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Use the Evernote extension to save things you see on the web into your Evernote account.

Image from store Evernote Web Clipper
Description from store Evernote Web Clipper helps you save interesting things you find on the Web into your Evernote account. With Evernote Web Clipper, CLIP any webpage, HIGHLIGHT what matters most, ANNOTATE, take SCREENSHOTS, and have access to that information whenever and wherever you need it. Goodbye, bookmarks. Hello, Web Clipper! Clip the web pages you want to keep. Save them in Evernote. Easily access them on any device. "Use Evernote as the place you put everything … Don’t ask yourself which device it’s on—it’s in Evernote" – The New York Times "If you're researching a project, or just find yourself getting distracted by interesting articles while you're trying to work, Evernote Web Clipper is fantastic." — Techradar CLIP IT ALL • Clip an entire web page or a selection • Save articles in simplified view or with all formatting intact • Clip Gmail threads and attachments • Special formats for clipping from sites such as: Amazon, YouTube, and LinkedIn • Clip to a specific notebook and assign tags • Access your clips on any device HIGHLIGHT and ANNOTATE • Highlight important text from any website or article • Use text and visual callouts to draw attention • Share and email clips or create a unique URL link TAKE SCREENSHOTS • Take screenshots of the webpage or the article in your browser • Annotate directly on the screenshot • Mark text, add shapes and stamps on the screenshot BOOKMARK • Clip web pages or articles as bookmarks in Evernote, which include the title, URL and a short description of the webpage Download Evernote on your mobile device or desktop to: • Write, collect and capture ideas as searchable notes, notebooks, memos, checklists and to-do lists. It’s the only planner and organizer you need • Keep journals, documenting the news, events and milestones of your daily life • Make personal to do lists to keep your thoughts organized • Set reminders to keep on top of activities and write to-do lists • Take notes and create notebooks in a variety of formats, including: text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings and more • Use camera capture to easily scan and comment on pieces of paper, including printed documents, business cards, handwriting and sketches • Attach Microsoft Office docs, PDFs and photos • Create separate notebooks to organize your memos, receipts, bills and invoices • Use Evernote as a digital notepad, planner and easy-to-format word processor for all your thoughts and memos as they come

Latest reviews

  • (2021-07-24) Alexey Lesnoy: Не логинится, после ввода юзернэйма не переводит в окно пороля
  • (2021-07-21) Aiven: 更新后,插件点了没反应。。。
  • (2021-07-17) G J: Androidアプリ版やブックマークレット(現在は使用不可)と同じ、タイトルとURLのみの形式で保存したいが、それが出来ない。対応してほしい。 I want to save webpage that only title and URL format, same format of Android app and bookmarklet. (This bookmarklet does not work now.)
  • (2021-07-12) Dennis Bareis: In general I like Evernote. I really dislike that they never seem to fix bugs or listen to user feedback (such as the 11 year+ picture issue), but if you use Evernote then using the Clipper is a "no brainer". These 2 bugs clipper are really annoying though: [1] https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/136567-bug-checkboxes-broken-in-browser-forms-if-web-clipper-enabled-spacebar-doesnt-work/ [2] https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/137492-bug-web-clipper-fails-if-you-have-selected-when-you-click-the-extension/
  • (2021-07-12) T E: アップデートごとに改悪されていく。ついにWebクリッパーも機能しなくなった。データを移行し終わったら二度と使わない
  • (2021-06-17) M1的mac根本不能用
  • (2021-06-02) Akinori Ichimura: Choromeだと上の方しか表示がされないバグがあります。 Firefoxなど他のブラウザでは問題ありません。 いつ直してもらえるんだろうか、このバグは。。
  • (2021-05-12) V Keerthi Vikram: One of the best clipping extensions available currently. Evernote is still the king in this area, and I don't think anyone will replace them soon especially the Evernote Clipper.
  • (2021-05-11) Sandra B. Noronha: The extension is now interfering with PDF display on Chrome - when the extension is active, PDF content is not displayed, even after disabling the "pdf button" option on the evernote extension.
  • (2021-05-02) mk blendy: Web clipper not functions with Chrome. Canceling my Evernote subscription.
