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Translate words and phrases while browsing the web, and easily replenish your foreign languages dictionary using flashcards.

Image from store Rememberry - Translate and Memorize
Description from store Translate any text while browsing and save it if you wish to memorize it. Rememberry utilizes innovative scientific researches of human memory and how it works. It was discovered that the most efficient way to keep knowledge in memory is to repeat it exactly at the moment when your brain is ready to forget it. Therefore after learning some foreign word you'll need to repeat it with some increasing intervals. Those intervals are calculated using complex scientific algorithms, which are based on how many times the word was already repeated, and more importantly, how hard for you it was to recall it (in learning sessions you'll be asked to evaluate if it was easy, normal or hard for you). The latter gives our algorithms some clue about specifically yours memory abilities, which provides more accurate intervals value. KEY FEATURES: ★ Translate any text in web page via selection, context menu or configurable hotkeys ★ Translate custom text inside pop-up window that's located in browser menu bar ★ Word pronunciation (text to speech), transcription, synonyms, antonyms, definition and usage examples ★ More than 100 supported languages ★ Extensive translation results divided on parts of speech, with ability to add custom translation ★ Conveniently divide your vocabulary into categories (we are calling it "decks") ★ Built-in reminders will notify you when you haven’t learned for too long ★ Badge on top of Rememberry icon will keep you informed how many words are waiting for your repetition ★ Different learning modes are there to help you understand which type of memory works better for you ★ Full control over your decks and cards ★ Synchronization of settings between your Google Chrome browsers ★ Offline mode support for repetition sessions UPCOMING FEATURES: ★ Synchronization of decks ★ Ability to repeat saved cards using mobile devices ★ Highlight words that you've learned in web pages ★ Learning statistics ★ Achievements system and top of most active learners HELP TO TRANSLATE THE INTERFACE INTO OTHER LANGUAGES: https://github.com/skyiea/rememberry-i10n#how-to-contribute

Latest reviews

  • (2023-01-11) عبدالله: افضل مما توقعت رائع رائع رائع
  • (2023-01-05) Dmitriy Buyvid: Amazing, free, cool, rich! Greate variety of mods to learning! Moreover, I can choose any language I needed. The best extension I've ever tried!
  • (2022-12-31) guntupalli koushik: using this from 3 years. good extension. Google need to recommend this type of good extensions
  • (2022-12-22) Numan Açık: Birden fazla kart destesi oluşturma olsa (çeşitli kategorilere göre) daha güzel olur!
  • (2022-12-14) garmonikus: постійно пропадає іконка і не можливо добавити нове слово, тому не хочу користуватися цим розширенням. Можливо це тому що я сижу через планшет, але з іншими розширеннями в мене проблем немає, лише з вашим.
  • (2022-12-14) ELIAS ROSALES: E MUITO BOM
  • (2022-12-05) nezar sofan: amazing
  • (2022-11-26) User Man: GOOD!
  • (2022-11-21) Chendi Sun: can we add google translate Mirror or allow user to set proxy ?because it is not working now in China
  • (2022-11-20) Borya: Потенциально - невероятно крутое приложение, которое я искал на протяжении множества лет. Давно познакомился с техникой запоминания слов через карточки и искал её различные вариации в онлайне. Нашел случайно данное расширение. Ну очень понравилось по началу... Пока не узнал, что карточки можно повторять не столько, сколько ты желаешь и когда желаешь. А когда программа посчитает нужным открыть тебе эту функцию... Это что еще за бред? Также расширение мешает веб-разработке и ломает консоль и иногда багает live-server от vscode. (не особо уверен, что дело в расширение на 100%, возможно, зря нагоняю воду на ребят) Очень хотелось бы, чтобы добавили возможность повторять карточки тогда, когда сам этого желаешь. Столько - сколько сам хочешь. В остальном - идеально все.
  • (2022-11-19) Ali Ali: بسیار عالی است
  • (2022-11-18) Nguyễn Chí Hào: nice
  • (2022-11-06) Gena Greiner: Мешает работать с консолью браузера. Так как при использовании расширения в консоли выскакивает по 3 предупреждения : "DevTools failed to load source map: Could not load content for chrome-extension://dipiagiiohfljcicegpgffpbnjmgjcnf/js/content.js.map: System error: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT".
