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Super fast notes from your New Tab window

Image from store Knotes
Description from store **Featured in TechCrunch and Lifehacker.** "The best to-do app is the one you have available" - Lifehacker Knotes is a beautiful and simple note taking extension for Chrome from the makers of Knote. Now you can keep all of your thoughts in one easy to access place both online and off! Once you can sync your knotes, you can view them in Knote, Dropbox, or Gmail. In Knote you can share your notes and to-do's with others or collaborate on your ideas to keep up your work. The app also allows you to back them up in Dropbox for safe keeping, or save them as drafts in Gmail to send off via email. Take your knotes on the go too! Pull them up and edit them on either iOS or Android.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-02-15) Gary Linenger: no other way to get support .. so I'm here cannot log-on ON NEW TAB PAGE .. with std login procedure .. (not the affiliate-connected access) (BUT CAN, fine, direct on Knote.com Co web page)
  • (2018-06-01) Michel Müller: BAD
  • (2017-05-23) Paul Duca: Great new update, the responsive design works great. Seems like all the early bugs have been worked out as well!
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  • (2017-04-27) Hey, log in broken. So it becomes useless. And what is on https://knote.com? It redirects to this URL when clicking https://knotable.com It is NOT the described extension, it's an extension that sort your email. What is this scam? Anyway, Knotes was very bad, read the reviews. It was everything but trustable!
  • (2016-09-29) Jawahar Verma: which note I have save your knotes after some days it can't find and loss data and notes very bad note app
  • (2016-09-15) Jawahar Verma: I have loss my notes and important notes. not find word or letter proper by letter or word by search. and showing wrong search result please hurry up improvements in your services and and all uor your best
  • (2016-09-02) himanshu pal: All the features are useful.But there is no option of deleting notes
  • (2016-08-04) Taking new notes is just buttery smooth and fast. The simple, direct UI actually helps me get my thoughts down fast and succinctly. Better offline mode + email myself a note/reminder + import all your Evernotes and you've got a legit alternative.
  • (2016-06-24) 徐振紘: I cant see my tasks ,and I cant even login(always show logout botton)
  • (2016-04-20) Ana M: Escribo las anotaciones voy a otra pagina y cuando abro se han borrado! ademas que al principio no me permitía registrarme o logearme. Tienen un excelente concepto una buen y sencillo diseño pero les falta arreglar eso para las 5 estrellas... desinstalada
  • (2016-03-05) Gerard Turull: ÉS EL MEJOR MENÚ DE TODO EL MUNDO
  • (2016-03-02) Sasha Quesada: Was SO excited to use Knotes...until I watched a 2-hour webinar while I used Knotes to take down super important and jam-packed info/ideas, and then less than 2 days later it all went poof. Not anywhere to be found, and worse of all is I can't watch a replay of the webinar again as it has expired. Ideas that will never get implemented because Knotes lost them. So bummed and frustrated! :(
  • (2016-02-24) Yoojin Seol: I love everything, but syncing Knotes with my Gmail deleted all my email drafts and replaced it with knotes!! I'm really sad because I had a lot of writing saved in my email drafts... :( Would give 5 stars if I could recover deleted Gmail drafts.
  • (2015-11-02) Kane Elias: Would like to be able to disable the new tab of knotes, I use metrotab for a reason, I like being able to start a note with the icon but had to disable because of the new tab setting
  • (2015-10-31) Yun-Yen Fun: not can work....;(
  • (2015-10-21) Carlos Miguel: Can't login using new account. ---- Edit: Was able to login after a day, as Amol suggested. When adding the title of a Knote or a Task, typing is interrupted so nothing is entered into the field unless I click and type again, not very practical. After adding a task on a task list, I can't go back and edit it, only remove it. Overall it looks great, but lacks functionality. Will keep on using it for a while. ---- Edit 2: When clicking the Email icon, the service requests a lot of permissions that don't seem necessary at all (Manage your calendars, Manage your contacts, Manage your Google+ posts, comments, and stream). Could you please look into this?
  • (2015-10-21) Daniel Jąder: I really tried to like it - I really did. Knotes looks really good but works bad. I had no problem with registering and logging in but I can't even add a single to-do on New Tab without this app interrupting my writing.
  • (2015-10-20) I was able to get around the login issue. Sadly, this looks so promising but doesn't deliver. The UI on the new tab doesn't function correctly. Old notes stay around even though they have been removed from the Knotes web app page. The trash button on the new tab page also does not work to remove existing notes. Don't bother downloading until you read that a new release has been made.
  • (2015-09-15) J C: amazing! so so so so easy
  • (2015-09-10) Nickolas Hammes: It took over control of my new tabs. The only option is to disable it?!
  • (2015-09-05) James Bucaric: Multiple attempts to sign up using a chrome book and no luck looked like a really nice app but can't even sign up?
  • (2015-09-04) Richard Barber: Great, signed up easily despite the other reviews, just a simple ctrl+T away from having somewhere to keep ideas and stuff I need to do later.
  • (2015-09-03) Izzy B.: Won't let me sign up!
  • (2015-07-27) Josh Beach: Can't use without login, can't oauth login to new tab page.
  • (2015-07-16) Angus McLeod: Couldn't log in for a bit, but that seems to be fixed now. Love it.
  • (2015-07-14) Vyas: Can't login
  • (2015-07-01) B Maxey: Two stars because I can't even login, it just hangs. May be nice, but if I can't use it, I'll never know.


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