  • (2021-05-02) TARCISIO LANCIONI: Ottimo su Safari (permette di selezionare il taccuino, di salvare versioni semplificate o complete della pagina, ecc.) estremamente limitato su Chrome: permette solo il salvataggio di link, intera pagina o screenshot
  • (2021-05-01) Kęstutis Mikolajūnas: Buggy. Now pdf documents from web opens blanc. Local pdf's files are ok. Print preview show content. Disabled
  • (2021-04-14) 777 dfy: 剪藏代码经常出现缩进消失的问题,这印象笔记是真的垃圾,md编辑器也是bug一堆
  • (2021-04-02) Makiel Kaye: 需要赶紧支持webP,不然很多网站都用不了
  • (2021-03-30) Ignacio Tobio: Fundamental para mi organización
  • (2021-03-18) Дмитрий Александрович: Из-за этого идиотского расширения потерял кучу нужных вкладок...
  • (2021-03-17) Floofy Tanker: If I wanted to bookmark a YouTube video that's in a playlist, it will set the title of the bookmark to the title of the first video, please fix this, especially now that YouTube has a queuing system, it's a bother having to open videos in separate tabs just so the extension could grab the correct title of the video.
  • (2021-03-10) 陈冠希: 一剪辑就刷新网页很难受影响后续文章的浏览
  • (2021-03-06) Yiheng Yang: evernote international 无法在简体中文浏览器下使用。 在已完成登陆的情况下,点击剪裁按钮提示登陆印象笔记,点击登录evernote international,提示我已登录,直接点击剪裁即可。。。这就陷入了无休止的循环。。
  • (2021-02-28) 4 Jim: お問い合わせがどこにあるのか分からないので不具合を問い合わせられない。 「すべてのノート」がどこからでもアクセスできるようにしておいてほしかったのに、アクセスしにくくなった。 「クリッパーにエラーが発生しました 不明なエラーが発生しました。」と表示が出て保存できない。 そもそもまずソフトが立ち上がらないことがめちゃくちゃ多いし、立ち上がっても遅い。 昔は色々な人にすすめていたアプリだったが、今はゴミだと思う。 数年間長い間プレミアムプランなのに残念。
  • (2021-02-17) gt9000 s: 不支持 webp 格式的图片
  • (2021-02-03) top
  • (2021-01-31) Anna Kamieniak: CMD + A opens this tool — it's an often used shortcut for something different. Closing shortcuts doesn't work. Changing shortcut to other doesn't work either. & Chrome is bad too for keeping and app that literally kills usability of gdocs.
  • (2021-01-29) Gevork X: Not stable. Sometimes works fine, sometimes hangs when trying to save/sync article. Update: extension is good now, but Evernote is getting worse )
  • (2021-01-21) James Moberg: After installing, the ability to toggle checkboxes and radio elements using the space bar is disabled. This makes filling out forms impossible when using only the keyboard. I was performing accessibility testing on a website and I thought I was doing something wrong until I finally figured out that the Evernote Web Clipper extension was the culprit. I've used Evernote for years, but I'm uninstalling and migrating to Microsoft One Note after this issue.
  • (2021-01-21) meijing lu: 初次使用,登录不上去,看了评论要设置语言,醉了,减藏功能不好用,万脸懵,不懂这么高的评分哪里来的,是曾经也辉煌过吗?
  • (2021-01-17) Petter Jakob: It's not working 🤷‍♀️ Nothing happens when I click the button on any site...
  • (2021-01-04) 片儿吉: google 搜索内容,无法搜出笔记的内容,插件设置里搜索相关的已勾选,没用
  • (2020-12-29) Matt Shalvatis: Funky operation lately. I would click the elephant and get the message "Loading Web Clipper." Then it would terminate before I could select notebook, add tags or notes, and save it. Pretty useless without that functionality.
  • (2020-12-23) 于文龙: 百度 google 搜索内容,无法搜出笔记的内容,插件设置里搜索相关的已勾选,还是没用
  • (2020-12-21) Debra L. Frye: It was great until the last update. Now when I try to sign in "Continue" pops up for a second and then "Sign In" comes back. Over and over and over....
  • (2020-12-21) sheng tai Li: 无法登陆国际版
  • (2020-12-10) Julio Sanchez: xxx
  • (2020-12-08) Finger Eat: 如何在英文版 Chrome 登录印象笔记剪藏插件? https://www.zhihu.com/question/20340803
  • (2020-12-07) Antonio Goracio: I like Evernote, but their support team leaves a lot to desire. I have the same problem as above. Looks like eventually, I won't be able to use it.