  • (2022-11-01) 鼎鈞: Really useful plugin and most important of all it's free. ^^
  • (2022-10-18) Sprint Clancy: It doesn't work recently
  • (2022-10-13) Roberto Oneto: patetic
  • (2022-10-05) Olia: Дуже класне розширення, а головне є УКРАЇНСЬКА мова)
  • (2022-09-30) 蛙蛙要努力学习: 爱了爱了,超棒的软件
  • (2022-09-29) ‫أحمد العربيّ (‪Ahmed Elaraby‬‏)‬‎: I'm using this extension in edge browser, and extension options page is larger than space available by browser, so I couldn't export my cards as the right part of extension options is overlapped by browser box. I don't know if you could understand me or not but if there is a support mail, I will be happy to send screenshot for the problem.
  • (2022-09-18) Abu Alaraby: this extension was useful until the last update in edge browser the options page is present in so small window and actually I can't change any option or export my cards into Anki, so I hope this issue will solved soon and thank you
  • (2022-09-16) CE KAY: it's trial version for only 30 day and not full version, they don't mention this before you install it. there is even no option to buy or subscribe even the sign in or create account doesn't work.
  • (2022-08-31) Ігор: Рекомендую!
  • (2022-08-22) Herr Dunkell: Not efficient for German. For german we also need the artikels as: der,die,das this is a must we should remember Please add these features so could use this cool app.
  • (2022-08-17) jspsread chen: 很實用
  • (2022-08-13) Максим Покровский: Really need an option to train words by any time.
  • (2022-08-07) Denis Muydinov: It's a very helpful extention! Thnks a lot!
  • (2022-07-29) Alexander Slotin: Thanks very much! Very useful extension!
  • (2022-07-25) Egor Koldasov: Great extension, but it's very simple and could benifit from more extra features. For example, the ability to save the context sentence, filter words by language before exporting and choosing the deck right before adding the word.
  • (2022-07-14) Wander Almeida Limeira: Rememberry é uma ótima extensão de navegador. Um outro APP que funciona perfeitamente é o: https://onmind-idiom.web.app/ Tem sistema de repetição espaçada, é instalável no Android, da pra compartilhar as palavras do navegador pro app, modo carro, modo soneca...ele é bem completo.
  • (2022-07-12) фыв фыв: неплохо!
  • (2022-07-09) Andrii Korol: Excellent!!!!!! Thank guys, you are the best!!! Slava Ukraine!!!!!!!!!!
  • (2022-07-08) Valérie DEHORTER: Hi, Waouh effect for me ! Just a fantastic and really extension....I'm working to pass TOEIC test next month ...it will encourage to read in english more often.... A suggestion for the future as Elisabeth Nicoud asked you : - different random kind of exercices (in both sens fr<>eng ; audio > spell(type); 3 choices) until it get completly process and in mind Do you know Readwise App which uses gamification? Let us know about the updates ... Wish all the best for the future
  • (2022-07-04) yener çakmak: outstanding. I can perfectly use to improve my vocabulary
  • (2022-07-04) Denys Dudarev: Thanks, guys for such a cool Ukrainian product 🇺🇦 Slava Ukraїni 💪
  • (2022-06-26) krishna sai: The best extension for students i repeat the best
  • (2022-06-21) minerbtc Eth: This program Very Good
  • (2022-06-12) bahrta sai: I just installed it, but so far it's pretty good, except for a few grammatical mistakes (Esperanto). mi ĵus instalis ĝi, sed ĝis nun ĝi estas sufiĉe bona krom kelkaj gramatikajn erarojn. (Esperanto).
  • (2022-06-11) Nowshine Tarannum: I can't find in Microsoft edge add-ons. 😥 But I love this extension.
  • (2022-06-03) Bayram Sasmaz: senkronizasyon çalışmıyor ve güncellemede kayıtlı herşey gidiyor hallolursa 5 yıldız
  • (2022-05-29) 佐々木禁断: Buena extensión
  • (2022-05-28) Mindaugas: Like for this app
  • (2022-05-20) Nicole Fox: I was trying to use it for refreshing and learning more Spanish in a work context. So the original language is set to English and the translated language is set to Spanish. Seemed like a great idea and chrome extension, however, the audio "read aloud" function is basically useless. When I select a section of text to translate, the audio function just reads the English text back to me. There is no option to read aloud the Spanish translation, which is the part that I am attempting to learn. Because I have to copy and paste the text into Google translate to hear the Spanish translation to make sure my pronunciations are correct, the chrome extension is kind of useless. I might as well just copy and paste the phrases into a free quiz-let since I have to go use google translate anyway. Would definitely re-download if the developers added the functionality of the audio to read aloud the translated statement that I want to learn and not just read aloud the English text that I already understand.
