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Stay focused and improve productivity with our key features: Custom blocklist, Scheduled site blocking and Password protection

Image from store BlockSite: Block Websites & Stay Focused
Description from store Make productivity your priority with BlockSite. ⭐️Features⭐️ Want to know how to block a website? We’ve got you covered! Just add websites to your block list and we’ll do the rest, we’ll even throw in some really funny images if you try and go on the sites while they’re blocked 💩 ⏰Stay Focused Extension You can now remove all distracting and harmful websites from your life by blocking them while you need to stay in the zone and be productive. You can even set yourself a focus timer and make sure you keep on track throughout the day while at work or school. 👨🏼‍💻Focus Mode The focus mode timer feature enables you to control your schedule via the Pomodoro technique timer. Break down your tasks into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes followed by a short break. With ‘Focus Mode’ you can set times when to disable websites and when to browse freely - no willpower necessary. 🔞Adult Content Ever wondered how to block adult content on your device? Well now you can...easily! With the built in adult blocker that blocks all known adult sites by default making sure that you don’t see any inappropriate content. 📅Scheduling Set up your own daily schedules and daily routines when you need to keep on track with the ‘Scheduling’ feature that enables you to set days and times when you can access certain sites and apps. ⏳Time Management There are loads of tips available but with the various features on the app and extension your time management schedule will never look better. You’ll be able to get all your tasks done and still have time to browse your favorite sites and apps in between. 📱Password Protection If you’ve blocked an app or a website you can unlock it with a passcode of your choosing, making it that bit harder to procrastinate. You can also password protect the options page to keep you from easily removing sites from your list. 🏙Customized Blocked Page It’s time to get creative! You can now make your own blocked page by choosing your own image and text to design customized blocked pages and make them unique to you. You can also check out the changes on the screen in real time before saving to make sure it’s just as you want it to be. 🚫Uninstall Prevention With the uninstall prevention feature, nobody can remove the app from your device without you knowing, meaning you’ll have to stay super productive 😁 🌎Premium feature - Site Redirect You can choose the website you want to be redirected to instead of the funny image presented. 📱💻Sync BlockSite is a cross-browser website/URL and app blocker that helps you to manage your website usage and manage distractions and addictions. It is also available on your mobile device and can be synced between your desktop and mobile so that you are productive and have total control over your schedule, wherever you are. 💡Insights Explore your website browsing trends on BlockSite! Now you can see how you spend your time on websites with our insights feature. You can also check out how much time you've saved, the website categories you visit most and lots more. As part of this process, BlockSite receives and analyzes aggregated de-identified information about your mobile data and app use. This extension allows you to block specific sites based on parameters you define , by enabling permissions and granting us access to webRequest, AllHost, webNavigation, cookies, management, notifications, contextMenus, webRequestBlocking, unlimitedStorage, tabs, storage and gcm. As part of our service we maintain and update a database of known sites with adult content. Each URL you visit is checked against this database, in case you want to block content. For more information, see our privacy policy: https://blocksite.co/privacy/ Your privacy is important to us. The data collected is not used to identify individual users. The data collected is not shared with any third parties for the purposes of marketing or targeting individual users. You can always opt out from data collection by deselecting the checkbox next to the words “Block Adult Sites” which can be found under the Settings tab of the Options page. Note that once you opt out, some of the services provided by BlockSite will no longer be available.