  • (2020-11-30) René Böhm: An sich eine top Erweiterung, allerdings funktioniert sie bei mir nicht mehr (egal welche Funktion ich nutzen möchte, es tut sich einfach nichts) > Chrome Version 87.0.4280.67 (Offizieller Build) (x86_64) > macOS Mojave Version 10.14.6
  • (2020-11-26) Дмитрий Степанищев: Когда я перехожу на бокс где нужно поставить галочку - например в jira - я не могу это сделать пробелом, но при выключенном расширении все нормально.
  • (2020-11-26) gqin li: 裁剪显示处于离线状态,已经登录还是一样
  • (2020-11-21) TETOP TETOP: 插件版仅支持邮箱和用户名登录,这样我手机注册的账号又去官网登录绑定了一个邮箱,真是麻烦啊
  • (2020-11-15) Žilvinas Navickas: Really good. The notebook stacks could appear collapsed though
  • (2020-11-13) 佚名: 我用国际版,每次打开浏览器要剪切时,都要重新登陆,有什么方法默认登录国际版吗?
  • (2020-11-13) Karl Maria Fattig: Horrible performance... incredibly slow on Chrome.
  • (2020-11-10) 李猜: 想剪切知乎首页或收藏夹里某篇文章的时候,剪切范围只能选择剪切整个页面或者一个标题,裁剪范围无法自己修改,非常鸡肋,也是因为这样,我才不得不继续使用网易云笔记那垃圾玩意,至少那个垃圾能自己修改裁剪范围剪切单篇文章,印象笔记其他都还好只是这一点是垃圾中的垃圾。
  • (2020-11-06) 吳俞增: 由於試用版的功能與容量十分不足, 去年購買學生板使用方案。 結至2020.10.05剛好滿一年, 但Evernote公司卻無任何提醒郵件與通知, 就直接扣款銀行帳戶自動續約。 分明我去年時,就取消勾選自動續約了, Evernote這邊居然不但毫無通知, 且自動就幫客戶續約。 離譜。 ---2020.11.06更--- 客服與公司反應表現良好,評分補加兩顆星,感謝
  • (2020-11-03) K Nerd: 페이지 폰트를 못 불러오고 자꾸 굴림으로 바꿔버리네... 그냥 화면 자체를 캡처하는 느낌으로 스크랩 안되나요??
  • (2020-11-02) RAMS: Я так понимаю что у меня проблемы сейчас как и у всех, при попытке что либо сохранить каждый день приходится бороться с тем что он просто отказывается работать, каждый раз открывает новую вкладку где логинится. Перезагрузки страниц не помогают, сброс кешей и куков тоже. Помогает лишь переустановка Web Clipper. Но переустанавливать его каждое утро это перебор. Надеюсь вскоре пофиксят эту багу. В остальном отличное расширение, готов оформлять платную подписку, если конечно багов в ней таких не будет))
  • (2020-10-31) Ricardo De Lemos: Update 2020/10/30: It used to work so well... now does not matter the format that I select, the result is always a mess. It makes clipping from Internet ( e.g. stackOverflow) unusable. I am so frustrated that I plan to cancel my Evernote subscription that I had for years and use Pocket, which extension still working pretty well. This is for Version: 7.x and up.
  • (2020-10-30) Андрей Пилипенко: перестав працювати. двічі завантажував. помилка невідома
  • (2020-10-28) Luca Gentile: For the developer: PLEASE make a pop up appear when you are on a page which has been clipboarded. What a powerful tool to work on websites like you are working on paper! You are even able to make PDFs automatically ready to be filled in. Great the synchronization with Android
  • (2020-10-24) qiang wang: 每次重新打开chrome都要重新登录,每次都显示我登录成功了,实际上根本没有登录成功

Latest issues

  • (2021-07-24, v:7.14.0) Mayank Garga: Due to the restrictions set by the browser, you cannot clip this page.
    Due to the restrictions set by the browser, you cannot clip this page. getting this on chrome
  • (2021-07-21, v:7.13.8) Martynas Andriuskevicius: Web clipper doesn't load on amazon product pages.
    Web clipper doesn't load specifically on product pages. It works on other amazon pages. Here is video demo: https://youtu.be/8tmWa25UC1o?t=57
  • (2021-07-12, v:7.13.8) Michael Polsinelli: Clipper not working
    I just keeps saying that it's loading the web clipper, but it never loads. It's been doing this for a few days for me.