  • (2022-05-18) Mohamed Fouad: This is very helpful. After a few minor changes, it will be the best
  • (2022-05-08) SeyyedMahdi Hassanpour: It is very good, but how can I switch to American accent?
  • (2022-05-04) My Dev: I love it. This is a very useful extension. I am exporting my list of words to a CSV Anki . It works great. When the sync functionality is available, it will be even better. Thank you for this.
  • (2022-04-29) mehdi rezaie: excelent
  • (2022-04-24) nario shimoyama: 良い拡張機能です! ただ、ポップアップに以前のカスタムが反映されないのが残念です。 それが実装されれば間違いなく☆5です。
  • (2022-04-12) Serhii: Дуже зручний додаток. Видалив звичайний перекладач, і залашив Rememberry. Бо тепер не просто переклад, а й створення карток з незнайомими словами, та можливість вивчати та повторювати нові слова. Автору за задумку та реалізацію 5 з великим плюсом! Дуже раджу додаток, тому що це і корисно, а головне легко і просто.
  • (2022-04-03) Mabel Rocio Diaz Ortega: Esta aplicación es una joya!!!
  • (2022-03-18) Женя Разбазар: Отличное приложение, спасибо. Но не хотели бы вы в Настройках в разделе Триггеры исправить слово "нету", на "нет"? Всё же "нету" - это элемент разговорной речи. В письме такая форма не используется.

Latest issues

  • (2023-01-06, v:0.5.0) Robert Yourell: Start triangle is grayed out
    This morning, I was unable to use Rememberry. Placing the cursor over the start button gets a denial icon (circle/slash). I don't think I changed anything to cause this. I recently did an export. Can you think of anything that might help? Thanks for any assistance.
  • (2023-01-06, v:0.5.0) Robert Yourell: Importing
    What are the fields I should use in creating a CSV file for importing? I searched for the answer but couldn't find it. Thanks for creating this fabulous app!
  • (2022-12-30, v:0.5.0) husoranger: Polyglot translation
    I wonder if it would be possible to translate multiple langues at same time, for ex english to french, german, italian same time? i mean multiple target languages, some people learn multiple langs same time, it would make it easier, i couldn't find an extension like that by now, there are only pages like nicetranslator.com, but no extension so far
  • (2022-12-09, v:0.5.0) علی محمودی: Not showing initial tabs!
    Hello, thanks for this useful extension. I don't know why when the learning mode is active, none of the Initial tabs are shown when browsing the words and only the answer can be selected?
  • (2022-11-25, v:0.5.0) Олег Будкеев: Extension icon location
    Can you make the extension icon appear next to the cursor instead of in the middle of the highlighted text. It would be much more convenient. Thanks in advance
  • (2022-10-29, v:0.5.0) Mika Olsen: American IPA and pronounciation possible?
    Hello! I would really like to be able to choose whether I want and American pronounciation or a British one for my words when I click the audio button. I wish the same thing for the IPA-charachters. Is this possible in some way or could it be made possible in the future?
  • (2022-10-05, v:0.4.20) Miguel Rodríguez Moragrega: Icon only in double click option
    Hello. Thanks for the great extension. Is it possible to make the extension icon doesn't appear in the selected text, only in the double-click option? Thanks in advance.
  • (2022-10-05, v:0.4.20) Uni Code: Transcription error
    The pronunciation button is not working. Every time I tried to go through the deck or click the mic button, a pop-up appeared that said "an error occurred while trying to load transcription." May I know how to fix it?
  • (2022-10-05, v:0.4.20) Alex: Bug
    The settings window of your extension appears cropped from both sides (Source language, Target language). I use a notebook with a small screen and have 150% scale and layout enabled in system settings.
  • (2022-10-05, v:0.4.20) pov pie: Russian (italics)
    Hi, When translating a text from russian, the text appears in Italics on the popup. Would it be possible to make it font-style:normal? https://prnt.sc/Xu4aLChdjwIO
  • (2022-09-26, v:0.4.20) pov pie: Russian (italics)
    Hi, When translating a text from russian, the text appears in Italics on the popup. Would it be possible to make it font-style:normal? https://prnt.sc/Xu4aLChdjwIO
  • (2022-09-22, v:0.4.20) Олег Будкеев: Suggestion for improvement
    Hello. Thanks for the great extension. Is it possible to make the extension icon appear not in the middle of the selected text, but near the cursor itself. This is usually how it is implemented in other extensions. It allows you to make fewer movements to click the button.
