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Description from extension meta Get inspired with every new tab
Image from store ArchDaily New Tab
Description from store Transform your “New Tab” page into a useful, inspiring tool with ArchDaily’s New Tab Chrome Extension Every time you open a new tab in your Chrome browser, we’ll show you a randomly selected photograph of an ArchDaily project. If you want to learn more about the project, you can easily click to see more pictures, drawings and information. We also keep you updated on the latest news and articles by showing you the most visited articles of the day. And even your Google Calendar is integrated — we’ll show you your upcoming appointments and meetings!
Latest reviews (2019-10-05) Aldi Vieri: Love the way it's inspire me with every new tab (2019-08-10) Revisa Arquitetura & Construção Virtual: Very nice app. I just feel that the Google agenda part is missing a lot in keeping logged in. It would be best if my next appointment was always listed when you open a new tab and even better if could open the agenda by clicking on it. that's my suggestion. (2019-08-09) Constantine: I cannot remove the " Most visited websites" and i wish i could! (2019-05-25) Phelipe Martin: BUG: When you click to open a 'best site', it opens 2 tabs instead of the current one. Also, I wish I could select the 'best site' as the default (not most visited) (2019-04-27) Sam Tavanaei: Great Extension for me (2019-04-02) Zhe Li: The extension would be better if they removed the "most visited" section in the lower right corner, or at least provided an option to hide it (2019-02-03) Preston Varghese: how do i get a google bar inside this (2018-12-12) Lauren Fleming: Love seeing beautiful buildings every time I open a new tab! (2018-10-24) Sam Pettee: A great new tab to have. Incredibly fresh and beautiful content displayed wonderfully. Plus a clock, your calendar events, and most visited webpages. A+ three thumbs up (2018-08-30) Macarena Cardenas: genial (2018-08-13) Juan Griffi: Great extention. It would be awesome if you could add quotes from architects and stuff like that! (2018-07-24) Michał Baurycza: Please remove all of those:The day is winding down. Hope it was a good one! bla bla This is really not necessary. (2018-04-05) Pedro Rivero Falcón: felicitaciones, sigan así (2018-03-30) Kevin Ong: Very inspiring! get motivated everytime i launch my chrome! (2018-03-14) Sandra Tavares: MARAVILHOSO (2018-02-08) OSWALDO RAFAEL MARTINEZ HIDALGO: Oswaldo Rafael Martinez Hidalgo - Arquitecto FAU/UCV (2018-01-26) Diego Bortolato Architetto: sempre bello prima di lanciare una ricerca poter ammirare una splendida architettura... (2018-01-18) Bruna Vecchi: perfect (2018-01-04) Rafaela Deiró: amo (2017-12-08) bala vini: so interesting easy way to explore ourself (2017-12-06) hanis abd razak: not working anymore (2017-11-28) Bligh Cynthia: It has not got new pics for my new tab for a few weeks! (2017-10-19) Al Hilfi: Amazing. Highly recommended to architects. (2017-10-06) sayedus saklaine: awesome! (2017-10-05) Dorine Ogutu: Makes the homepage very beautiful and gives updates on new articles. They should make a Windows 10 Lockscreen ability like bing
Latest issues (2019-09-15, v:0.35) Francis Brekke: The extension keeps logging me out
Great extension, but I keep getting logged out of my calendar feed. Need to log in several times a day.. Any way to fix this?
(2019-03-30, v:0.35) abdulilaah yousuff: NEW TAB
Every time I open a new tab, the archdaily extension tab displays the same project and does not randomise.
(2019-03-05, v:0.35) Denis Durante: Login per calendario
Il login per vedere appuntamenti del calendario sincronizzato google non si mantiene alla riapertura della ArchDaily New Tab. Ogni volta è necessario ri-loggarsi, rendendolo purtroppo inutile.
(2018-10-23, v:0.35) Manuel Peña Rodriguez: idioma ESPAÑOL
(2018-08-15, v:0.35) Priscilla Clavel: Reset
I accidentally clicked reset to google and I dont know how to change it back to arch daily!
(2018-08-13, v:0.35) Weston Rothchild: Time Headers
At 10:00am the header "Feeling hungry? Don't worry, it’ll be lunchtime soon!" appears. It would be more logical to have this header appear at 11:00am instead, as 2 hours isn't necessarily "soon".
(2018-07-24, v:0.35) Volodya Tsapuk: Language
Hi! It's cool extension! I have Chrome in Ukrainian but extention is opened with Russian. How can I change language from Russian to English?
(2018-07-23, v:0.35) Meenal Bankoti: Sign in into Calendar
Everytime I open ArchDaily New Tab for a new browsing session, I have to sign in each time. How Do I fix this?
(2018-07-07, v:0.35) Siavash Dadpour: Top Sites opening twice
Hi! When I click on the link from the Top Sites section, it opens it both on the same tab and also on a new tab. Otherwise, it's working great and I really like the new back button feature. Thanks!
(2018-05-15, v:0.32) Lindsay Jacobson: Same project every time...
It seems like your extension is having a major problem given how many people have the same issue as me... Every time I open a tab, the SAME image shows up. Could you please get around to fixing this issue? It's been 6+ weeks...

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