  • (2021-07-08, v:7.13.8) sky lee: webcliiper無法正常執行
  • (2021-06-08, v:7.13.8) Gregory Lewis: Where do I view the clips
    Dear Sir I am baffled. I have clipped quite a few pages and online documents. When I open my Evernote app, it seems that those pages are not stored there. This will affect the courses that I am studying as I am required to show my research portfolio in Evernote at the end. Please assist on how to synchronize the clipper with the actual app and tell me where I can actually view the pages I have clipped in the past.
  • (2021-06-02, v:7.13.8) Dennis Bareis: [BUG] Checkboxes Broken in Browser Forms if Web Clipper Enabled (SpaceBar doesn't work)
    If I enable the "Evernote Web Clipper" (v7.13.8 - latest: chrome://extensions/?id=pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc), then the spacebar will not select and deselect checkboxes, if I disable it they work. If you don't know what the above means then try the following without then with the web clipper enabled to see the difference: Navigate to a html page containing a form with checkboxes (radio buttons etc might also fail but I haven't tried that), I used this form: https://www.familyhistory.bdm.qld.gov.au/ Click inside the "Given name(s)" field to give it focus press the TAB key to move the focus to the checkbox underneath it Press spacebar a few times, when web clipper is : Enabled: the space bar doesn't do anything Disabled: Box state toggled as expected (selected, deselected)
  • (2021-05-28, v:7.13.8) 古瀬一幸:  WEBページがクリップできない
  • (2021-05-25, v:7.13.8) Shawn Mollen: Clipper breaks Chrome display of PDFs
    The Web Clipper causes PDFs in Chrome to display as a blank gray screen.  Pressing reload on the PDF results in the PDF being properly displayed.  I have determined that it is Evernote Web Clipper causing this by disabling my extensions one by one.  I have also tried turing off the setting to show the Save to Evernote button on PDFs.  As someone else here suggested, changing the Site Access setting in Chrome for the extension to "On Click" fixes the problem but then means I have to reload every page that I want to clip.
  • (2021-05-21, v:7.13.8) Amy Choe: web clipper mac chrome
    I'm on the latest general release of everything. Web clipper does not work on chrome. This is THE REASON I bought Evernote - not being able to clip is a significant blocker. I will migrate out if this is not addressed quickly.
  • (2021-05-17, v:7.13.8) Octavian Florea: extension interfering with keyboard shortcuts
    Although keyboard shortcuts are disabled, the extension interferes with certain web page dialogs. I have noticed I was unable to use the 'space' bar and 'enter' to select various labels and folders while using webmail. Changing the access rights to 'on click' solves the issue.
  • (2021-05-15, v:7.13.8) Raghav Rao: HOw to copy all screenshots into singel note
    I am able to move all the screenshots into single notebook. But I want to save all those screenshots into single note. HOw to do this?
  • (2021-05-13, v:7.13.8) Shannan Seely: evernote web clipper not working
    I downloaded the evernote web clipper today and it's not working. I removed it from Chrome extension a while ago for this problem.
  • (2021-05-13, v:7.13.8) Kimber Wakefield MacGibbon: Chrome clipper not working at all
    Starting this last week, the clipper stopped working and opened a window that just sat trying to load but never did - just blank. I uninstalled and reinstalled, updated, etc. Doesn't do anything at all now. In drop down clipper menu it says it has access to the site, etc. Works in my Firefox browser but no Chrome.
  • (2021-05-10, v:7.13.8) Pedro Gragera: Since a week ago I can't get web clipper in google chrome.
    Since a week ago I can't get web clipper in google chrome.
  • (2021-05-05, v:7.13.8) Larry Wagner: Web Clipper
    CAnnot find web clipper in my Chrome Extensions even though it indicates that it's on. What to do.
  • (2021-04-29, v:7.13.8) Steven Pybus: Evernote Web Clipper Extension is Blocking Chrome From Loading PDFs.
    When the Evernote Web Clipper is enabled, Chrome cannot load and view a PDF without having to refresh the page. I have numerous pages that contain links to online PDFs. When I click the link, the page performs a "<a target="_blank" href="..." HTML command to open the PDF in a new window. As of a few days ago, the PDF loading worked fine but now, I am required to 'refresh' the page to view the contents of the PDF. To rule out extensions, I tested this in incognito mode and the process functions properly: the link opens a new tab and the PDF is displayed instantly. Back in normal Chrome, I began toggling off various extensions and determined that the Evernote Web Clipper is the offending extension. I've removed the extension and installed the latest version from the Chrome Web Store but this did not solve my issue.