  • (2022-09-09, v:0.4.20) Alex: Bug
    The settings window of your extension appears cropped from both sides (Source language, Target language). I use a notebook with a small screen and have 150% scale and layout enabled in system settings.
  • (2022-08-23, v:0.4.20) Uni Code: Transcription error
    The pronunciation button is not working. Every time I tried to go through the deck or click the mic button, a pop-up appeared that said "an error occurred while trying to load transcription." May I know how to fix it?
  • (2022-08-06, v:0.4.20) duolingo spanish: EDIT
    Can I edit words?
  • (2022-08-03, v:0.4.20) Ingrid Demarchi Fernandes: Can´t import a .CSV file
    I'm trying to import a csv file containing words for flashcards, but always returns the error "Failed to read file content". I already tried to change the file in every way possible, but it doesn´t work. Can you help me?
  • (2022-07-25, v:0.4.20) Egor Koldasov: Context sentence saving.
    Thanks for the great app. Please, consider adding the ability to save the context sentence from which the word was taken. This is a single missing feature that this extension is lacking, it's much more difficult to learn words without the context. For me, it's a deciding argument, I would probably subscribe and use it with Anki export if it was saving the context sentence.
  • (2022-07-21, v:0.4.20) Liliya Ryaboshapko: problems with voiceover
    Hello, I've got a kind of glitch with the voiceover of my English flashcards, they are voiced in Portuguese instead of English. Please, help to tackle the problem.
  • (2022-07-08, v:0.4.20) Aaron Tiffany: App no longer working
    This app used to work great for select and highlight for translation. Now the app just pops up but doesn't translate or offer ability to save it to a study deck.
  • (2022-07-07, v:0.4.20) Ethan Shen: purchase
    Hello, How do I purchase the full version? I do not see an option to do that. Thank you.
  • (2022-06-27, v:0.4.20) Abe Savona: Purchase
    Hello, How do I purchase the full version? I do not see an option to do that. Thank you.
  • (2022-06-13, v:0.4.20) ehduw hebd: 用單字做測驗時無法順利進行
  • (2022-05-25, v:0.4.20) Evgeniy: Сохранять в карточки целые выражения
    Добрый день, возможно этот вопрос уже задавали. Есть ли возможность(или планируется в будущем) записывать в карточки целые выражения?
  • (2022-05-18, v:0.4.20) Alaa: RTL Languages
    This is a wonderful extension; the best of its kind. I would suggest adding support for displaying RTL languages in the translation box. Right now if you translate to an RTL language (Arabic / Hebrew), the text isn't aligned correctly. This is especially a problem when the the translation is mixed with RTL and LTR words (this is very common, for example in acronyms). Acronyms (e.g. "MERS") are kept in their original form when translated to Hebrew. E.g. translate the following from Spanish to Hebrew: "Así es el MERS, el coronavirus letal que transmiten los dromedarios". The result is a messed up Hebrew sentence because the direction is not adjusted to RTL. A simple "direction: rtl;" in css fixes this issue.
  • (2022-05-12, v:0.4.20) Bill Pieczara: Wish to rmove Spanish words from text/document currrently reading.
    .Wish to remove Spanish words from text/document currently reading
  • (2022-05-12, v:0.4.20) Bill Pieczara: Please remove the hidden "Spanish" words on my screen, very distracting
    How do I remove or delete this feature?
  • (2022-04-04, v:0.4.19) Миша Ефименко: Грамматическая ошибка
    жы- шы- писать с буквой -и https://imgur.com/9UQpN1Z
  • (2022-04-04, v:0.4.19) Bruno Vieira: Subscription
    How can I subscribe? Where I can do it? Thanks
  • (2022-03-03, v:0.4.17) Bailey Mead: Extension was working and then stopped
    Hello, this extension was working beautifully and I was adding flashcards through the google chrome browser when suddenly it stopped and now gives me a google chrome error that says "translation error - translate through website" which takes me to google translator. How can I fix this?
  • (2022-01-13, v:0.4.17) Trí Trương: Font vietnamese make me uncomfortable
    and the change positive language button cannot immediately effect
  • (2021-12-25, v:0.4.17) Karen Papikiyn: Повтор слов
    Привет, а можно как-то запускать повторения больше одного раза в день??? Один раз в день это мало, хочется повторять несколько раз в день
  • (2021-12-22, v:0.4.17) Имя Фамилия: Missing one feature
    Hello! I am missing one feature in your application. I want to import a list of words from a specific area with their frequency in that area so that later I can learn the most useful words from that area first.
