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Description from extension meta a slick and reliable timer app for Google Chrome
Image from store 1-click-timer
Description from store Update 2016-10-01: fixed the indicators that were broken in Chrome 53 Set the timer with one click! * Quick and easy * Stylish design * Works offline * Safe: does not need any special permission * Made in Sweden
Latest reviews (2019-11-04) I'm just Vincy: It did it's job, was very useful for me, and never failed. I would highly reccomend it, plus it looks JUST like the thumbnail photos (2019-10-16) Katzy Baby: Beautiful. I use it for cooking and it is really helpful and accurate. You set the time you want and it counts down, then chimes to alert you. There are several options, but for a quick countdown timer, this is the best I've used. (2019-08-28) Ajaree Whaley: Simple to use, does the job (2019-08-15) Todd Buchta: I like the simplicity. However, for the past 2 weeks, it get corrupted when I open my Chrome browser and it gets removed from my bookmark bar. I've clicked the "repair" button and that corrects it, but then it goes away the next day, so I'm temporarily disabled it and am sadly trying a different timer for a while. (2019-06-23) 龙须面: Love it! (2019-06-12) Elizabeth G: I really love this extension. I use it as a repeating timer to basically remind me time exists (I have ADHD and lose track easily). It's very helpful. I think the thing that puts this over the top compared to other addons is the ability to open it up in a small browser tab. For some reason, that makes me more comfortable than clicking on an icon. The only thing I'd change would be to add additional alarm sounds. I'm getting sick of the default one after using it for quite awhile now. (2019-05-26) Sam Burbon: I love that you can see the time in your browser without clicking. Super simple and great, thank you! (2019-04-12) Simon Lavallée: As a teacher I tryed a lot of timers and this one is my number 1 choice! It does EVERYTHING a timer should do. No add, free ... just wow! (2019-03-04) Tomas Sandven: Simple, functional, polished. I wish all extensions were like this. (2019-02-22) ꧁༺Orichi༻꧂: Ideal for timing of buildings in browser games. Thank you (btw. where is stop for alarm ?) (2019-02-22) perfect for timing short quizzes for exams and such... (2019-02-05) Mára Vlcek: great, quick and every time in chrome (2018-12-21) Lightning Bolt: Not too bad. I don't like that you can only do up to 1 hour. (2018-08-27) layla ali: تطبيق جميل (2018-08-23) Kostas Pramataris: super! (2018-08-17) Yuda Ferry Mahendra: easy to use and awesome UI (2018-06-08) Ricardo Souza: Excelente, super intuitivo e funcional. Parabéns ao desenvolvedor. (2018-06-07) Baldr: 1. Not 1 click repeat 2. Can't turn off notifications (2018-05-29) Mike Leibel: VEry nice. It is great for watering the lawn, leaving for appointments, watching the stover or whatever. I would like to see an option to continue playing the alarm, or at least leave the pop-up, until it is dismissed. A lot of time I am not at my desk so would miss the alarm altogether. I'd also like to see a snooze option for those times one is on the phone when the alarm goes off. (2018-05-05) Percy Correa: Excelente!! (2018-04-04) Jan L: Best timer for chrome very simple and fast to use (not like most timer where you need to use your kyeboard...) (2018-03-18) Jas Arajit: Perfect for facebook farm game. (2018-03-08) Manus Servus: If you are so busy that you need a timer, why overcomplicate your life to use a complicated one? This is as simple as you can get. Perfect! I love it!!! (Maybe an hour option would be useful, but hey...) (2018-02-24) mason thompson: BEST TIMER EVER!! (2018-02-16) Makedah: great timer :)
Latest issues (2019-11-22, v:8.3.1) Sylis Christie: can it have fnaf rap for timer music
no fnaf rap music
(2019-11-20, v:8.3.1) CHRISTOPHER DOUGLAS: can i get any back ground or get an emoji in the clock
(2019-11-12, v:8.3.1) Dovie Kilmer: It would be nice to move the timer around the screen
sometimes it blocks something I need my students to see
(2019-11-09, v:8.3.1) Sara Sukenik: Alarm doesn't pop up or make sound
Hi, For some reason the alarm isn't popping up or making a sound. Thanks!
(2019-11-07, v:8.3.1) Andrew Nabil: Extention Color
Can you please add the feature to change the color instead of the orange one. Thanks!
(2019-10-26, v:8.3.1) Beth Haselton: Timer Automatically Repeats
Would love to have a way to automatically repeat the timer when working in stations. That way I do not have to leave my station to reset the timer.
(2019-10-22, v:8.3.1) SHAWN HAWKINS: i wish you can a backgroud for it to
why cant you put a backgroud on the timer people like timer's with there backgroud onit and ps it's slow from the real time
(2019-10-17, v:8.3.1) Tyson Leavitt: 1-click-timer
it should be able to go under 1 minute.
(2019-10-17, v:8.3.1) Tyson Leavitt: 1 click timer
there should be sound.
(2019-10-15, v:8.3.1) Jack Clover: seconds timer
I for one would like a seconds timer because it would be a lot more useful than a minute
(2019-10-07, v:8.3.1) Jacob Snider: Digital clock
Can you also add a digital clock option?

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2016-10-01 / 8.3.1






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