  • (2021-04-28, v:7.13.8) paolo andreozzi: Evernote Web clipper not working
    Evernote Web clipper not working after latest release has been installed
  • (2021-04-27, v:7.13.8) Kevin Ning: 谷歌扩展程序报错
  • (2021-04-23, v:7.13.8) Yonghun Jung: Saving takes enormous time and never finish
    When I try to clip some pages on the web, it just says "article name" and never finishes and doesn't save the page.
  • (2021-04-21, v:7.13.8) Johan Widén: Recent version of Web Clipper interferes with Chromes displaying of PDF
    If I have Web Clipper enabled, with access to all sites, then Chrome no longer displays PDF:s. Changing the access rights for Web Clipper to "on click" fixes the problem.
  • (2021-04-15, v:7.13.8) Mr Someone: Evernote Web clipper not working on Brave browser via Chrome web store
    Evernote Web clipper not working on Brave browser via Chrome web store for long time.
  • (2021-04-13, v:7.13.8) francesco marafioti: Le mie possibilità sono scarse.
    Questo programma che offrite è interessante, ma per chi è uno come me si trova a disagio, per il semplice motivo di studio. Io sono del periodo prima della seconda mondiale, e il studio scolastico si ferma lì, massimo alla "V elementare". Vorrei avere tutto questo alla portata delle mie possibilità. Non sono vostra cultura e professionalità anche vorrei esserlo! grazie per avere accettato questa mia favella, saluti Francesco
  • (2021-04-11, v:7.13.8) Justin Reinhart: Unable to save clip
    Critical bug. When I try to clip this page as a simplified article, it just says "Saving your clip..." and never finishes and doesn't save the page. Ref: http://web.archive.org/web/20110827070424/https://www.westonaprice.org/blogs/cmasterjohn/2011/07/24/the-masai-introduction/
  • (2021-03-19, v:7.13.8) Gianfranco Pinos: Non riesco a vedere l'estensione di evernote web clipper su chrome
    Non riesco a vedere l'estensione di evernote web clipper su chrome dopo avere installato l'estensione. L'icone dell'elefantino non c'è. Cosa posso fare? Grazie
  • (2021-03-18, v:7.13.8) anand sutar: Unable to install Web clipper extention in chrom from last few months.
    "Could not move extension directory into profile." This is the error I am getting every time whenever tried to install.
  • (2021-02-21, v:7.13.8) Jacques Thevenot: web clipper ne fonctionne plus depuis sa mise à jour (Firefox ou chrome)
    Depuis la mise à jour d'Evernote, le Web clipper ne fonctionne plus et demande d'autoriser l'accès via cookies. Mais je n'arrive pas à trouver le paramétrage des cookies qu'il faut faire sur Firefox . Pouvez vous me dire ? merci d'avance
  • (2021-02-14, v:7.13.8) Jim Emery: Loooooong-time chronic issue with Chrome extension simply vanishing...
    This has been going on for many months, and obviously others have experienced the same issue: the Chrome extension disappears every time Chrome is restarted...What is Evernote doing about this?
  • (2021-02-08, v:7.13.8) 室田啓介: Webクリッパーが動作しません
    もう何週間も前から、Mac OS10.15.7 Chrome環境でWebクリッパーを使い、iPhoneアプリを立ち上げると「◯◯」をインポートしています。◯◯個のクリップが残っています」のエラーで先に進まず、ここ最近のクリップを確認することができず困っています。直し方を教えてください。
  • (2021-02-03, v:7.13.8) Mary Manix: Please help me re-activate Web Clipper
    Hi There! First: I love Web Clipper so much! For the past week, when I try to clip (the icon is at the top of my Chrome browser in its usual place), I get a blank white page. There is no option to save the desired web page. Please help me restore my Web Clipper. My Evernote shows up to date on software updates. Thanks so much!! Mary Manix [email protected]
  • (2021-01-31, v:7.13.8) Zoltán Csöndes: Web clipper
    Hi, Chrome says it's installed but icon does not appear in the tool bar. Thanks!