Latest reviews

  • (2022-09-27) Mohammad Hadid: It would be much better if would add the feature that would enable me to set a timed pause on focus mode. That´s a dealbreaker for me!
  • (2022-09-26) J.C.: komplett nutzlos
  • (2022-09-25) Kirill Tsukanov: Just three websites to block on a free plan? No thanks
  • (2022-09-22) Viraj Shah: The recent update seems to have broke it. Now the extension seems that i cannot be toggled on and off. I have the paid version.
  • (2022-09-21) e00d: Remove/Install the extension if it stops working. The app has too many glitches.
  • (2022-09-21) Ivan Nguyen: I have bought this app but too disappointed for paid version. Windows app too simple. extension on chrome couldn't run focus mode. too expensive. Wasted 48 usd/year. I though with this app 2$/year. Remember this is non refundable. After this, I have a lesson for paid app. expensive apps are sometimes terrible.
  • (2022-09-20) COREY TOWN: So many ads. They ruined this once useful extension
  • (2022-09-16) Kamaljeet Raturi: Even with password protection on we can simply uninstall the extension and access to the unproductive websites. It doesn't ask for password while uninstalling. What's the use of it then ?
  • (2022-09-15) Shae Meta: I only installed to block things related to porn. However, after installing it blocks Mobiroller. I can't even access my account through Mobiroller through the backend page. https://mobiroller.com and its user account main page https://my/mobiroller.com have nothing do with porn. Mobiroller is a mobile app builder. Yet, Blocksite claims mobiroller has the word sex in it and is somehow connected to porn. I even whitelisted the links above and Blocksite still wont let me access my companies mobile app development page. I have chosen to uninstall this extension because they wrongfully block sites that have NOTHING to do with what I am trying to block access to for personal reasons. I can't even access my companies website builder https://bandzoogle.com Do not install this company's rubbish extension. Also they don't even have a way to contact support about this issue, which is a huge red flag.
  • (2022-09-14) Yasmeen Wilson: removed extension cuz they got greedy. Didn't even send a notice
  • (2022-09-14) Andre LeBrun: I really regret updating this extension, now that they've decided to ruin it for free users and charge tons of money to un-ruin it. Guess I'm uninstalling this extension and finding a new blocker.
  • (2022-09-14) Jeff Lebowski: Thanks for ruining my favorite extension. By this time next year I'm sure they will have removed several more features for free users and doubled the price of the paid version. Not worth it, not even close.
  • (2022-09-12) Hamish Williamson: Three sites for the free option is far too few. Worthless unless you pay for the subscription.
  • (2022-09-11) Adérito: Muito útil. Ajuda a ser mais produtivo!
  • (2022-09-11) Abid Al Wassie: Worst chrome extension ever! It's completely useless I need to pay this extension to block more than 3 websites? How ridiculous is that?
  • (2022-09-07) Eric Languerand: This application was free, as you can read where but now it's a money trap As you will need to block hundreds of bad website, this software let block ten and ask you for mastercard credit fore more, so useless to download this. This is the same think than a snack bar who give 1 free french fry to everyone, ho you want more ? pay ! This application also allows itself to be political and lies in its description The description claims that the application blocks websites according to the parameters defined by the user, but the creators have taken the liberty of adding websites that do not define their political opinions And of course, you can't change those
  • (2022-09-07) Kevin: Doesn't actually block even the three sites it claims to let you block, and it's just a vessel for delivering ads and trying to get you to pay for upgrades. Used to be great, but I'd never use and especially pay for this again the way it is now.
  • (2022-09-06) Google Google: Awful extension. Install it, proceed to have a half dozen popups, then they try to string you out for money if you have more than 3 sites you'd like to block. Certainly there are better alternative extensions to do the same thing.
  • (2022-09-06) Markus Holmberg: They only let you block three sites before forcing you to buy the unlimited version, pretty bad product unless paying to be honest
  • (2022-09-06) Stevie Wonder: they only let you block three sites before forcing you to buy the unlimited version. dont recommend downloading, its a scam.
  • (2022-09-05) Miky R: Installed and uninstalled within minutes, cannot disable pop ups easily
  • (2022-09-04) Jiayi LI: It used to be a great tool. But your greedness is ruining it. You could have made a lifetime offer, let's say 20€ and I would have bought it without any hesitation. But 12€ per month is just shameful. SHAMEFUL. Not only will I ever pay for your once great app, I will immediatly uninstall it. Farewell and good luck, from an old user who loved your app for years.
  • (2022-09-04) Pavlo Omelchenko: FOUR (4 ) websites to block in free pack !!! Thats a shame . Also 50 $ a year for such simple app ???
  • (2022-09-02) Eduardo Garcia: Too limited on the free version, too expensive on the paid one.
  • (2022-08-29) Chris: Used to be good, now you gotta pay for basic functionality
  • (2022-08-27) SOHAM TANPURE: 👍👌
  • (2022-08-26) GeoSystems: Too limited
  • (2022-08-26) George Jemna: Why are so many people hating this app? I think it's cool and you can block up to 3 sites for free. Which is more than I need for Instagram and Youtube. You also have a focus timer for free. The features of premium are really cool and you can see the work put in this extension. Although I won't buy the premium because I don't need it, I don't think $4/month is offensively expensive.
  • (2022-08-25) Peregrine Chadwick: fake reviews
  • (2022-08-25) Huzaifa Ramzan: Excellent! Just love this extension
