacy policy and TOS?
    Users on our Google Suite for Education domain have requested access to your Ads Killer Plus Extension. Can you provide a privacy policy and Terms of Service for this extensions. Thanks Eli
  • (2019-11-22, v:1.3) Steffi Kaizun: Bing.com search result links are altered
    On some Bing.com results in Chrome, the links - - which appear to be valid - - are changed to something bizarre and unreachable. For example, a search for a friend's phone number resulted in a link to Spokeo.com, which is a legitimate website, but, when I clicked it, it took me to https://www.kjgsdctxlydp.com/zflcwidqnqc . I can't prove that AKP is responsible for it, but, I have no viruses, that I'm aware of, none of my AKP options or browser settings or registry items contain that nonsensical website, etc., so, I'm forced to believe that AKP is at fault, somehow. Is there a 3rd party filter or similar that is doing that? If so, it needs to be modified to allow "good" websites. Any help would be appreciated. I do have other Chrome extensions, but, I don't think they alter search results. Thank you.
  • (2019-09-20, v:1.3) Rodrigo Freygang: Google Ads
    Every search in google, appear Ads in top of search list. Can this AdsBlock remove it/block it ? I couldn't make it work. Thanks.
  • (2019-08-16, v:1.3) Lucas Abreu Freire: Youtube
    I have a problem with youtube, wich is: When i open a video i need to wait a few seconds with a black screen saying error and it cant dispaly me that video unless i wat. I think the proble is that i watch videos with an add on the beginning and the add killer is trying to block it but wen he blocks it it cant pass that add so it gives you an eror.
  • (2019-06-18, v:1.3) oğuzcan Korkmaz: hello
    https://www.google.com/favicon.ico always redicting not blocking this one
  • (2019-05-17, v:1.3) NicoGames 13: enable ads in some channels
    i want to enable some channels but i dont known how i do it automatically. please send my a answer fastly
  • (2019-04-28, v:1.3) Pranav: To enable acceptable ads
    Hi, How can i enable acceptable ads on this extension?
  • (2019-03-06, v:1.3) Manuel Frigerio: potentially acquiring Ads Killer
    Hi, do you have any interest in selling Ads Killer? Cheers,
  • (2019-02-15, v:1.3) Marlin Jordan: how do I remove this app?
    I thought I was trying this app but now I dont know how to delete it
  • (2018-12-02, v:1.3) Daniel Yomtobian: Purchase
    Hello- I wanted to see if you would be open to selling me your Adblock Chrome extension. Look forward to hearing from you. Best, Daniel Yomtobian.
  • (2018-11-27, v:1.3) cheesy9087 !: ads killer adblocker plus
    i don´t like this thing at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (2018-10-10, v:1.3) Sam Gebala: Google Ads and animations still appear.
    Google Ads, and animations, appear on web pages (Windows 10 Chrome). Ads Killer Plus does not kill these Ads, even after I do "Block Element" on each of them.
  • (2018-09-23, v:1.3) N Sha: facebook ads!!!
    seems to have stopped working on facebook, ads everywhere!! plz fix it!!


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