  • (2021-01-30, v:7.13.8) y h: evernote web clipper
    when im reading a pdf on chrome, is it available direct pdf saving to evernotes databese. or only capture of actual webpage?
  • (2021-01-30, v:7.13.8) Alan: App doesn't appear in tool bar.
    Chrome says it's installed but icon does not appear in the tool bar.
  • (2021-01-27, v:7.13.8) Frederic Brignaud: Problème evernote web clipper sur google chrome
    Bonjour, après avoir installé le evernote web clipper sur mon ordinateur windows dans google chrome. voici le message que cela m'affiche : "En raison de restrictions établies par le navigateur, cette page ne peut être capturée." j'ai chercher partout pour changer le parametre et je n'ai pas trouver , pouvez vous m'aider ? Cordialement.
  • (2021-01-25, v:7.13.8) Nick Miller: The option to choose destination Notebooks is gone!
    Hi - the option to choose the destination notebook is gone. Very frustrating as the notebook that's chosen is usually the wrong one, and I have to go in and move it manually. Defeats the purpose of having a quick capture extension. I'd better off copying and pasting manually.
  • (2021-01-13, v:7.13.8) Clarice Silva: acessar
    como ter acesso ao email
  • (2021-01-13, v:7.13.8) AICRANE Maquinaria: Can't Work
    I successfully installed Evernote into the Chrome browser, and when I clicked the icon, nothing happened. Did something go wrong or conflict?
  • (2021-01-12, v:7.13.8) Cissy Song: can't log in
    every time I clip to evernote, I will be remind my account can't be found
  • (2021-01-04, v:7.13.8) rahul t: Browser restrictions
    chrome browser restrictions not allowing web clipper to operate
  • (2021-01-03, v:7.13.8) Cassy: Trouble with web clipper
    Chrome on ASUS notebook. Error Clipper has encountered an error Unknown error occurred. UNK/UNK {} Copy Logs Have removed and reloaded clipper with no improvement. Even though a link is provided in the error message to copy logs, that link also does not work.
  • (2021-01-02, v:7.13.8) EW: Evernote Clipper No Longer Works
    I have used Evernote Clipper for years to clip receipts for online purchases. Suddenly, today, when attempting to clip, I receive an error, "Due to restrictions set by the browser you cannot clip this page." I have checked settings, reinstalled the extension, etc., but it still will not clip. Please fix this issue with Chrome not allowing Evernote Clipper to clip.
  • (2020-12-28, v:7.13.8) Scott Davis: Web Clipper / Screen Capture
    Doesn't work on my Mac
  • (2020-12-24, v:7.13.8) Antonio J. Xavier: I can't capture selection
    After upgrading my mac to IOS Big Sur, I can no longer capture any selection on pages in Chrome. What can I do to solve this problem?
  • (2020-12-22, v:7.13.8) Craig White: Does it work?
    I was referred to download the extension and nothing is happening when I try to clip?
  • (2020-12-21, v:7.13.8) Charles Richardson: WebClipper
    The web clipper doesn't seem to contain the option to save emails anymore.
  • (2020-12-17, v:7.13.8) reka wolf: 插件突然提示似乎离线
  • (2020-12-16, v:7.13.8) John Freund: WebClipper
    I have repeatedly removed, emptied trash, downloaded latest version from the website but Web Clipper no longer works.
  • (2020-12-11, v:7.13.8) Abbas Karimi: Tag and Reminder for evernote chrom extention doesnt work at all...
    Tag and Reminder for evernote web clipper (chrom extention) doesnt work at all...
  • (2020-12-10, v:7.13.8) Diane Kroe: My webclipper no longer works
    It just stopped working for no reason. Its the only reason why I use evernote just to save ideas. Please advise.
  • (2020-12-08, v:7.13.8) Frank Kiernan: Web Clipper using Chrome
    After updating to latest version of Evernote 10 (10.4.4) on Windows 10, the Web Clipper in Chrome does not function. Web Clipper is working on both Edge and Firefox. The popup indicates: "Clipper has encountered an error Unknown error occurred ." "UNK/UNK" "{}" "Copy logs"
  • (2020-12-07, v:7.13.8) Antonio Goracio: web clipper
    Google chrome web clipper When I'm searching on google chrome and find something to clip, I right click, choose clip to bookmark and have to log into Evernote every single time. I didn't have to do this before. Is this fixable? Posted by Antonio Goracio - 3 weeks ago


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