  • (2022-08-24) Isaiah G: Extremely limited, they want you to pay an absurd amount for such a basic extension. Also, all the reviews are fake. The real rating is 1 star, just look at the recent reviews. Everyone hates it.
  • (2022-08-24) alejo: Didn't even last 5 minutes on my computer. They could've gotten away with 3 or 4 dollars a month and I wouldn't have thought twice about it. There's just no chance I'm paying a yearly subscription for something like this. Sure the UI is nice and I'm sure there's more to it but $11 a month? I'm tired of predatory subscription models. More than adequate alternatives like LeechBlock are free.
  • (2022-08-24) Nafees Mushtaq: Not free anymore blocking more than 1 link is paid.
  • (2022-08-23) Alle Isaiah Jalbuena: it's cool but why does it cost so much? what about the kids who are using this to stop watching youtube during class hmm? be a non profit.
  • (2022-08-18) Evgeny Nolan: Do not install. The goal of this extension is as basic as it gets, yet the developer is trying to sell it's basic feature to you as a service for $4 a month. What a laughing stock. If you don't know how to find an alternative to this kind of scummy extensions: 1. Go to the BlockSite extension page 2. Select Overview tab 3. Scroll down to Related extensions
  • (2022-08-16) Nidesh Lamichhane: The redirect does not work. If I paste "https://www" with the URL address, they ignore it, but that part is necessary for the redirect to go to the right website. What a waste of time.
  • (2022-08-14) Jazmyne Jones: I used to be able to block 6 websites for free. I'm not sure when it changed but I'm only able to block 3 websites for free and have to pay for more. What a total ripoff! Bring the 6 websites blocks for free. This is just sad.
  • (2022-08-14) Mark Falk: Instalei está extensão para bloquear um site que abre incondicionalmente me incomodando. Agora ele não abre mais, porém a extensão Blocksite cada vez que a extensão chara iria abrir abre no lugar da página chata uma outra página do Blocksite me incomodando. É trocar 6 por meia dúzia. Vou desinstalar. Prefito ver a página chata original do que a do Blocksite. Péssimo Nota 0
  • (2022-08-14) First Last: any college freshman could code an extension to block a website in like less than hour if they know what they're doing. why the heck is there a subscription for this. this is absolutely cancerous and an example of microtransactions taken too far.
  • (2022-08-12) Lucas Huang: This extension used to be good a few years ago, but now the free features are very limited. Being able to only block 3 sites makes this extension not worth it, and the "BlockSite Unlimited" plan is way too expensive. I understand that the developers need money, so every time they get a negative review they reply with "BlockSite is a freemium service, consider trying the premium version out and reconsider your rating," but even the premium features aren't worth it. Take password protection for example, there are many easy ways to bypass it such as going into the extensions page and turning off the extension, right clicking and removing from your browser, or installing another browser without the extension. I would forgive it if it was free, as browser extensions aren't supposed to prevent you from uninstalling them, but a feature like this being paid is just unacceptable. There are a few pros with this extension, such as the keyword blocking working really well and a good user interface. However, the fact that more basic features of this extension are becoming paid just makes this extension not worth it.
  • (2022-08-12) Colin Kurtz: It's ridiculous to only block 3 sites while wanting you to pay the equivalent of a Netflix subscription if you want to block more, especially when so many free alternatives exist.
  • (2022-08-09) Carito: esta buena la extension porque bloqueas sitios web que no quieres visitar y palabras que no te gustan y contenido adulto
  • (2022-08-08) Takikarin: Though I do wish there was a plugin to completely blacklist any mentions of site or phrases, this is the closest I have to that Though I did find it funny when it told me to "block roblox.com to increase productivity!"
  • (2022-08-07) Lion Tiger: not free
  • (2022-08-07) crab: I'm using the paid version and I'm generally happy with the blocking feature. However, there is one big dissatisfaction store. I want you to increase the number of schedule periods that can be set to more than two, to at least four. I'm working remotely, so I want to schedule work and sleep. Specifically, it is the time from 8:00 to 12:00, 13:00 to 18:00, and 21:00 to 7:00. However, with the current function, only two schedules can be set, so the morning time can only be managed by self-management. It's nonsense that I introduced it because I can't manage it, but I have to manage it because of lack of functionality. Please increase the schedule period. I'm sorry if I just overlooked the feature.
  • (2022-08-05) Oded Benamotz: Only 3 sites to block, with a very expensive subscription. However, it has other functionalities and really good user interface that I'll give it 3 stars.
  • (2022-08-02) Cheyenne Piper: Great extension.Only complaint is that the free version was reduced from 6 to 3.
  • (2022-07-31) Денис Сучков: Just doesn't work. Tried to block yandex.ru - still can open it
  • (2022-07-30) 谢顿: Free version is too limited and the subscription is too expensive.
  • (2022-07-29) Lautaro Figueroa: Buenisimo, pero no se puede redirigir a una url que uso para el trabajo: 👉vscode://FILE, porfavor permitan esto que es clave.

Latest issues

  • (2013-02-28, v:1.0.8) Andres Garrido: Facebook
    Facebook is permanently blocked. There is no way to access it. I've tried disabling the extension, I've tried putting Facebook on the whitelist, I've tried proxies, I've even tried reinstalling Google Chrome, but nothing allows me to use Facebook for whatever reason.
  • (2012-09-22, v:1.0.5) Ian Staff: Technically not new...
    Would it be possible to implement wildcards on the Chrome version, as with the Firefox version?


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