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Description from extension meta Block YouTube videos from any channel you want.
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Description from store Video Blocker allows you to hide videos from channels that you don't like. You can specify these channels by right-clicking on a link to a video on YouTube or by adding them manually via the options page. You can also hide videos from multiple channels at once, by using a wildcard or adding regular expressions. Blocking videos with certain keywords in their title is also possible! Comments will also be blocked the same way as channels. For more information on how to do this exactly, please visit the help section at the settings after installing this extension. Every item you add to your block-list can now also be protected with a password! If you find any bugs or have any other problems with this extension, please notify me via the support option on the details-tab on this page. It is very difficult to help you out if you report a problem via the comments, since there is no way for me to respond to you. Good luck and happy video blocking! This extension is also available for other browsers! Mozilla Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/video-blocker/
Latest reviews (2019-12-03) BenBInnit: This doesn't work. I wasted my money donating, don't be like me. Look for Channel Blocker by timemachine.development which currently works. (2019-12-03) Mario Maia: Há meses que isso paroooooooooooooooou de funcionar... e o vencedor é o Metabee!!! (2019-12-03) Ian McChickenlover: Was realy good when it worked, but now its just doing nothing (2019-12-01) Вера Севлова: заблокировал ВЕСЬ ютуб (2019-12-01) Alexander Ortiz: No longer works (2019-11-30) Terrence Riario: It work again. You need to download https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/restore-classic-for-youtu/dhnphdafbioamppmaiaebbdobfhbhnlm Then with the old youtube theme, it will work (2019-11-29) Tolga Bodur: doesn't work (2019-11-28) Oguz Albayrak: Hala Dost Kayaoğlu denen mahlukatın videolarını görüyorum, diğer filtrelerde sıkıntı yok ama bu adamın videoları ne yaparsam yapıyım çıkıyor. Edit: Youtube eski versiyonda düzgün çalışıyor bu arada eklenti. F12 tuşu ile geliştirici araçlarını açın, ardından Application > Cookies yolunu izleyin. Daha sonra PREF isimli verinin değerini bununla &f6=43418 değiştirin. (2019-11-28) Zyngarde: It was effective some of the time before more modern youtube updates, but now with the option to bar channel reccomendations though the site itself, the extension has more or less become irrelevant (2019-11-28) Yani: Does not work anymore. (2019-11-26) Анатолий Севастьянов: Не работает. И ссылки добавлял и ключевики, никакого эффекта, видео как показывались, так и показываются. (2019-11-25) Malka Zampieri: Funcionaba excelente, lamentablemente hace unos meses volvieron a aparecer los canales bloqueados en youtube, no se si sera por una falta de actualización o que, de momento buscare alguna otra aplicación (2019-11-25) Kiksemanden 2: Problems with clicking on a video in a playlist (2019-11-24) Vinh Ngô: Không chặn được cái gì hết :)) (2019-11-24) SystemChirron: Oudated (2019-11-23) Леонид Иванов: По состоянию на 23.11.2019 расширение совсем не работает, ни в одном из режимов (2019-11-23) alex: It used to work perfectly until very recently!!! (2019-11-22) Tolga Coşar: update (2019-11-22) John Abraham: This plugin used to work great and technically it still works but it also seems to block all channel results in the YouTube search results. This goes for all channels, not just blocked ones. (2019-11-21) Shimon Yavin: Does not work at all. Immediately after blocking, the very same video shows up again in the next search. The blocked list doesn't show that the video was blocked. Even when a channel is blocked manually it still shows up in searches. (2019-11-21) 돈미고: 작동이 안된다. 아예 안된다. (2019-11-20) literally no one: doesn't work!!!!!!!!!! (2019-11-18) Kainos Teleos: It's a really great app. But for some reason, it is not working on Chrome and Brave anymore. The Fire Fox version seems to still work however... I type keywords and channel names in, but they still appear on YouTube. I actually wanted to give this a 4 star rating. But as it doesn't work anymore, i can only give it a 2 star rating. I will give a better rating, the moment the video blocker works on Chrome and Brave again. (2019-11-18) Liz Brooker: Does not appear to work (2019-11-16) Nestor N: Вообще перестал блокировать каналы.
Latest issues (2019-11-25, v:6.3) Joe: Can't block videos anymore on youtube
Hi for over a week now i been trying to block and remove videos and nothing happens when i click block video, Please fix.
(2019-11-24, v:6.3) Cedar Parks: No longer works
It has stopped working on youtube!
(2019-11-17, v:6.3) J.SeKour Cage: Doesn't work
I've blocked channels and they ALWAYS still appear at the top of my searches of a particular topic. I would donate to your extension if it was viable; nonetheless, thank you for the attempt.
(2019-11-08, v:6.3) Danny Beich: Video Blocker no longer works
Video Blocker is not working with the latest versions of Chrome and Youtube. The "block video" option fails and so do keywords.
(2019-11-06, v:6.3) Shane Sloan: Please update this extension
The new interface makes it not work, please update soon
(2019-10-25, v:6.3) Marcus Keeler: new interface
If you're not going to update this to work with the new YT interface, can you please remove it from the chrome store
(2019-10-21, v:6.3) Austin Shoemaker: Due for an update
Whenever I put a new channel to block, it doesn't block it. And some of the videos I don't wanna see still show up
(2019-10-17, v:6.3) Olia T: Не блокирует видео
Раньше все работало сейчас перестало, удалила и скачала заново , но все равно не блокирует видео на ютубе.
(2019-10-15, v:6.3) Tom Dale: Stopped working in Chrome
Hi, the extension used to work, but stopped a few weeks ago
(2019-10-15, v:6.3) Dr. Pierre Chang: Not Working
i'm using it at opera but it isn't working? is this because of opera or extension broken?

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