  • (2021-12-20, v:0.4.17) unika vorita: nincs learning!
    nem müködik a learning
  • (2021-10-17, v:0.4.17) Ubeyd Alkan: Some visualization problem
  • (2021-09-28, v:0.4.17) 최우현: How can I make cards to enable?
    I want to test my cards but whole cards are not enable. How can I do it?
  • (2021-09-22, v:0.4.17) Max Squire: I am confuse
    I have just made fifty cards, but none of the cards are available and I cannot access them? Please help, I do not understand.
  • (2021-09-17, v:0.4.17) 9_Huỳnh Thiện Lộc: Please support Vietnamese font
    For example: "sự sống" is the correct form, but in your extension it shows "cuộc sô'ng".
  • (2021-09-10, v:0.4.17) Louve Blanche Omega: lost what I browsed there
    Hello, This was very useful and convenient to me for my language studies until the extension failed to open. I had to change mode, to remove it, put it back again to see it working again. BUT I lost my 4900 words and sentences. There are nowhere to be seen. I would like to understand what happened and why I can't get them back right away. They appeared today morining and then they were just gone. I can't believe such hard work is deleted into nowhere. No backups to be found.
  • (2021-09-10, v:0.4.17) Austin Swift: Pronunciation of translated word
    I use this more to highlight a known word and learn its foreign form. I would love to be able to hear how the foreign word is pronounced instead of the known form. Wonderful app!
  • (2021-09-02, v:0.4.17) Trần Minh: Cài đặt Dịch trang tiếng nước ngoài sang tiếng Việt Nam
    I installed and followed the steps, but at the language installation step, I clicked on the X so the computer does not show this setting anymore. I haven't fully installed it yet. So please help. Sincerely thanks! Tên: Hà Sĩ mạnh gmail: [email protected],com
  • (2021-08-06, v:0.4.17) 푸른하늘: How can I subscribe this app to export to ankiweb?
    Hello inventor, May I know how I can subscribe this app to export to ankiweb the vocabulary? I cannot find the function.
  • (2021-07-20, v:0.4.17) K LanguageLearning: Problem with imported flashcard audio
    The audio function on flashcards from imported decks does not work properly. When importing foreign language word lists, the reading voice is automatically set to American English, and obviously the pronunciation is all wrong. I have not found any option to manually set the language for imported decks. Manually setting the "source language" under the "Languages" tab on the extension's Options page did not help (I'm guessing that only applies to websites), even after re-importing the deck. If the system cannot detect the language of words in an imported CSV format list, then at least allow us to set it manually. I hope this problem can be addressed soon. The vocabulary words on the flash cards are quite small on my high DPI monitors (and I see no setting to adjust that either), and some writing systems are difficult to read with small font, so having audio for the words is quite important.
  • (2021-06-06, v:0.4.17) Joost Dancet: English
    Dear sir Thank you for your excellent extension. It is a pity that you can't choose the British pronunciation. It now seems to depend on the website. For European learners of the English language it would be helpful to also listen to e.g. 'Animal Farm' on Gutenberg with a British voice: http://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks01/0100011h.html The same may apply to the French language. Thank you Joost
  • (2021-05-29, v:0.4.17) Pier- Luigi Olivero: HAKER:::::
    cambia le mie cose----.....
  • (2021-05-02, v:0.4.17) husoranger: It translates only up to a certain number
    I've noticed this extension, and similar extensions like this, all of a sudden stop working, I think it has a limitation from Google up to certain number of translations, but in certain extensions, despite they use google translate, too, they continue translate infinetly....I wish this extension could make infinite number of translations, too
  • (2021-05-02, v:0.4.17) A R: Increase font size option?
    It would be nice to be able to increase the size of the font/popup window. Very hard to see some important features like umlauts in German, pronunciation dots in Hebrew, or kanji in Japanese. Thank you, otherwise great extension and awesome concept.
  • (2021-04-19, v:0.4.17) Igor Dobrovolsky: Translate request error
    Hi, after updating on 90 version, app always shows translate request error
  • (2021-02-15, v:0.4.16) Lenin Zapata: Problem Edge browser
    Currently in Edge browser you cannot see the options interface, please correct this ▶ https://i.imgur.com/Ag6Drbo.png
  • (2021-02-09, v:0.4.16) Javier Pérez: Edge interface error
    In the Edge browser the interface is not displayed correctly and it is not possible to export the Deck because the Actions button does not appear.
  • (2021-02-05, v:0.4.16) Jeff Pak: Great!
    When the card that I learned once is 'Available cards:0', how do I learn the card again?


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